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Class 1

Friday 17th July 2020


Hello boys and girls. Today is the last day of Nursery class. It has been wonderful seeing many of you over the last two weeks. You have grown so much, and I can see you have all been trying really hard to write your name and your numbers.


We hope you all have a lovely summer holiday, and we look forward to seeing you again when you return in September to Class 2 or Class 3. To best prepare you for Reception class it would be great if you continued practising the following regularly:


  • Writing your name independently
  • Counting to 10 and back to 0
  • Writing numbers 0 to 10
  • Reading and ordering numbers to 10
  • Counting to 20 ( and beyond if you can)
  • Writing letters s, a, t, p, i, n
  • Overwriting words and sentences written by an adult in high lighter pen
  • Putting on your coat and doing up the zip or buttons
  • Taking off and putting on your own shoes
  • Checking all your school clothes and belongings have your name on them
  • Drawing lots of pictures and carefully colouring them in.


Have fun and say a big THANK YOU to all the grown ups or older brothers and sisters who have helped you learn when you couldn't come to school. See you soon wink




Thursday 16th July 2020


Hello boys and girls, we hope you are well.

Let's keep practising our numbers:


Count to 10 forwards and back whilst skipping, hopping, jumping on two feet, clapping your hands or tapping your knees.


Count up to 20 starting off quiet and getting louder and louder and LOUDER!



Find items in your home that have patterns on them-can you copy the patterns? and colour them to match?

Go outside and find some patterns in nature. Can you describe, draw and colour them?


Which is your favourite pattern and why?


Wednesday 15th July


Bore da!πŸ‘‹πŸ½
Wyt ti’n hapus?πŸ˜ƒ

During the summertime, lots of us visit the funfair. 

  • Have you been to the funfair before? What was your favourite ride? Were there any rides you didn’t enjoy?


  • To warm up this morning, why not move to Jack Hartmann’s ‘Tooty Ta At The Fair’:


  • Perhaps you would like to watch Peppa Pig enjoying a day at the funfair?


  • Besides rides, there are lots of fun games to play at the funfair. Perhaps you could make your own game and have fun playing it with your family:

​​​​​​​Have lots of fun!

Hwyl fawr ffrindiauπŸ‘‹πŸ½

Tuesday 14th July


Bore da plant πŸ‘‹πŸ½
Sut wyt ti?


Today we are going to continue with our zoo themeπŸ˜ƒ


  • Can you move like these zoo animals?



  • The following Peppa Pig episode is about a school trip to the zoo:


  • How many flamingos, elephants, zebras, crocodiles, giraffes, lions, bears and tigers can you see in this picture? 
    Can you make noises to resemble these zoo animals? 



  • Have you ever been to the zoo? If so what was your favourite zoo animal? What was your least favourite? 
  • Can you think of a zoo animal beginning with each letter of the alphabet?



Have a lovely day!

Hwyl fawr ffrindiauπŸ‘‹πŸ½




Monday 13th July 2020


Hello everyone, we hope you are well.

Sometimes boys and girls like to visit the Zoo or wildlife park to see animals. Maybe today you could look in books or on Google to find picture of animals. Which animal is your favourite and why?

Maybe you could draw or paint your animal and find out where it lives in the wild. What does it eat? Where does it sleep? What special things does it do? Maybe you could let us know on Twitter.

Maybe you could create a poster all about animals or create a leaflet.

Have a great day!

Friday 10th July 2020


Hello boys and girls, we hope you are well smiley


Sometimes during the summer children and their parents like to visit the circus. At the circus there are lots of performers who like to put on shows. There might be clowns, acrobats, musicians, dancers, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, magicians or unicyclists.


Maybe you could do a Google search to find out more about the shows that go on in a circus.

There is a Woolly and Tig episode you might like on YouTube called The Clown - maybe you could find that too!


Why not try some circus yoga

Or maybe you would like to make a Circus tent collage, or paint a picture of a clown.

If you were in a circus what would you like to be or do? Maybe you could lets us know on Twitter.


It was lovely seeing lots of you in school this week! We hope you all have a lovely weekend wink

Thursday 9th July 2020

Bore da plant, we hope you are well.

The weather is not so good today, but we can still have fun.

Here are some ball games you might like to play, or maybe you could create a beach ball using finger paints.


It has been lovely catching up with lots of you this week and finding out what you have been doing since we saw you last. Hope you have a super day smiley

Wednesday 8th July


Bore da ffrindiau! 
We hope you are well and feeling happy today!πŸ˜ƒ


  • Listen to the following story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’:


Did you enjoy the story? What was your favourite part and why?


  • Can you build a tall lighthouse and measure it?




  • Mr Grinling had lots of delicious food for lunch everyday. Can you make a delicious sandwich or write instructions for Mr Grinling’s wife to make him a delicious sandwich?


What is your favourite sandwich?


Please tweet your work to @BryncNursery.

We love seeing what you have been doing!πŸ˜ƒ


Have a good day!

Hwyl fawr pawbπŸ‘‹πŸ½


Tuesday 7th July


Bore da plant!

Sut wyt ti heddiw?


  • Can you do the following beach yoga moves?



  • Listen to the following story on YouTube:


  • Maisy has to pack to go on holiday. Can you make  a suitcase, or draw one in your book, then cut out or draw pictures of things you would take on holiday with you? Add these to your suitcase.


  • Maisy also sent a postcard when she was on holiday. Can you pretend you are on holiday, then write and decorate a postcard for Buddy Bear? He’d love to hear all about your adventures! 


Have a super day! 
Hwyl fawr ffrindiauπŸ‘‹πŸ½

Monday 6th July 2020

Bore da boys and girls, we hope you are well.

Today we are thinking about ice cream smiley

Do you like ice cream? What is your favourite flavour? Or maybe you prefer ice lollies.

Maybe you would like to make some ice- cream art!



