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Class 5

Friday 17th July

Well Class 5, today is the last day of term and almost time to start the Summer holiday! 

It certainly has been a very different few months but you have all worked incredibly hard and Miss Owen and I are very proud of all your achievements, so a huge well done to you all from us both. 

Also a very big thank you to your families who have supported you too, we really do appreciate it.


Today, there is a fun creative task for you to do.


Have a lovely summer break everyone, relax and enjoy yourselves.

Take care, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all back in school in September. smiley


Thursday 16th July

Good morning all.

We have only got two days left of this term so I thought today we could all sing along with this fun song 'Just Sing'. Get your family to join in with you and have some fun! 


Also if you have the resources at home, try this dinosaur challenge! 

Wednesday 15th July

Good morning Class 5, I hope you are all feeling well.

Today try this fossil experiment - it looks lots of fun to do!

But don't worry if you have not got all the ingredients, you could try making the fossils by using toy dinosaurs and pressing them in mud to make fossil shapes. 

Also, try this dinosaur challenge. It is not too difficult so maybe you could also create your own challenges for someone in your home to try and answer too.

How about thinking of 6 words that begin with 'd' but only have 4 letters in? 

Tuesday 14th July

Bore da Class 5. Hope you are all well.

Today, try this alphabet dinosaur challenge ... 

Also, keep fit and healthy with this dinosaur yoga! 


Monday 13th July

Good morning Class 5 and welcome to our last week of the school year.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine we have had. 

Today try this challenge, hopefully there will be some clouds in the sky!



Also try this maths challenge to build your own dinosaur skeleton - you can use paper, card, tubes or any resources you may have at home.

Have fun and remember to tweet your photos to @BryncethinPS5, we would love to see your carefully measured dinosaur skeletons! 


Friday 10th July 

Bore da.

Today, we have one more 'Harry and his Bucketful of dinosaurs' activity. Have a look at it below. 



Also today have some fun creating a shelter to protect some dinosaur eggs - you may have some real eggs at home that you could pretend are dinosaur eggs! we would love to see your photos on twitter @BryncethinPS5. 




Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the sunshine and we will be back on Monday for our last week of this term. smiley


Thursday 9th July

Morning Class 5.

Today try to create your own dinosaur character that you could use for your own ‘Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs’ story. Look at the photo below for some ideas, if you don’t have a paper plate you could use any card that you may have at home. 

Where would you take your dinosaur?

What adventure could you have with your dinosaur? 

Try to beat your score last week on your learn its. How many can you answer? 

Wednesday 8th July

Good morning Class 5.

Hope you are having a good week and enjoying our dinosaur topic - especially the 'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs' stories. 

Today the weather forecast is for a rainy day, so try these activities which should keep you busy and active - have fun!


Tuesday 7th July

Bore da Class 5.

Today try this workout challenge. 


I know you are a very kind class so I thought you would enjoy learning this catchy new song together with your family.

I hope you have a fun and kind day! 

Monday 6th July

Good morning Class 5, hope you have all had a lovely weekend. 

This week all of our activities will be based around the stories ‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’ so I hope you enjoy them. 

Today try this creative bucket challenge!

Maybe you have some toy dinosaurs you could put in your new ‘bucket’. How many can you fit in? 

We would love to see your photos, so please tweet to @BryncethinPS5. 

Try this balloon challenge too to keep you fit and active.

Have a lovely day! 

Friday 3rd July

Well done Class 5 on another brilliant week of distance learning, you are doing a terrific job!

Today have some fun creating your own dinosaur moves.

Try this Fun challenge too.

Have a lovely weekend and thank you again for all your hard work. 

Thursday 2nd July

Hello Class 5, hope you are all having a good week and enjoying our new topic ‘Dangerous Dinosaurs’. 

Today, try this dinosaur activity. 


Also as it is Thursday, practice your Learn its - how many can you answer? 

Wednesday 1st July

Good morning! 

Today have fun with this creative activity. 


Try this workout challenge too! 

Tuesday 30th June

Bore da Class 5.

Today have a go at this obstacle challenge! 

Also, try this word challenge. How many words can you make? 

