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Class 6

Friday 12th March

Good morning Class 6.

Today is the last day of home learning and we are really looking forward to seeing you all back in school on Monday. 

You have worked incredibly hard over the last 3 months and I am very proud of you all. 

Take a look at the poems you wrote yesterday - you are all brilliant!

I would also like to say a huge thank you to your families for their support too, it is very much appreciated. 



On Sunday it will be Mothering Sunday, so today and over the weekend I would like you say thank you to your families for helping you and you can be helpful in return!

Take a look at the picture below at some of the helpful things you could do around your home and I am sure you could think of more too!



You could also make a card to say thank you and how much you appreciate the people in your families who help you.

Here are some ideas that might help you. You could use any materials you have at home, old magazines, packaging - anything to make your card.



We would love to see your creative cards and to hear about how you have helped at home, so send us a photo to twitter @BryncethinPS6 or upload a photo to Google Classroom.


Thank you again for all your hard work.

Have a lovely weekend, make sure you rest and relax and we shall see you in school on Monday! smiley

Thursday 11th March

Good morning.

When we met yesterday on our Google Meet and from our Padlet page you all said that when we go back to school on Monday, the thing you are looking forward to most is seeing and playing with your friends. 

So today make a 'Friendship chain'.

Cut out strips of card or paper and on each piece write the name of each of your friends in class and why they are a good friend to you. Then stick the pieces together to make a chain like the one below. 

We would love to see your photos on twitter @BryncethinPS6 or Google Classroom. 


Keep fit by joining in with this International Friendship dance.

Have a great day everyone. 

Wednesday 10th March

Bore da Class 6.

It really won't be long now until we are all back together in class, so today I would like you to think about your feelings. 

Look at the feelings wheel below for some words to help you but you can also think of lots more too.

TALK to your family about how you are feeling about going back to school, what it has been like being at home and what you are looking forward to most.

You could try and think of times when you have felt all of the emotions in the feelings wheel. 


Yesterday when I saw all of your wonderful work I felt very pleased and proud. 

You are all incredible inventors! 

Take a look at our book below of the inventions you have designed 'Innovations for The Future'.

It has been a while since we danced and sang along to this song. 

So have some fun today and join in with your Marvellous Machines!

Tuesday 9th March

Good morning.

I was so thrilled to see all of your amazing designs for an 'Innovation of the Future' on our Google Classroom page yesterday. 

Why not have a go today at making your product using any materials you may have at home - paper, card, lego, recycling old bottles, tubes or boxes!

We would love to see your inventions - you could upload a photo to your product advert today on Google Classroom or send us a picture on twitter @BryncethinPS6. 

Have fun 'Incredible Inventors'!

You are all working so incredibly hard, take a look at a book I have made of all your wonderful Book reviews for World Book Day.

Well done Class 6, keep up the hard work!

Have a go at this fun PE activity!

Monday 8th March

Good morning, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and managed to enjoy some of the sun shine we had yesterday. 

This week is 'British Science week', so today enjoy this fun science experiment.

You can find more experiments by clicking on the link below.

Keep fit and have fun today joining in with this 'Dance Party'. 

Have great day and remember we would love to see you photos @Bryncethin PS6. 

Friday 5th March

Bore da Class 6, I can't believe it is Friday again already and the end of another week. 

You have all been working so hard, I am very proud of you all. 

It has been lovely to see so many of you on our Google Meet calls. Next week for our Google Meet, we would like you to create a question for all of us in our 'What am I?' game.


Here are some examples to help you create your own today.  


As it was World Book Day yesterday and you did some fantastic reading, have a go today at making one of these fun emoji book marks. 

Listen to these stories about Friendship and enter the competition if you would like to.

Have a lovely weekend and well done again for all your hard work this week.

See you back here on Monday!


Thursday 4th March

Good morning, today is World Book Day so we are going to have lots of fun with books!

Today there are lots of fun, practical ideas on here to help you enjoy World Book Day. 

You could also get creative and make a character from a book. Take a look at this challenge for inspiration! 

Sing and dance along to this World book Day song.

We would love to see your creative work, singing and dancing so please post your photos on twitter @BryncethinPS6. 

Have a lovely day Class 6. 

Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning.

Today for our website activities we are going to have an Oompa Loompa day! 


Watch the video below and Quentin Blake will teach you how to draw an Oompa Loompa just like he did. 

Learn the moves to the song and dance like the Oompa Loompas by joining in with this dance video. 

Have a lovely day, we would love to see your pictures on Google classroom or on twitter @BryncethinPS6. 

Tuesday 2nd March

Bore da.

Well done for all your fantastic work yesterday for St.David's Day. I have shared some of your amazing work on twitter as I was so impressed with it!


Today, enjoy this Connect 4 game with your family. 

Who will manage to do four in  row first? 



I know it can be hard being at home for so long, so create your own 'Positive Thinking Cap' today.

Look at the instructions below and decide what helpful words and phrases you will add to your cap to help everyone in your home stay positive. 



Have a lovely day and remember to try to walk your 'Mile in March' every day as well! 

Monday 1st March



Bore da!

It certainly is the start of a very special week this week as we will be celebrating St.David's Day and World Book Day. To begin the week I thought it would be lovely to share all your fantastic work with everyone with our book of new chocolates you designed for Charlie and the Chocolate factory written by welsh author Roald Dahl. 