Or perhaps you could make some of your own ice cream using the recipe below:



Have a look on YouTube and find 'The Ice Cream song' and 'Ice Cream Everywhere - Stories for Kids'.    Enjoy!



Friday 3rd July 2020

Bore da boys and girls, we hope you are well.

Today you might like to listen to the song about 'Five little Crabs' on You tube.

Then you could practise writing numbers 0 to 5. You might even want to write higher numbers too - 6,7,8,9,10.

Then you could play a finding game:

Find 1 teddy bear

Find 2 towels

Find 3 forks

Find 4 spoons

Find 5 pencils

Find 6 shoes

Find 7 books

Find 8 items of food

Find 9 socks

Find 10 coins

Maybe you would then like to draw or paint a crab. Or you might like to make a crab collage.

Have fun!



Thursday 2nd July 2020

Bore da! We hope you are well smiley

We are really looking forward to seeing some of you next week and the following week, and will be in touch shortly.


Today you might like to find the story of 'Sharing a Shell' on You tube and have a listen.

Some of you may even have the book. Talk about the characters in the story, and think about why it is important to share. Maybe you could then draw or paint some of the characters or you could create a collage. Here are a few ideas:

Maybe you could then make a list of all the things you like sharing, and then make a list of things you don't like sharing. Ask your family members what they like or don't like sharing too!


Have a great day!


Wednesday 1st July


Bore da plant! 
Sut wyt ti - hapus?


  • To begin with, let’s warm up by singing and dancing to the following beach song:


  • Now click on the link to listen to the sounds you might hear at the seaside:


  • What is your favourite seaside sound and why? 
  • Talk about the 5 senses. Imagine you are on a trip to the seaside, think about the following:



Have fun today!

Hwly fawr ffrindiauπŸ‘‹πŸ½

Tuesday 30th June


Bore da plant!

Sut wyt ti? 

  • The sun hasn’t got his hat on today...sadly😒, but we are going to do some sunny activities to cheer us up!πŸ˜ƒ Join in with this beach work out to keep fit and active:


  • What do you wear when you go to the beach? How many items of beach clothing can you list in your class book?
  • Now, can you design your own beachwear using lots of patterns and different colours? Can you name the colours you use, in Welsh? 




Have a lovely day!

Hwyl fawr ffrindiauπŸ‘‹πŸ½


29th June 2020


Hello boys and girls, I hope you are all well smiley


The sun seems to have gone away for a little while but its really important that we remember to apply sun cream when it does come out. Here are a few illustrations to help you.

When the days are sunny ask a grown up to help you apply sun cream yourself, as your teachers are not able to do this.

Maybe you could create a poster to show your friends how to keep safe in the sun and share it with them smiley 


Have a great day!

Friday 26th June 2020


Good morning boys and girls. Bore da! We hope you are well!


On Sunny days like yesterday, many people like to visit the beach. A really fun thing to do is build sandcastles.

Maybe you could watch a film clip on BBC i player today - Wolly and Tig, Series 2:1 Sandcastles.


Then maybe you could create a lovely bucket and spade of your own using collage shapes. Ask a grown up to cut squares, circles, rectangles and triangles for you. Sort all the shapes into the four categories and count how many of each you have. Then you can stick them like the picture below.


Remember to keep practising writing your name - this is so important!

If you visit a beach soon or have a sand pit, you could practise writing your name and numbers there too!


Have a lovely weekend!smiley




Thursday 24th June 2020


Hello  pirate friends! We hope you are well. We are coming to the end of our pirate topic; have you enjoyed it?

Today maybe you could paint a picture, make a collage or dress up and role play being a pirate. Use all the information you have found out during the past few weeks to help you. Talk to other people in your house about what you have found out. What have been your favourite things? What is your pirate name? What would your pirate ship be called? What does your pirate outfit look like? This is called reflecting on our leaning - remembering what we have found out and telling other. Maybe you could send some pictures to twitter too.

Or maybe today you are enjoying yourself outdoors in your pirate swimming pool smiley


Remember your sun-cream and hat! It's hot!

Wednesday 24th June


Ahoy there my pirate friends!

Another beautiful day today, don’t forget to put on your sun hats and sun cream!β˜€οΈπŸ§’πŸ•Ά


  • Start the day by warming up to the following action song (sing to the tune of ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It...’) What actions will you do for each verse? Can you add your own verses?


  • Pirates were always on the look out for treasure. What do you treasure the most? (It doesn’t have to be possessions, it could be your family, pets or friends).



  • If you made a treasure chest last week, perhaps you could collect some precious photographs of your family, pets or friends (or anything else that you treasure) to place in there for safe keeping. If you haven’t made a treasure chest, perhaps you would like to make and decorate one using an old delivery box or something similar.


  • Can you complete the following counting exercises? If you haven’t got a printer, either video record your counting skills or draw similar pirate pictures to count. Write the correct numbers alongside. 


Have a fun day! 
Hwyl fawr frindiau! πŸ‘‹πŸ½


Tuesday 23rd June


Ahoy Pirate Friends!βš“οΈ
Sut wyt ti?


  • How energetic are you feeling on this fine sunny morning? How many of these pirate exercises can you do?



  • Look at the following chart and follow the instructions to find your pirate name! You could also find your friend’s, mum’s, dad’s, brother’s/sister’s pirate name.



  • You could then create and decorate your own pirate passport, using your pirate name:



  • ​​​​How many pirate names can you make up? 

Don’t forget to send us photographs of your lovely work! 

Have a super day. Hwyl fawr ffrindiau!πŸ‘‹πŸ½

Monday 22nd June 2020


Bore da! We hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend. laugh

This weekend Buddy wanted to find out more about parrots after he had listened to the story of  'Polly Parrot Picks a Pirate'. You can find this story on You Tube:


Buddy then made some beautiful artwork and sent it to his family, because he is missing them all mail Can you make some parrot artwork like Buddy? Maybe you can send it to someone you miss seeing at the moment.