Monday 29th June

Good morning, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. 😊

This week we will be starting our new topic ‘Dangerous Dinosaurs’. đŸĻ–đŸĻ•

Today, have some fun creating your own shape dinosaur. You may wish to use the shapes below or cut out and create your own shapes and use them to make your own dinosaur. We look forward to seeing your finished shape dinosaurs, either upload a picture to your J2e page or tweet a picture to @BryncethinPS5. 

Also, have a go at this number challenge. Remember to start on different numbers and make your patterns go forwards and backwards.

Can you make patterns using 2’s, 5’s and 10’s?

How about challenging yourselves with patterns in 3’s and 4’s? 

Friday 26th June

Good morning, today is the last day for our topic ‘Wild Weather’. 

During our topic we certainly have had all sorts of weather.

Have fun today trying this rain cloud experiment. 

Also, try this challenge!


Well done on another terrific week of distance learning. Have a lovely weekend 😊

Thursday 25th June

Good morning Class 5. 

Today, enjoy this beautiful weather and go on a rainbow treasure hunt. You do not need to print the sheet below but you could make one like this and either in your garden, or when you go out for a walk try to find something natural for each colour of the rainbow. 

Make sure you stay active for National School Sport Week and try this workout challenge. 

Wednesday 24th June

Bore da. Have fun today learning this new weather song.

I’m sure singing along will make you feel happy! 😊


Try this ‘Grow a rainbow’ experiment too. 🌈

Tweet your photos to @BryncethinPS5. 

Have a lovely day - enjoy the sunshine but make sure you wear some sun cream! ☀ī¸

Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning, hope you are all feeling well. 

Today enjoy playing this ‘Favourite’ game with your family. 


I hope you are all keeping fit and healthy too. Have a go at this sock challenge!

Tweet your scores to @BryncethinPS5. Have a happy day everyone! 

Monday 22nd June

Bore da, hope you all had a lovely weekend. This week is the last week for our ‘Wild weather’ topic so we are going to focus on rainbows. Did you know the rainbow is the symbol of hope? 🌈

Today, try this wellbeing rainbow - can you do all 5 wellbeing activities today? 



Also this week is National School Sport Week. So we are going to have a very active week! 

Today why not enter this cricket competition? Don’t worry if you haven’t got a cricket bat, you could use a tennis racquet, a cardboard tube or a piece of wood. Even if you don’t enter the competition, watch the videos and have a go at catching, bowling and batting - it’s good to try out a new sport that you’ve never played before!

Have fun! 

Friday 19th June

Good morning Class 5!

How are you feeling today? Look at the picture below to describe your feelings in weather! 


It has has been another fun and busy week of distant learning. I think you are all doing an amazing job, so a big well done from me and Miss Owen! 😊

Take a few moments today to talk with your family about the best thing you have done this week, what you have enjoyed doing the most at home and what you would like to do next week. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🌟

Thursday 18th June

Bore da! 

As part of our SAFE maths, today we are going to be looking for right angles. Look at the picture below to see how many right angles you can find. Also, go on a right angle hunt around your home inside and out - you may like to tweet some of the right angles you can find! @BryncethinPS5 

Practice your Learn its too - how many can you do in 1 minute? 

Wednesday 17th June

Good morning, I hope you are all feeling well and happy! 

Today, have a go at making a weather vane like the one shown below. 


Also, try this workout challenge. 

Tuesday 16th June

Bore da, today have a go at these ‘feel good’ weather activities! 

Think about what makes you smile and make your own ‘Sunny Smile’. 

Singing is is a fantastic way to feel good. You should recognise this song as we sometimes sing it in assembly, so get your family to join in with you and sing along! đŸŽĩ😊


' Sing Together '

Monday 15th June

Good morning, hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. 

Over the weekend we have had some heavy bursts of rain, so today have a go at making your own rain gauge to measure the rainfall we have this week. 


Also, keep fit with this challenge. 



Friday 12th June

Well done everyone on another fantastic week of distance learning. We are so proud of you all for all your hard work. 

Today, think about things you are looking forward to when we can get out and about a bit more and create your own 'Things to look Forward to Jar'. 


