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Monday 30th March

Good morning boys and girls. We hope you have had a lovely weekend with your family and that you have had lots of fun! This week we are going to be focusing on 'New Life'. It is an important time of year when we think about new life - animals being born, plants begining to grow and Easter celebrations.

Here are some activities for today:


1. Go out into your garden, or look from your window and count how many plants or flowers you can see. You could ask a grown up to help you record them using tallies.


2. Draw a large oval egg on a piece of paper and decorate it using pencils, paint or pens. Then ask a grown up to help you cut it out. Remember keep the scissors straight and turn the paper.


3. Practice singing this rhyme and add actions of your own:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the kings horses and all the kings men,

Couldn't put Humpty together again.


Humpty Dumpty had a sore head,

Humpty Dumpty got into bed.

The king and the queen and the doctor too,

Put Humpty together with plasters and glue.


Take care, love  Nursery Staff


Welcome to our class page!


I want you all to be aware that as well as the learning packs we sent home with your child, we will be posting tasks regularly on this web page and NOT on Hwb,


Please can you help your child to continue with their learning, by helping them with these activities.


Thank you for your continued support, from all Nursery staff.

Monday 23rd March

Good morning boys and girls👋
Today let’s have some fun shopping!

  • Ask a grown up to label some tins or packets of food with amounts, 1p, 2p, ... up to 10p.
  • Play shop using 1p coins. If you don’t have 1p coins use the paper ones in your school pack.
  • Draw/colour some of the items in your shop and write the numbers by the side.

Have fun! 

Tuesday 24th March

Bore da plant!

Such beautiful weather we are having, but to add more colour to our lives you could

Wednesday 25th March

Bore da pawb!smiley

It's time to get moving with Joe Wicks. Join in with his PE lesson on YouTube at 9am every weekday!




Today you could also

  • listen to the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle on YouTube, read the book, or re-tell the story after hearing it in school                      
  • recite the days of the week
  • sing along with the days of the week song on YouTube -  Days Of The Week Song/Kids songs/Super simple songs
  • overwrite the days of the week in your writing book


Thursday 26th March

Good morning all!

  • A lovely activity to get you practising your name and to get you moving this morning! Tweet us a video of your workout! @BryncNursery



  • Now find different foods in your house and sort them into healthy and not so healthy. Tweet us a picture of your food @BryncNursery
  •  Count the food - how many healthy foods and how many unhealthy foods? Write the number of each in your book.


Friday 27th March

Bore da pawb!

  • Some fitness fun for you today whilst playing the Simon Says game below:
  • Don't forget to tweet your videos to @BryncNursery!


  • After all that exercise, perhaps you can prepare a healthy snack to top up your energy levels but before you eat it, create a face with your healthy snack and tweet your pictures to @BryncNursery. I wonder if your face is going to be hapus, trist, grac...?
  • Now for some fingerprint caterpillar counting:


If you haven't got paint, you could use coloured pencils or crayons to draw circles.


Thank you ever so much for your efforts this week! It has been lovely to see the photographs and videos that you have been sending to our Twitter page. Please keep them coming.

We hope you have had a fun week!

Have a lovely weekend and join us again next week for more fun activities (Mrs Coombes)


Monday 30th March

Bore da pawb!

  • Let's get moving today with Jack Hartmann's Easter Bunny Dance & Freeze on YouTube.
  • Sing and move along with 'Ten Easter Bunnies' by The Kiboomers on YouTube to practise counting to ten.



  • Draw, colour and count Easter eggs, write the numbers alongside. See example above, but work with numbers 1 to 10.

Remember to tweet your photographs and videos to @BryncNursery


Tuesday 31st March

Hello everyone!


With Easter approaching lets do some 'eggs-ercises' today! Below are some suggestions but take care and only do the safer options...



  • Read or watch an Easter story on YouTube. Tell us all about it by sending us a Twitter video or draw a picture showing the characters in the story.
  • Create pre-writing patterns on an Easter egg, see the ‘eggs-ample’ below. Use different colours. Can you name the colours you used in Welsh?



Have a great day! Hwyl fawrsmiley




Wednesday 1st April

Bore da! Sut wyt ti?😃


  • Get ready, it’s time go on a rainbow scavenger hunt...



Use as much Welsh as possible, to name the colours. 

  • Make an Easter card. There are lots of lovely ideas online, or you could design your own. 
  • Write your name inside your Easter card. 


Remember to tweet your videos/photographs to @BryncNursery


Have a lovely day!

Hwyl fawr! 


Thursday 2nd April 

  • Bore da!smiley


  • Today’s challenge involves choosing one of your toys (or a cuddly chick if you’ve got one).     Either take it in the garden or look around your home to find materials to make a comfortable nest for it. Look at the different materials you have chosen. Why do you think they will be suitable? How do the materials feel: rough, silky, smooth, squashy? How many words can you use to describe them? Build your nest. Whilst building it, think about it comfortable, big enough, warm, will it keep the rain out? Is there anything you would change if you could? Draw a picture of it in your class book. Over write the words ‘My nest is....’ and choose the best word to describe it. Take a photograph of your work and tweet it to @BryncNursery



Diolch yn fawr pawb!

Have a lovely day!

Friday 3rd April


Bore da! Sut wyt ti?

Ready to get moving?smiley


  • Let’s do ‘The Bunny Hokey Pokey’ with the Kiboombers on YouTube!
  • Now watch ‘Peppa Pig’s Chocolate Egg Hunt’ on YouTube.
  • Would you like to hunt for some eggs too?     Draw/colour 10 eggs and write numbers 1 - 10 on them. Ask someone to hide them for you. Now go and hunt for them. When you have collected all ten eggs, put them in order, from 1 - 10. Can you count in Welsh? 

A big thank you once again for your hard work throughout the week! 
It has been wonderful to see your tweets, which show just how busy you have all been.

Have a wonderful Easter break and enjoy two weeks off, spending time having fun and relaxing with your family!

Join us again, from Monday 20th April, for more enjoyable activities. 
Take care allsmiley