Ask an adult to help you write the letter P for parrot.   How many things can you think of that start  with the letter P? Draw some pictures of all the things you think about.


If you had a parrot what would you call them? Send all you parrot names idea to our Nursery Twitter page.

Have a great day smiley 

Friday 19th June 2020

Good morning Little Pirates. We hope you are all well!

Our tasks for the day:

1. Keep practising you Pirate Yoga

2. Why not play Pirate Bingo!

3. Maybe you would like to create a pirate ship from fruit, or a pirate ship collage or even a pirate ship den. Keep sending us your photos... we love having them!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend smiley We miss you all!


Thursday 18th June 2020

 Good morning my pirate friends! We hope you are well smiley

A big thank you to everyone who for sharing all their fabulous work with us on Twitter. We love seeing it!

1. Lets start off today with some Pirate Yoga

2. Next you could make a pirates telescope from a piece of rolled up paper or the centre of a kitchen roll. Use your telescope to play 'I spy' and look for words, shapes, colours, toys etc. You could draw some circles on paper and draw all the things you see through your telescope.

3. Write numbers on cards and try to find some coin treasure to match. Keep counting up to 10 and back down to 0, and keep practising writing your numbers.


Have a great day our pirate friends!

Wednesday 17th June


Ahoy mateys!βš“οΈ
We hope you are all well and feeling happy today!


  • Why not start the day with a fun pirate yoga workout by clicking on the following YouTube link:


  • We thought you could make and decorate a pirate telescope today, to use on a pirate treasure hunt:



  •  How many of the following items can you find on your pirate treasure hunt (or perhaps you would rather make your own list of treasures to find?) Don’t forget to use your pirate telescope to help    you search for them!



  • Ask an adult to help you write some simple clues on a piece of paper to help someone find these items. Example: look under the plant pot, look in the flower bed, look in the watering can etc. Roll up the piece of paper and place it in a bottle (plastic if possible, for safety reasons). Hopefully someone will find your message in a bottle and will be able to hunt for the treasures too!πŸ˜ƒ


Have fun!

Hwyl fawr pawbπŸ‘‹πŸ½

Tuesday 16th June


Ahoy mateysβš“οΈ
Sut wyt ti?


  • To warm up today, we thought you could pretend to be pirates walking the plank:



  • Would you like to listen to the story ‘Ten Little Pirates’ by Mike Brownlow? Either click on the link below or you can listen to Mrs Williams reading the story, in two parts, on Twitter!πŸ˜ƒ Enjoy!


  • Count to ten, forwards and backwards, in Welsh also! Now choose one of these pirate maths activities to complete:


  • To continue with the counting theme, perhaps you could play the following pirate game:

​​​​​​​Have a great day all!

Hwyl fawrπŸ‘‹πŸ½


Monday 15th June 2020


Bore da! We hope you all had a lovely weekend smiley

This week we are going to be finding out about pirates.

1. Have a look on and find Sing with CBeebies - Series 1:3. A Pirate went to Sea - then enjoy a sing-a-long

2. Maybe you could paint a pirate ship in a bottle or collect some jewels and fill up a treasure chest.

Remember to count each jewel and describe what shape they are.

3. You could practise your letter sounds by burying them in some sand and then dig them up and think of words that begin with that letter. Have fun!

Friday 12th June 2020


Bore da! We hope you are all well blush


Last night Buddy Bear had a lovely relaxing bath and he took in lots of toys to play with them. Some of the toys stayed on top of the water - this is called floating, but some of the toys went under the water all the way to the bottom of the bath. This is called sinking.


Here are some activities about floating and sinking that you might like to do.

  • You could find out about different materials and predict then test which ones float and sink.
  • You could make a chart to show your results like the one above.
  • You could make some boats using different materials and see which are the best at floating.
  • You could make a boat and see how many of toy characters it can hold before it sinks.
  • You could have a lovely bubble bath like Buddy Bear and see which of your toys float or sink.


Hope you have a lovely weekend, from all of your teachers smiley

Thursday 11th June 2020

Bore da!

This morning Buddy Bear has been helping Mrs Squires sort out all the jars in the pantry. Some are full, some are half-full and some are empty.


Maybe you could look to find some jars and sort and order them like Buddy. Or maybe an adult could draw some jars for you and then you can add collage materials like the ones below.

You could also fill up your toy boxes to full, half-full and empty, or maybe try a glass of water.


Keep practising your yoga and exercises and remember we are all missing you and hope to see you soon blush

​​​​​​Wednesday 10th June


Bore da!smiley

  • This morning’s exercise activity is to dance to the following ocean song:


  • In ‘The Rainbow Fish’ story, the Rainbow Fish gave away his most prized possessions, his scales!
    What is your most prized possession and why? 
  • Watch the following video on YouTube. Can you guess the sea creature?


  • Can you create your own sea creature? Draw a picture of it and name it. What does it eat? 

Have a super day today! 
Da bo chiπŸ‘‹πŸ½

Tuesday 9th June


Bore da pawb!πŸ‘‹πŸ½
Sut wyt ti? Hapus?smiley


  • Can you sing this song to the tune of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’?



  • Now can you add dance moves to suit the song? 


  • Can you draw fish with bubbles (1-10), or other sea creatures, then count and write numbers to ten? Can you count backwards from 10? Can you count to ten and backwards in Welsh? 


As always, we would love to see you singing and dancing, along with your counting skills! So please tweet your work to @BryncNursery. Diolch! 

Hwyl fawrπŸ‘‹πŸ½

Monday 8th June 2020


Bore da plant. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Buddy enjoyed his weekend, he went for a nice walk to the beach. He found lots of rock pools and looked carefully at them.


Maybe you would like to watch these clips so you can see some of the creatures that live in the pools:

YouTube - Rock Pool Rock and Peppa pig Full Episodes/Rock Pools/Cartoons for Children.