Have a lovely weekend. smiley 

Thursday 11th June

In the film ‘Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs’, Flint invents a machine that transforms water into food. Today, invent your own machine - it can be for anything you like! You may wish to make your machine from old packaging, Lego or draw it. 

Just let your imagination run wild! Please tweet your inventions to @BryncethinPS5 - we would love to see them! 


Also have have a go at this 60 second challenge. 

Wednesday 10th June

Bore da, hope you are all enjoying our week using the film ‘Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs’ for our activities! 

In the film everything is made from food, so today have a go at making a fruit or vegetable animal. There are some pictures below to give you some ideas. Remember to tweet your animal to @BryncethinPS5 before you eat it! 


For our exercise today, take it in turns with your family to roll a dice and whatever number it lands on do that activity. Play as many times as you like, have fun together! 

Tuesday 9th June

Good morning, this week we are using the film ‘Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs’ as our inspiration for our writing. 

Today, draw a picture of your home and you with your favourite food falling from the sky! You may want to use pictures of your favourite food or the real thing!

Have fun and enjoy being creative! 


Have a go at this workout to keep fit and healthy! 




Monday 8th June

Bore da! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 

Today, have a go at this word challenge - How many words can you make from the word weather? It may help you to write the letters on pieces of paper and change them around when making the words. The first one has been done for you below. 

Try this 100 fitness challenge! 

Have a good day! 😊

Friday 5th June

Well done Class 5 on another amazing week of work - we are so proud of you all. 👏

Today, take a rest and look up carefully at the clouds. What shapes can you see?

Talk to your family about the different shapes, patterns and clouds - enjoy the peace and calm together. 

Also, have fun together with this game.

Have a lovely weekend everyone 😊

Thursday 4th June

Bore da!

Today, sing and dance along with this weather song - have fun! 


Weather Song

Still image for this video


Also practice your Learn its- how many can you get in one minute? 

Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning Class 5.

Today, have a go at solving this weather symbol grid. Each box should have one of each of the four pictures in. You could draw your own on paper to help work it out. 


Now try this 60 second challenge! 


Tuesday 2nd June

Bore da! Today is going to be another beautiful, sunny day. Have a go at making a sundial using any materials you may have at home. Look at the pictures below for inspiration!

Can you tell the time using your sundial? 

Please tweet your photos to @BryncethinPS5 and remember to wear sun cream out in that sun! 


Try this workout too! 


Enjoy the sunshine everyone! ☀ī¸

Monday 1st June

Welcome back after the half term break, hope you are all well.

Today we are going to start our new topic ‘Wild Weather’.

Have a go at making a chatterbox, look at the instructions below to help you. Use the Welsh word mat to make your own Welsh weather chatterbox asking ‘Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw?’, answer using the phrase ‘Mae hi’n ... ond dydy hi ddim yn ...’

Have fun making and using your chatterbox! 


Also have a go at this healthy eating game. 

Friday 22nd May

Good morning everyone! 

Well done on the terrific work you have been doing this half term - you are all doing a super job 🌟


I know while we are at home we may be spending more time than usual on computers and other digital devices, so today, we are going to be thinking about internet safety. We have already talked a lot about this in class but thought it would great for you to talk about it with your family too.👍

Here are some activities for you to have a look at. 


Grown ups - you may find this additional information useful too! 


Many thanks for all your continued support, it is much appreciated. 

Next week is half term so we shall be back on Monday 1st June with more fun and activities. Have a lovely week everyone. 😊





Thursday 21st  May

Bore da! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine! 

Today, as you are all superheroes - have a go of these Superhero yoga poses and send us a photo to @BryncethinPS5.

Also, it’s Thursday so it is Learn it practice time. Are you beating your score each week? 

Have a lovely day all 😊

Wednesday 20th May

Good morning Class 5, I hope you are all feeling good today! 

Look at this kindness calendar for a week.

Can you do any of these kind acts today either for someone else or for yourself? 



Try this 60 second challenge too!

Remember to tweet any photos - we love to see what you have been up to @BryncethinPS5.

