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Please find below some additional ideas of activities for over the Easter holidays.

















Friday April 3rd

Morning. Easter is fast approaching, click on the link below to find about this holiday.


Activity One

Make a simple Easter bonnet and have an Easter bonnet parade with your household.





Remember to Tweet and upload your pictures to the Hwb.



We would like to thank you all for your help and hard work at this difficult time. It has been lovely to see the learning and fun activities that has taken place at home.


There will be no new work until Monday, 20th April, rest relax and enjoy the Easter holidays with your loved ones in your household.


Click below for some fun ways to keep active. 

Family Active Zone.pdf


We would like to wish you all a very happy and safe Easter.

Mrs McAndrew, Mrs Quigley and Mrs Rogers





Thursday 2nd April

Bore da! I hope you are all keeping well. It's great to see the pictures of you all on Twitter. You are working so hard and keeping busy. smiley


Activity One

Make an Easter card for your family. Make your designs as colourful as possible. 




Activity Two

Remember it is important to keep active.

Try having an egg and spoon race - eggs could be anything you have at home - you may use balls, scrunched up paper or anything you can find.

You can time each person doing it and record the results in a table. 

Who was the fastest? Who dropped the egg the most times?

Are you quicker if you don't drop the egg?

I can't wait to see your pictures!

Wednesday April 1st

Morning all. Hope you are keeping well.

Great work yesterday! I saw some lovely Easter Eggs and your Easter nests looked yummy! I hope you had fun making them! smiley


Activity One

Can you use recycled materials to make an Easter chick. Below are some ideas to help you. Remember to Tweet or upload your pictures. 






Activity Two

Complete a rainbow word spelling challenge, using the format we looked at in our recent reading workshop.📚

Use the keyword words that are in the back of your reading record or any words you find tricky to spell!


Hope you all have a good day!

Tuesday 31st March

Bore da. I have enjoyed reading your stories on the Hwb, you have remembered to use lots of interesting describing words. Bendigedig!


Activity One

Design your own Easter egg - you may use paint, collage materials if you have any, felt tip pens or colouring pencils. Try making a repeating pattern!

Remember to post pictures to Twitter or the Hwb!






Activity Two

Listen to an audio story. 

David Walliams' story are available via the link below. 

Visit the website for more information.  

Happy listening! 


Monday 30th March

Good morning, hope you all had a good weekend and everyone is well.

This week we are going to have a week of fun Easter activities.


Activity One

Use the link below to visit the Scholastic Learn at Home Website


We are going to find out about rabbits! Please read the information book and watch the video to learn about rabbits. There is also a story book for you to enjoy.



How Many Jumps?

Materials: masking or painter’s tape, measuring tape 

Rabbits aren’t the only animals that are great jumpers—kangaroos, frogs, and grasshoppers are too!

Go to an open space (or move furniture out of the way) and make “animal jumping stations.” Use masking tape to mark a starting point and the distance that each animal can jump. Measure 5 feet for a grasshopper, 6 feet for a frog, and 15 feet for a kangaroo. 

At each jumping station, count how many jumps it takes to go the distance.  

Build math vocabulary as you talk about the activity. You will see that the longer the distance, the more jumps it takes. Measure how far you and everyone in your house can jump. 

Happy jumping!


Activity Two

Can you draw a picture of the Easter bunny. 

Don't forget to tweet your pictures to our class Twitter page.  @BryncethinPS4


Remember to check the Hwb - Just2Easy for digital work.


Hope you all have a good day! smiley

Friday 27th March

Morning all. Thank you for your pictures and videos on our class Twitter page it has been lovely to see you all having fun in the sun and completing our daily activities. 

You have all been busy on the Hwb and the stories you have been writing are very interesting!


Activity One

Can you make a 100 square - or a 200 if you would like a challenge! You can use paper and pencils or chalk on the floor outside. Once you have made your 100/200 square could you add some snakes and ladders and play a game with someone in your household.




Activity Two

Try to do something kind for someone in your home, or maybe you could do a random act of kindness for all the people who live with you.



Have a good day and we shall be setting more activities for you next week.

Thursday 26th March

Bore da!

I have enjoyed looking at your Tweets and seeing what you are grateful for! I have re-Tweeted them - Check them out and remember to add pictures of your own!


Activity One

Today's job is make an obstacle course, you can do this in your garden or living room. Take a look at the pictures below for inspiration! Also there are some ideas on the following website or google home-made obstacle courses. 






Make a poster advertising your obstacle course.


Activity Two

Read a book to someone in your home, it may be a reading book from school or another book that you enjoy reading. Ask someone in your home to ask you questions about what you have read using the comprehension questions we looked at in our recent reading workshop.



Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Class 4, hope you are all keeping well. I would love to hear what you have all been getting up to. You can post pictures onto our class Twitter page and we can all see what we have been up to, it does not have to be school work related - perhaps you have been for a walk, or made a cake etc. 


Activity One

Below are some problem solving activities. The amounts can be changed for different sums etc. 

Happy problem solving!



Russ has 20p to spend. She buys a drink for 14p. How much does she have left? Which coins might be she be holding?


If Russ saves 5p every day for a week, how much money will she have at the end of the week?



You will need two containers, one large and one small. Fill the large container with water. How many times do you think the small container could be filled using the water from the large container?




Activity Two

At this challenging time it is important to remain positive and grateful for all we have. 

Can you fill a gratitude jar today. Please post pictures on our Twitter page.


I am grateful that the children in my class are healthy.laugh

I am grateful that myself and my family are healthy.smiley

I am grateful that the sun is shining. laugh




Remember to complete your Body Coach work out!


Tuesday 24th March

Morning Class 4, great work on the Hwb yesterday, I enjoyed reading your news.

I have left a comment on your work.


Activity One

Use the link below to visit the Scholastic Learn at Home Website


We are going to find out about spiders! Please read the information book and watch the video to learn about spiders. There is also a story book for you to enjoy. 


Invent a Spider

Some spiders are named for how they look—like the wolf spider or the pumpkin spider.

  • Pretend you discovered a new kind of spider.
  • Draw it. (Be sure to give it eight legs, a head, and a body.)
  • Describe it in words.
  • Name it


Please upload pictures of your work to our class Twitter page. I look forward to seeing your creations!!


Activity Two 


Think of something that makes you happy and draw about it.




Remember to stay active and take part in Joe Wicks' live PE lessons on


Welcome to Class 4

Croeso i ddosbarth 4



Information regarding activities that can be completed at home.

Your child has been sent home with a pack that has a range of activities across the curriculum.

In addition to these packs there will daily activities on the class page and on the Hwb.


Here are links to suggested resources that may be of use at this time:

Reading –

Maths –

Welsh –


Hwb Activities 

When your child logs into their Hwb account they are able to access Just2Easy where regular activities shall be planned for your child. 

Please use the link below.


We shall also be updating this page regularly with an activity for your child to do. 


Monday 23rd March

We have been learning about 3d shapes, for your activity today, make a tally chart of the 3d shapes found in your home. Please add pictures to our twitter page of your shape hunt.

Once you have completed your tally chart use it to make a block graph on Hwb - J2data. 

I have shared a template to everyone. Happy Hunting!!




Remember to stay active and complete Joe Wicks workout.


Stay safe and remember to check the Hwb - J2launch!


Mrs McAndrew, Mrs Quigley and Mrs Rogers laugh