Maybe you could:

 Draw a picture of a rock pool

Paint an egg box blue and make lots of rock pool creatures to go inside

Get a container, fill it with water and add some shells or sea creatures.

Find out more information about your favourite sea creatures.

Remember to keep practising writing your name and numbers to 10 each day too. Also keep practising writing the letters satpin. Have a lovely day!


Thank you to everyone who joined in with our quiz on Friday. The correct answers were:

1E, 2A, 3D, 4B, 5C - photos

1I, 2K, 3H, 4J, 5L - statements



Friday Quiz Challenge

Can you guess the teacher when they were three or four years old - just like most of you?

Match the teacher with letter ( A-E) on the photograph and (H to L) on the statements and send your answers to Miss Jones on Twitter.

1. Mrs Williams

2. Miss Jones

3. Mrs Morgan

4. Mrs Coombes

5.Mrs Squires

                                            B.                                      C.


D.                                      E.


Have a guess which teacher enjoyed the following activities at the beach.


H - When I was three I won the smile competition on New Quay beach. I loved looking through rock pools to see what creatures and treasures I could find.


I - I loved donkey rides. I hated the feeling of sand on me, but loved to go crabbing through the rock pools.


J- I loved building sand castles and crab fishing in the harbour.


K- I liked to bury my brother in the sand and hunt for shells, pebbles and seaweed.


L-I  liked having picnics on the beach and jumping over the waves with my friends.


The answers will be posted Monday. Have a lovely weekend all!

Friday June 5th 2020

Bore da plant. Sut wyt ti?

Yesterday Buddy, Alfie the dog and Mrs Squires went for a lovely walk to the beach. Buddy had lots of questions to ask. He asked Alfie 'What do you like doing at the beach?'. Can you guess what Alfie likes doing?

Chasing a ball

Going for a swim

Digging holes

Then he asked Mrs Squires 'What do you like doing at the beach?' Can you guess?

Paddling in the sea

Building sandcastles

Collecting shells to decorate the sandcastles


Activity 1 - Draw a picture of the things you like doing at the beach. Ask an adult to scribe a sentence.

Activity 2 - Ask a grown up what they liked to do when they were young and visited the beach.

Activity 3 - Come back at 11am for our Friday Quiz

Thursday 4th June


Bore da pawb. We hope you are well; keep doing your yoga!


Let's get creative again today. Maybe you would like to create some fish puppets and an octopus so that you can role-play the story of Rainbow Fish. There are some ideas below. Remember you could recycle materials you have at home and use an old cardboard box as an ocean.

You could act out the story of Rainbow Fish and think of questions you might like to ask Rainbow Fish and Octopus if you met them. When you have finished send us some pictures to Twitter. Maybe you could start with 'Why?' questions. 'Why did you not want to share?', 'Why did you go to see octopus?'

Wednesday 3rd June


Hello boys and girls!πŸ‘‹πŸ½
Wyt ti’n hapus?πŸ˜ƒ


  • Can you do these ocean yoga exercises?



  • The Rainbow Fish has lots of beautiful scales. Can you count the colourful dots on the fish below, or draw some of your own? What number can you count up to in English and in Welsh? 


  • Draw some Rainbow Fish with different lines trailing behind them-straight lines, squiggles, zigzags. With careful supervision, use a child friendly scissors to cut along the lines. How is your scissor control coming along?



  • In the story, Rainbow Fish shared his scales with his friends. It’s good to share. What do you share with your friends or brothers/sisters and what do they share with you? 


Have lots of fun today!

Da bo chiπŸ‘‹πŸ½

Tuesday 2nd June


Bore da pawb! 
Sut wyt ti?πŸ˜ƒ


  • This morning we will start with some ocean yoga!


  • Yesterday you read the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’. Can you learn this rhyme? Sing to the tune of ‘Three Blind Mice’.


  • Now copy some Rainbow Fish patterns. 


  • Can you create your own Rainbow Fish pattern? 


​​​​​​​Have a lovely day! 

Hwyl fawrπŸ‘‹πŸ½

Monday 1st June 2020


Bore da pawb!

We hope you are well and enjoyed our very sunny half-term. Happy June!


As always your teachers are missing you very much, but there's also someone else who is missing you - can you guess?

Buddy Bear is missing you so much too! Buddy Bear stayed in school for several weeks wondering if you were coming back, but he got sad and lonely so now he is staying with Mrs Squires for a while. Yesterday Buddy phoned Mrs Morgan to ask how the fish Fflic and Fflac were doing.

Mrs Morgan said they were very well and their scales were really shiny, just like Rainbow Fish. Buddy didn't know who Rainbow Fish was so we looked on Youtube and found a story all about him. Maybe you would like to listen to this story too.



After listening to the story Buddy decided to paint Rainbow Fish and he added lots of shiny foil scales. Buddy sent his picture to Mrs Williams. Mrs Williams loved it and sent Buddy a picture that she has painted. Maybe you could paint a picture too and send it to someone you love. Also send us a photograph on Twitter.

When you have finished painting:

Talk about the colours you have used - in Welsh and English.

Count how many of each colour scales you have  - in Welsh and English

Talk about what other animals and plants might live in the ocean.


Then you might want to move around and try out one of Andy's Wild workouts- series 1: Under the Sea on


Have fun!

Good afternoon,

Below there is a link to some FAZ fun ideas for half-term.

Also remember 'Smartie the Penguin' over the holidays; Smartie reminds us to stay safe online - 'Before you tap and click, you need to stop and think and tell someone.' Remember if something doesn't look right, tell an adult.  Happy half - term smiley

Friday 22nd May


Bore da plant!

Sut wyt ti? Hapus?smiley


  • Can you do these elephant exercises?



  • Read or listen to the story ‘Elmer’s Friends’ by David McKee:



  • Elmer has got lots of lovely friends. You have got lots of lovely friends too. Talk about your friends and the kind things you do for them. What kind things do they do for you? When you are with them, what do you enjoy doing the most? Draw a picture of your friends in your class book.