Have a kind and happy day 😊


Tuesday 19th May

Good morning. This week we are thinking about ‘Real life superheroes’ such as, doctors, nurses, firefighters and police. As a thank you to these and many more key workers, children all over Wales have been making rainbows to put in their windows for everyone to see. Today have a go at making your own rainbow with any resources you may have at home. The picture below may give you some ideas. 

Please tweet your rainbows to @bryncethinPS5.



Also have a go at this workout! 


Monday 18th May

Bore da, hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Today, with your family, have a go at this Treasure chest game - it looks fun!



Also, try this 'Rocket Launcher Challenge'. 

Good luck and enjoy making it!

Please tweet any photos to @BryncethinPS5.


Friday 15th May

Well done Class 5 on another brilliant week this week. We are very proud of you all! 👏

Today, have a go at this word puzzle. The letters are jumbled but can you find the Superhero?

Your family can help too! 


Have a go at these Fun challenges too! 

Have a lovely weekend 😊

Thursday 14th May

Bore da, it is Thursday so it’s Learn it practice time again!

Have a go at doing the Learn its below - ask someone to time you for 1 minute, how many can you get? Did you manage to beat your score from last week? 



We know that Superheroes need to be ‘Super Strong’, so try this Superhero challenge with your family.




Wednesday 13th May

A huge well done to all who have shown us your amazing creative work on Twitter this week - you have been very busy! 

Today, make a Superhero Headquarters Den!

Have a look below for ideas to help with your den - you could build it inside or outside your home. I think your den would be a perfect place to talk about your plan for your Superhero story.

Have fun! 


Tuesday 12th May

Good morning. 

Today have a go at making your own Superhero. Look at the pictures below to help you. You may want to use a cardboard tube and any resources you may have at home. 

Also, have a go at this workout challenge. 

Have a lovely day.


Monday 11th May

Bore da, hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

Today, have a go at making a Lego Superhero model. Look at the picture below to help you. If you do not have Lego, draw your design on paper and we will have a go at making it when we are back in the classroom. 


Also today, try our Fitness challenge below. 


Thursday 7th May

Today, try to beat your score from last week on our Learn its. 



Have a go at these balances too. Try to get all your family to join in with you.

As tomorrow is a bank holiday, there will be no new work set. 

Enjoy the long weekend and well done on another fantastic week! Da iawn. 




Wednesday 6th May

Good morning, we have loved seeing all your creative art work this week.

Today, get drawing and enter a competition! 

Design a ‘Super Bear’ that thanks the NHS for all their amazing work. Share your design on Twitter with #DesignYourSuperBear and @BryncethinPS5 by Thursday 7th May.

The winning entry will be made into a real toy so get designing! Click on the links below for more information.




Also today, have a go at this welsh quiz.

Either use the link below or log onto Kahoot and use the code 01322300 to take part.

Have a fun day!


Tuesday 5th May

Bore da. Today have a go at making a paper chain of kindness. Cut strips of paper or card, then write kind messages to your family on each piece. Then stick the ends of the paper together to make a paper chain - look at the picture below to help you. 



Use this workout card to help keep you fit and healthy.



Monday 4th May

Good morning Class 5, we hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Today we are going to start our ‘Spectacular Superheroes’ topic. Draw around your hand or make a handprint with paint and turn it into a superhero. Look at the picture below for an idea to help you.

Now try to be a fitness superhero and complete the step up challenge below! 

Remember to tweet your photos to @BryncethinPS5 - we love to see your photos.

Have a fun day! 

Friday 1st May

It’s pyjamarama festival day! 

Here is the party line up for the day. Log on to to take part in whatever activities you like and please tweet your photos to @BryncethinPS5 @booktrust and #pyjamarama.

Have a great day and a lovely weekend too!

Thursday 30th April

Good morning, I hope you are all well.

Today, have a go at drawing a front cover of a book - you may like to design a new book cover or redesign a cover of a book that you have at home - you choose! 🖍


Also, have another go at practising your Learn its too, can you beat your score from last week? 
Enjoy your day 😊

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning!

Have a go at this 'Who am I?' game today. Write some clues to describe a character from a book and ask someone in your home to guess the character. Then swap and ask someone in your home to write clues so you can guess the character. 

Have fun!