  • Design a new elephant friend for Elmer. Perhaps he or she could have colourful stripes or spots? What name will you give Elmer’s new elephant friend? 


  • Tomorrow, 23rd May, is Elmer Day 2020. Click on the link to find lots of wonderful Elmer activities to keep you busy:


  • Perhaps you can also celebrate by eating colourful food:




We would like to thank you for working so hard at home this half term! A big thank you to the grown ups who have been super busy helping you too! Enjoy Elmer day tomorrow and have a lovely half term break. We will be back on Monday 1st June, with lots more exciting activities for you.

Take care and stay safeπŸ‘‹πŸ½

Thursday 21st May


Hello boys and girls!

We hope you are wellsmiley

  • Watch this lovely animal song on YouTube, join in if you can. It’s a lovely way to exercise and practise counting to ten!


  • With help, draw 10 elephants, colour them in and cut them out. Write numbers 1 to 10 on them. Now mix them up. How many can you put in the correct order?



  • Using the Elmer masks you made yesterday, can you re-tell and act out the story of Elmer the Elephant? We would love to see your photographs or videos, so please send them to our Twitter page, @BryncNursery


Thank you! 
Have a lovely dayπŸ‘‹πŸ½

Wednesday 20th May


Bore da pawb!

Sut wyt ti?

Hopefully the sun is going to shine for us today!


  • Can you sing and move along to the following song (sing in the same tune as ‘If You’re Happy and you know it...)



  • Elmer the Elephant was covered in lovely bright colours. What colour clothes are you wearing today? Can you join in with the following song?


  • Look at the elephants below. Can you sort them, smallest to largest?



  • Can you make an Elmer the Elephant mask? We will then use it for a role play activity tomorrow.


Have a lovely day everyone!

Da bo chiπŸ‘‹πŸ½

Tuesday 19th May


Bore da!

Wyt ti’n hapus?smiley


  • Can you move/make noises like these jungle animals?



  • Elmer the Elephant lived in the jungle and was different because of his beautiful colours. Can you learn this rhyme? Make up your own tune.


  • Can you be creative and make Elmer the Elephant out of a milk bottle?


Have fun and please tweet photographs of your work to @BryncNursery. We love seeing your creations!

Hwyl fawr!πŸ‘‹πŸ½

Monday 18th May


Bore da! 

Sut wyt ti?
We hope you have had a lovely weekendsmiley


  • Listen to the following poem and move as instructed: 



  • Read or listen to the story ‘Elmer’ written by David McKee (this is available on YouTube)


  • Elmer is different to the other elephants. We are all different and it’s okay to be different! Talk about the ways in which people can be different, for example: eye colour, glasses, size, skin colour etc. What makes you special? Draw a picture of yourself in your class book and with help, write down what makes you special.


  • Draw Elmer. Cut out little coloured squares or rectangles and stick them onto Elmer (or you could paint/colour squares):



Have a fun day!

Hwyl fawrπŸ‘‹πŸ½




Hello smiley Sut wyt ti?


I expect lots of you will be enjoying playing in your gardens or somewhere out doors today and over the weekend. Let's make some butterflies to hang up in our gardens or homes.

You will need a cereal box, pens or paints, scissors and string.

Draw a beautiful butterfly and ask a grown up to help you cut it out. You can paint it, maybe add some recycled materials or leaves and flowers and then use the string to hang from a tree or fence to make your garden look extra special. Remember to send some of your designs to Twitter so we can see them.



Thursday 14th May


Bore da!


We hope you are well; it's another sunny day!


Keep doing the exercises today, maybe you could do them in the garden. Why not see how many of each of the exercises you can do in a minute. A grown up could help you make a tally chart to record how many of each you do.


Buddy Bear has been feeling worried too this week. He is missing you all and wonders when he will see you again. Could you design a lovely patterned blanket for him? Maybe using a two or three repeat pattern and then you could show it to him when you next see him. You could start off by drawing a big square and then divide it up into little squares. How many squares have you made? What motifs are you going to add? I'm sure your lovely designs will make him feel much better.

Maybe you could write Buddy a little message and tell him that you miss him and hope to see him when it is safe to do so.

Happy designing and letter writing smiley

Wednesday 13th May


Hello everyone!smiley
We hope you are all well and feeling energetic!


  • Here are some exercises for you to try, to kickstart your day:


  • Continuing with pattern, we are going to make some worry butterflies today. Draw a big butterfly and colour a pretty pattern on it. Which colours have you used? Can you name them in English and Welsh?



  • Listen to the following story:



  • Now name any worries you have, talk about these worries and ask a grown up to write them on your butterfly. 


  • Play a game with your butterfly. Throw it in the air, counting how many times (in English and Welsh), and let your worries fly away. 
    Can you catch your butterfly?
  • Draw a picture of a net in your class book and put your captured butterfly in the net. 
  • Hopefully your worries have now gone and you are feeling happy. The butterfly is only beautiful because the caterpillar was so braveπŸ›πŸ¦‹πŸ˜ƒ


Have a lovely day. 
Please share your work on our Twitter page, @BryncNursery - Diolch!

Hwyl FawrπŸ‘‹πŸ½


Tuesday 12th May


Bore da pawb!smiley
Sut wyt ti?


  • We are going to start looking at patterns today, so let’s warm up by doing Jack Hartmann’s ‘Pump up the Pattern’ dance on YouTube:



  • Look around your home or outside. Can you see any patterns, maybe on cushions, curtains, bed covers, walls, patios? Can you describe these patterns?


  • Make a pattern by building a tower using blocks/Lego or other toys. Then use coloured pencils to draw your pattern:

We would love to see your work, so please tweet it to @BryncNursery

Diolch, have a lovely day!smiley

Monday 11th May

Hello everyone we hope you are well and have had a lovely weekend.

The teachers had a meeting this morning via the internet and we said how much we were missing you all, and how proud we are of all the playing and learning you are doing with your families at home.


Last week we began making books to record some of your adventures. Today lets carry on and add a few more pages. You might want to include:

  • My favourite place to visit
  • My favourite movie
  • My Favourite game to play
  • My favourite clothes to wear
  • My favourite bedtime story

Maybe you could add two more pages to your book.  Remember to ask a grown up to help write the contents page. They could write using a high lighter pen, and you could write over it in pencil. Then keep your book safe and we can add to it from time to time. Your teachers and friends would love to see your book when we are able to return to school.


Tomorrow we are going to be looking at patterns; patterns in the environment and making patterns of our own. Remember to keep busy and have lots of fun!

  • Thursday 7th May


Bore da!smiley

  • You will need a dice for this morning’s physical activity. If you haven’t got a dice, perhaps you could make one.



  • We are going to continue with our VE Day theme today. Samuel Morse helped invent the Morse Code in 1836. Look at the following Morse Code. Can you write your name using this code? 


  • People show such bravery during wartime and are awarded bravery medals. Can you make a bravery medal? You are being very brave during this unusual lockdown and certainly deserve a medal, so when you finish making it, wear it with pride!


       Finally, some food for thoughtπŸ€”

  • If you are having a tea party to celebrate VE Day tomorrow, what food are you preparing? Sandwiches, fruit, cakes or biscuits? Think about the shapes you can see, for example, rectangular, square or triangular sandwiches, circular cakes.


We would like to say a great big thank you, to you and your family, for the fabulous work you are doing at home! Your efforts are amazing, you are working so hard. We also love seeing what you are doing on our Twitter page, so thank you for sending us your photographs and videos. 

We won’t be setting work tomorrow, so have a wonderful time celebrating VE Day and have a super Bank Holiday weekend! We’ll be back on Monday with lots of lovely activities for you!


Stay safesmiley

Wednesday 6th May


Bore da pawb!smiley
Sut wyt ti?


  • The sun is shining brightly today, so let’s start with some exercise, outdoors or indoors:



  • On Friday, there will be lots of celebrations taking place for VE Day to mark the 75th Anniversary! This simple video explains what VE Day is and why we celebrate it:



  • Why not celebrate on Friday by having your own tea party with your family, toys and teddies? First, make a simple invitation asking them to join you. Where and when will the tea party take place? Do you need to wear anything special? 


  • Can you make a Union Jack πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ flag, hat or bunting for your tea party? 

Have a fun day planning this special occasion and share your creations with us on Twitter - @BryncNursery


Diolch! Hwyl fawrπŸ‘‹πŸ½smiley

Tuesday 5th May


Bore da! We hope you are all feeling hapus! smiley


Today we will carry on working on our books. These are some of the pages you might like to add: ( Maybe you could choose three to do today)

  • My handprints and footprints - These could be made from paint, or draw around your hands and feet and colour them in
  • My favourite foods - collages made from recycled materials, cut out pictures from magazines, draw/paint them.
  • My favourite toys - painting, drawing, photographs
  • When I grow up I want to be... - drawings and maybe ask a grown up to scribe for you
  • I can write all these numbers... - write as many as you can
  • I am this tall... ( measure with string or strips of paper stuck together to make a paper string)

Monday 4th May

Good morning everyone, bore da!

We hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some sunshine.


I know that lots of you are really enjoying reading at home, so this week we are going to make some books of our own. You might want to get some lose papers and stick/staple them together. Then your first job will be to design a cover. You could look at the covers of books you have at home for inspiration! The book is going to be about you, so you will need to include your name on the cover e.g. 'Alfie's Adventures', ' The Adventures of Lucy'.


Leave page 1 blank for now, then page 2 will be the contents page.

On page three draw a picture of your family and ask a grown-up to help you write their names.

On page 4 draw a picture of your house and say what you like doing at home ( you may want to include the garden).


Hello boys and girls,


It has been so lovely speaking to some of you and your parents over the past week via telephone. You are all working so hard at home, and keeping yourselves strong and healthy. It has been lovely catching up with your news; several babies have been born and lots of splashing around in pools and hot tubs has taken place smiley . I know lots of you have been working extremely hard to write your names independently and I have been really impressed with all the counting ( 0 to 10 and back down again). Keep up this fantastic work, and remember to thank your parents for all their hard work too.             We all miss you and hope to see you soon.

Best wishes

Mrs Squires

A message from all the staff at Bryncethin Primary School

Still image for this video

The following timetable suggests a possible daily routine:


Friday 1st May


Bore da pawb!smiley
We hope you are dressed in your pyjamas, ready for Pyjamarama! It all starts at 9.30am, so just enough time to warm up!


  • You could use the stairs for this challenge:


  • Here’s the line up for today:


We hope you have a fun day! 
Please tweet your videos/photographs to @BryncNursery, also @booktrust and #pyjamarama



Hwyl fawr, have a lovely weekend!πŸ‘‹πŸ½

Thursday 30th April


Good morning boys and girls!smiley
Sut wyt ti?


  • Are you full of energy this morning? How many times can you repeat these exercises?

  • Read/listen to the story of The Three Little Pigs. Now play the guessing game ‘Who Am I?’ Take turns to describe a character in the book, can the listener guess the character?
  • This is such a lovely, creative idea:

  • Can you create your own? Perhaps you could put this in a time capsule, along with other items to remind you of quarantine. This could be hidden somewhere, then rediscovered in the future, for you to look back on some lovely memories. 

Have fun! Remember to Tweet your photographs/videos to @BryncNursery.


Wednesday 29th April


Bore da pawb!smiley
We hope you are all well!


  • Our exercises this morning will be child friendly yoga moves:

  • Choose a book. Look carefully at the pictures. Are they bright and colourful? Can you name the colours in Welsh? Now create a book mark using lots of lovely, bright colours. Can you write your name on the back of your book mark?