Join in with this Zumba exercise fun.

Keep fit and stay healthy!

Tuesday 28th April

Get creative today and make an invitation to invite someone in your home to our celebration of story and reading on Friday. Remember to include the date, dress code (pyjamas) and time.

We love to see your photographs on Twitter, so if you can tweet us a photo to share your amazing work.


Try keeping active too - have a go at this work out! 






A message from all the staff at Bryncethin Primary School

Still image for this video

Monday 27th April

Bore da and I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

This week we are celebrating stories and reading together and then on Friday we will be having a whole school celebration day when families can all join in a festival of story - fun filled at home! 


Today, have a go at making a book mark, be as creative as you can and use any materials you have at home. Also, choose a book to read or visit the oxford owl website to find one and read in an unusual place in your home - maybe you will read under a table or outside! Tweet your photos for us all to see @BryncethinPS5. Have a good day. 📚

Friday 24th April

Good morning Class 5 and a huge thank you to all of you who voted for our topic for this term. I was so pleased to know how you are feeling, that you are happy and are really enjoying the work I am giving you while we are not together in school. Miss Owen and I are thinking of you all everyday.

So, the topic you have decided we should do is ... Spectacular Superheroes. 😀

But because so many of you voted and not to disappoint you we will also do some Dangerous Dinosaur work too this term! 


Today, have a go at drawing a picture to share with the ‘British Red Cross’ charity. The title of your picture is ‘Kindness will keep us together’, so try to draw someone being kind, or something that somebody has done for you that is kind.

I know you are an incredibly kind class so you may want to draw something kind that you have done for someone else. Please share your pictures on Twitter @BryncethinPS5 and also include #Powerofkindness and @BritishRedCross. 


Well done for working so hard this week. Have a good weekend Class 5 and keep smiling! 😊




Thursday 23rd April

Bore da! 

In class we have great fun playing different listening games. Today, have a go at this one!

You need to play with someone in your home and you each need a piece of paper and pencil or pen. Sit back to back and take it in turns to be the talker and the listener.

The talker has to describe what they are drawing and the listener has to draw exactly what they hear - when you have finished compare your pictures. Do they look the same? Did you listen carefully? 

You could try playing it with Lego too - but remember you need to start with exactly the same pieces! 

Have fun and share your pictures with us on Twitter too - we would love to see them! @BryncethinPS5 


Wednesday 22nd April


Morning Class 5, I hope you are all well. This week we have been learning our 2 times tables.

Today, have a go at doing your Learn its challenge. You could try a couple of times and see if you can beat your score, good luck! 



Keeping fit and healthy is important too.

With your family, have a go at this workout - well done all! 


Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Class 5. Well done to everyone who has completed our class vote to decide what our topic should be for this term - it’s not too late if you haven’t done it. I shall let you know the results on Friday! 

Today, look at the sounds below and go on a sound hunt around your home looking for objects that have these sounds in. How many can you find? 



In class, we enjoy singing and dancing to our Marvellous Machine dance shown below. Today try to get all your household joining in with you while you do it. Have fun!

My Marvellous Machine.mp4

Still image for this video

Monday 20th April

Bore da and welcome back after the Easter break.

We have been thinking of you all Class 5 and we hope you are all well.yes

Today, as it is the beginning of the Summer term, we would like you to help us choose our new topic for the term. So please log onto Hwb and complete the J2Vote activity which you can find in your shared file. We will let you know the results on Friday and tell you what you have decided our topic should be!


Have a go at using the word wheel below to make as many words as you can, what is the longest word you can make? How many words can you make? 

Also today, play a game with your family. Maybe you could play a game of cards or a board game you have at home. Enjoy yourselves and remember to share, take turns and don't worry if you don't win the first time you play!  smiley

Please click on the folder below for some more great ideas to keep you busy during the Easter holiday. Have fun!

Friday 3rd April

Today have some fun creating your own Easter hunt in your home. Hide an object and then write some clues for someone else in your home to follow. Happy hunting!

Also watch the video clip below to help you learn more about Easter.


We would like to say a huge thank you to pupils and parents for participating in the distant learning both here on the website and on Hwb, we have really enjoyed seeing your magnificent work as we appreciate the last two weeks have not been easy. 