  • Count to 10 forwards and backwards. How far can you count in Welsh? Count the objects on the worksheet and write the corresponding numbers, or draw objects in your class book, count them and write the corresponding numbers:

Have a lovely day and please, tweet your yoga moves and work to @BryncNursery for us to celebrate the  wonderful things you are doing at home!

Da bo chismiley


Tuesday 28th April


Bore da pawb!smiley
Sut wyt ti?


  • This morning’s physical exercise is going to be based on the game ‘Follow the Leader’. Add to the workout energetic movements such as jumping, stomping and squatting. Take turns to be the leader.

You will find ‘Follow the Leader’ music on YouTube, or there is a video for children to follow: ‘Just Dance Kids Follow the Leader’.

  • Today’s reading challenge is to choose a book, read it with an adult then draw or paint a new front cover for it.
  • Write numbers 1 to 10 or use number cards. Find and place that number of objects by each card, for example:

​​​​​​​You don’t have to use trains or the same type of object throughout, just the correct number of objects.  


Da bo chi!smiley​​​​​​​

Monday 27th April


Bore da!smiley
We hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!


  • Yesterday was the start of the 2.6. challenge. 
    Can you get creative with this challenge?
     Take part in an exercise activity for 26 minutes, do something 26 times or collect 26 items, for example: walk for 26 minutes, score 26 goals, flip a pancake 26 times, collect 26 toys. We can’t wait to see your creative ideas! Tweet them to @BryncNursery 

  • This week we are going to be celebrating stories and reading together. Then on Friday, we will be taking part in a whole school celebration day. Families can all join in a festival of story - carrying out fun filled activities at home, dressed in pyjamas! So today, we would like you to make an invitation (with a little bit of help) for someone at home to come and join you for the celebration day on Friday. Remember to include key information: day, time, what to wear.
  • Choose a book to read with a family member. Why did you choose this book? Can you retell the story? 

Have a lovely daysmiley

Hwyl fawr!

Friday 24th April


Bore da! smiley
Sut wyt ti?


  • We’ve got some alphabet exercises for you to start with today. Either work your way through the entire alphabet if you’re feeling energetic, or spell out a word such as your name



  • Can you guess the sounds on the following YouTube video?



How many did you have correct?


  • Whether you are in the house or outdoors, listen carefully to the noises around you. What can you hear? What is your favourite and least favourite noise? Make a note of these by writing or drawing pictures in your class book.
  • Can you make an instrument which makes lots of noise? Play your favourite song and shake or bang your new instrument in time to the music!
    Take cover mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents!πŸ™‰


Well done for your great efforts this week, you’ve been working so hard!

Have a great weekend, resting in the brilliant sunshine! 
We will post more activities on Monday.


Hwyl fawrsmiley

Thursday 23rd April

 Bore da!smiley


The sun has got his hat on again, hip hip hooray! 

  • To start the day let’s ‘Dance and Freeze’ with Jack Hartmann on YouTube! If you can’t access this, play your favourite music and when the music stops, stand still - like Musical Statues!
  • Lots of you love books, so why not build a reading den, a special place where you can read and enjoy your favourite book today. There are some great ideas online!



  • This website is very useful for grown ups, it will give you ideas to share some special time looking at books with your children:


  • Tell us all about your favourite book by sending a video to Twitter or by drawing a picture of it in your class book. 
  • Choose one picture from your favourite book. Can you find anything beginning with ‘s’ in the picture? Make a list in your class book.


Thanks again for sending your amazing work to Twitter for us to see! Keep posting!



Hwyl fawrπŸ˜ƒ

Wednesday 22nd April


Bore da!smiley
Sut wyt ti?


  • Let’s warm up by counting to five in English and Welsh. Can you count backwards from five? We are going to continue counting to five to complete our morning exercise activity:



  • We are going to continue looking at shapes today. Start by watching Shapes/Song for Kids/Pancake Manor on YouTube. Can you join in?
  • Now look around your home to find different shapes - squares, circles, rectangles and triangles. Sort them into groups and either take a photograph of them or list them in your class book. 
  • ​​​​​​​Use a paper plate or cut out a circle from paper to create a shape pizza. Cut out different coloured squares, circles, rectangles and triangles and put them on the paper plate/circle. Count each shape and record the numbers in your class book:



Have a lovely day all!

Da bo chi!smiley

Tuesday 21st April


Bore da boys and girls! 

Thank you for sending your brilliant work to our Twitter page yesterday, for us all to see!smiley

  • We know how much you love moving to Jack Hartmann’s dances in class, so a feel good favourite to join in with this morning on You Tube is ‘A Beautiful Day / Start of the Day Song for Kids’. 
  • To practise your fine motor skills, draw some zig- zags, squiggles, swirls etc and find some little objects such as buttons, counters, cereals, pasta to place carefully on the lines. For example:


  • Draw a large butterfly, ask an adult to draw some circles, squares, rectangles and triangles on the body and wings. See the example below but draw different shapes:



  • Can you name the shapes? Now colour them using the following code:





  • Sing along with ‘Lliwiau’r Enfys’ (The Rainbow Song in Welsh) which can be found on you Tube. 

Have a good day and please keep sending your photos/videos to Twitter.

Hwyl fawr.


Monday 20th April


Bore da pawb! Welcome back for the Summer Term. We hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter break in the glorious sunshinecool

Let’s continue to make the most of this beautiful weather and carry out some activities outdoors today.


  •  Can you demonstrate the following yoga moves?



  • Walk around the garden or any other outdoor space. Look at the new things growing. Collect some leaves, twigs, broken flowers/plants. Can you sort them according to shape, size, length or colour?
  • Use the items you collected to create a collage. See the examples below:


  • ​​​​​​​Please Tweet your work/videos to @BryncNursery
  • Diolch! Have fun!


Monday 30th March

Good morning boys and girls. We hope you have had a lovely weekend with your family and that you have had lots of fun! This week we are going to be focusing on 'New Life'. It is an important time of year when we think about new life - animals being born, plants begining to grow and Easter celebrations.

Here are some activities for today:


1. Go out into your garden, or look from your window and count how many plants or flowers you can see. You could ask a grown up to help you record them using tallies.


2. Draw a large oval egg on a piece of paper and decorate it using pencils, paint or pens. Then ask a grown up to help you cut it out. Remember keep the scissors straight and turn the paper.


3. Practice singing this rhyme and add actions of your own:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the kings horses and all the kings men,

Couldn't put Humpty together again.


Humpty Dumpty had a sore head,

Humpty Dumpty got into bed.

The king and the queen and the doctor too,

Put Humpty together with plasters and glue.


Take care, love  Nursery Staff


Welcome to our class page!


I want you all to be aware that as well as the learning packs we sent home with your child, we will be posting tasks regularly on this web page and NOT on Hwb,


Please can you help your child to continue with their learning, by helping them with these activities.


Thank you for your continued support, from all Nursery staff.

Monday 23rd March

Good morning boys and girlsπŸ‘‹
Today let’s have some fun shopping!

  • Ask a grown up to label some tins or packets of food with amounts, 1p, 2p, ... up to 10p.
  • Play shop using 1p coins. If you don’t have 1p coins use the paper ones in your school pack.
  • Draw/colour some of the items in your shop and write the numbers by the side.

Have fun! 

Tuesday 24th March

Bore da plant!

Such beautiful weather we are having, but to add more colour to our lives you could

Wednesday 25th March

Bore da pawb!smiley

It's time to get moving with Joe Wicks. Join in with his PE lesson on YouTube at 9am every weekday!




Today you could also

  • listen to the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle on YouTube, read the book, or re-tell the story after hearing it in school                      
  • recite the days of the week
  • sing along with the days of the week song on YouTube -  Days Of The Week Song/Kids songs/Super simple songs
  • overwrite the days of the week in your writing book


Thursday 26th March

Good morning all!

  • A lovely activity to get you practising your name and to get you moving this morning! Tweet us a video of your workout! @BryncNursery



  • Now find different foods in your house and sort them into healthy and not so healthy. Tweet us a picture of your food @BryncNursery
  •  Count the food - how many healthy foods and how many unhealthy foods? Write the number of each in your book.


Friday 27th March

Bore da pawb!

  • Some fitness fun for you today whilst playing the Simon Says game below:
  • Don't forget to tweet your videos to @BryncNursery!


  • After all that exercise, perhaps you can prepare a healthy snack to top up your energy levels but before you eat it, create a face with your healthy snack and tweet your pictures to @BryncNursery. I wonder if your face is going to be hapus, trist, grac...?
  • Now for some fingerprint caterpillar counting:


If you haven't got paint, you could use coloured pencils or crayons to draw circles.


Thank you ever so much for your efforts this week! It has been lovely to see the photographs and videos that you have been sending to our Twitter page. Please keep them coming.

We hope you have had a fun week!

Have a lovely weekend and join us again next week for more fun activities (Mrs Coombes)


Monday 30th March

Bore da pawb!

  • Let's get moving today with Jack Hartmann's Easter Bunny Dance & Freeze on YouTube.
  • Sing and move along with 'Ten Easter Bunnies' by The Kiboomers on YouTube to practise counting to ten.



  • Draw, colour and count Easter eggs, write the numbers alongside. See example above, but work with numbers 1 to 10.

Remember to tweet your photographs and videos to @BryncNursery


Tuesday 31st March

Hello everyone!


With Easter approaching lets do some 'eggs-ercises' today! Below are some suggestions but take care and only do the safer options...



  • Read or watch an Easter story on YouTube. Tell us all about it by sending us a Twitter video or draw a picture showing the characters in the story.
  • Create pre-writing patterns on an Easter egg, see the ‘eggs-ample’ below. Use different colours. Can you name the colours you used in Welsh?



Have a great day! Hwyl fawrsmiley




Wednesday 1st April

Bore da! Sut wyt ti?πŸ˜ƒ


  • Get ready, it’s time go on a rainbow scavenger hunt...



Use as much Welsh as possible, to name the colours. 

  • Make an Easter card. There are lots of lovely ideas online, or you could design your own. 
  • Write your name inside your Easter card. 


Remember to tweet your videos/photographs to @BryncNursery


Have a lovely day!

Hwyl fawr! 


Thursday 2nd April 

  • Bore da!smiley


  • Today’s challenge involves choosing one of your toys (or a cuddly chick if you’ve got one).     Either take it in the garden or look around your home to find materials to make a comfortable nest for it. Look at the different materials you have chosen. Why do you think they will be suitable? How do the materials feel: rough, silky, smooth, squashy? How many words can you use to describe them? Build your nest. Whilst building it, think about it comfortable, big enough, warm, will it keep the rain out? Is there anything you would change if you could? Draw a picture of it in your class book. Over write the words ‘My nest is....’ and choose the best word to describe it. Take a photograph of your work and tweet it to @BryncNursery



Diolch yn fawr pawb!

Have a lovely day!

Friday 3rd April


Bore da! Sut wyt ti?

Ready to get moving?smiley


  • Let’s do ‘The Bunny Hokey Pokey’ with the Kiboombers on YouTube!
  • Now watch ‘Peppa Pig’s Chocolate Egg Hunt’ on YouTube.
  • Would you like to hunt for some eggs too?     Draw/colour 10 eggs and write numbers 1 - 10 on them. Ask someone to hide them for you. Now go and hunt for them. When you have collected all ten eggs, put them in order, from 1 - 10. Can you count in Welsh? 

A big thank you once again for your hard work throughout the week! 
It has been wonderful to see your tweets, which show just how busy you have all been.

Have a wonderful Easter break and enjoy two weeks off, spending time having fun and relaxing with your family!

Join us again, from Monday 20th April, for more enjoyable activities. 
Take care allsmiley