New work will not be set over the Easter holidays as it is important that your children have a time to rest and spend time with the family in your household. Further work and activities will be made available from Monday, 20th April.


However, open the document below for some fun ways to keep active over the holidays.

We would like to wish you all a very safe Easter, take care. smiley

Mrs Sheppard & Miss Owen 


Thursday 2nd April

Today try the following maths problem:


Also today play a game at home, take turns and share. Have a good day all! 

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning, as Easter is not far away go on a hunt around your home today looking for things that begin with ‘E’. Write them in a list from the shortest word to the longest word. 😊

Look around your home for any old junk materials or use Lego if you have any to make an Easter basket. Can you make a basket that can hold 3 eggs? Use the pretend eggs you made yesterday or it may get messy!! đŸĨšđŸ‘

Tweet your photos to show us how you get on @BryncethinPS5. 

Tuesday 31st March

  • Today try to solve the number problem below. Remember drawing a picture will help you to solve it!

Try to think of other number problems like this one for someone in your home to solve. 

  • Keep active by having an egg and spoon race - use your imagination to make the 'eggs', you may use balls, scrunched up paper or anything you can find. You could time each person doing it and record the results in a table - Good Luck! yes

Monday 30th March

Bore da, hope you all had a good weekend and everyone is well.

This week we are going to have a week of fun Easter activities.

So today, why not try to design your own Easter egg - you may use paint, collage materials if you have any, felt tip pens or colouring pencils.

You can always tweet your designs to share them with us all @BryncethinPS5.

Also remember to keep moving too - put on some music and hop, jump and bounce around your home like a bunny! smiley

Friday 27th March

While the sun is still shining we are going to make the most of it! Today, have a go at drawing a shadow picture. Choose some toys and use the sun to create shadows of them, draw around the shadows.

You could always tweet your pictures for us to see @BryncethinPS5.

Also today, sit back, relax and enjoy listening to a story!

 Every day at 11am you can listen to one of David Walliams' stories. Don't worry if you can't make it at 11 - they are available throughout the day!

Visit the website for more information.  

Have a good day all and we shall be have more activities for you next week.



Thursday 26th March

Hello Class 5, I hope you are all well.

Today I would like you to give the other people in your home a compliment - we do this frequently in class so remember be as kind as you can.

Also go on a 3D shape hunt around your home. When you find an object, talk about the name and properties (edges, faces and vertices) of each shape. Use this picture to help you.


Wednesday 25th March

Bore da!

  • Today read a book to someone in your home, it may be a reading book from school or another book that you enjoy reading. Ask someone in your home to ask you questions about what you have read using the comprehension questions we looked at in our recent reading workshop.📚
  • Create a Class 5 exercise routine - just make sure it has 5 of everything! So you may do: 5 hops, 5 star jumps, 5 skips then repeat! Have fun and stay fit! ⛹ī¸‍♂ī¸đŸ‘

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning Class 5 - some great work yesterday on your Hwb pages, well done!

  • Today go on a 2D shape hunt. I would like you to try and find objects around your home that are pentagons (5 sides), hexagons (6 sides), octagons (8 sides) and quadrilaterals (4 sides). Remember the shapes can have sides that are all the same length so are regular shapes or can have sides of different lengths so are irregular shapes.
  • Also today try to do something kind for someone in your home, or maybe you could do a random act of kindness for all the people who live with you. smiley

Information for Class 5

Information regarding activities that can be completed at home.

Your child has been sent home with a range of activities across the curriculum. Here are links to suggested resources that may be of use at this time:

Reading –

Maths –

Welsh –


If your child logs into their Hwb account ( they are able to access Just2Easy where regular activities shall be planned for your child. They can also access resources such as j2Blast.


We shall also be updating this page regularly with an activity for your child to do. 

Many thanks,

Mrs Sheppard & Miss Owen


Monday 23rd March

Look at the word wheel below - how many words can you make using the letters in the wheel?

Remember each word has to use the letter in the middle of the wheel.


Staying healthy is important - keep moving!

Today make up a dance routine to your favourite song.