Which chocolate will you choose? 

Welsh Folk Dancing is a fantastic way to keep fit!

Click on the link below to learn how to do it and join in for some great fun today.

Please send us a video of your Folk Dancing for us all to see to our Twitter page @BryncethinPS6 and also include #BridgendBL - we would love to see them and any of your photos from today. 

Get creative today and make something to do with Wales - maybe a daffodil, leek, welsh lady, castle, dragon or welsh cakes! 

Use any materials that you may have at home and please remember we would love to see your creations on Wednesday during our Google Meet calls.

Here are some ideas that you may like to choose from:


On the weekend, Wales won a trophy called the Triple Crown in rugby. So, maybe you would like to make the trophy or dress up as a Welsh rugby player. 

Singing is a very important part of the culture of Wales. Sing along with this catchy song to help you practice the days of the week.

Maybe you could ask your family if they know any other welsh songs that you could all sing together at home. 

Friday 26th February

Bore da Class 6.

Well it is already the end of another week and how quickly this week has flown. You have continued to amaze me with incredibly hard work and huge effort as I know it is not always easy. 

I am so proud of you all and thank you too to your families for their continued support.


We all know how important it is to keep fit and healthy, so for the next month here is a challenge for us all to do.


I am going to start early and do it today, I wonder how many of us will do the whole month?


Next week not only is it St. David's Day but it is also World Book Day. 

Click on the link below to vote for what the Blue Peter presenters should dress up as!

There is one in there that links to our topic - I wonder which one you will go for?

I know how creative you all are and enjoy designing so I thought you would enjoy this activity!

Click on the link and watch the video below for details of how to enter this design competition.

But it needs to be done by midnight tonight so get designing today!


Have fun and have a lovely weekend too!


Thursday 25th February

It was lovely to see so many of your smiling faces yesterday on our Google meet calls, it really made me HAPPY too. smiley


So today all activities are about being happy. Watch this video below of Charlie when he finds the last golden ticket - look how happy he is!


With your family today, talk about all the things that make you happy.

Maybe you could choose to do one thing today that makes you happy and share it with us on twitter or Google Classroom.

You could have a go at making your own Golden ticket just like the one that Charlie found. 


Singing always make me happy so sing along with this happy song. 


Have a HAPPY day everyone!

Wednesday 24th February

Good morning Class 6.

There have been a lot of different covers for the 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' book over the years. Take a look at some of the ones I have found below. 



Today design your own front cover for the book. In your design think about the background colour, the title - maybe you will use bubble writing or capital letters, and the pictures you will use on the front. You could always use your drawing of Willy Wonka that Quentin Blake showed you how to do on Monday. 


We would love to see your front cover designs either on Google Classroom or on twitter @BryncethinPS6.  

Lets all have a good workout today and keep ourselves fit with Joe Wicks!

Tuesday 23rd February

Bore da pawb.


To get yourself moving this morning have  a go at this fun 'Inside Out' game. 


In the film of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, we see the inside of the amazing chocolate factory with everything that is there you can eat!


Watch the video below and then have a go at making some of the lollipops in the factory. 

Monday 22nd February

Welcome back!

I hope you all had lovely week last week for half term. Let us start our half term by getting active!

Use the ideas below to create your own Fitness circuit in your home or outside. 



Over the half term I was thinking about books that had amazing inventions for our topic Eureka! and I thought of this one which I am sure you are going to enjoy!



It is written by welsh author Roald Dahl and today you can find out all about him on our Google Classroom activities.

The books are illustrated by Quentin Blake, today, you can draw pictures just like Quentin Blake by following this video. 

Have fun! 


Friday 12th February

Good morning Class 6.
Today is the last day of this half term! 
You have all worked so incredibly hard and I am very proud of all the amazing work you have been doing.  
I would like to say a huge thank you both to you Class 6 and to your families who have helped you as I know it is not always easy. Your support is very much appreciated.


I know how much you enjoy sharing your news so I have added your News Reports that you created after we learnt all about who invented the television. I hope you enjoy reading them.


If you would like to watch the video news reports, please look on the stream of our Google Classroom page for Monday.

Class 6 News Report.mp4

Still image for this video

Today, have a go at creating a cardboard telephone like this one by recycling old cardboard you may have at home. 


I know you really enjoy singing and dancing, so as it is the end of the half term, play this video and sing and dance along together with your family. 

Have a fantastic half term break and we shall be back online on Monday 22nd February. 

Thursday 11th February

Good morning Class 6.

Well done for all your terrific work yesterday ordering and comparing phones through time. You also came up with some fantastic advantages of mobile phones.

Take a look at all of your answers below.



Today, have a go at drawing your own fun mobile phone by following the steps on this video. 

This is a great game to play to practice your memory skills. 

Watch the video link below and have a go at playing at home with your family. 

Have a great day! 

Wednesday 10th February

Good morning all.

Get creative today and become an engineer!

Watch this video and make your own string telephone, then explore how the sound travels between the telephone cups.


It may be chilly outside but you can still stay warm inside with plenty of exercise. 

Join in with this 'Freeze' game to keep you warm and fit today. 

Tuesday 9th February

Bore da pawb.

Today is a very important day, it is ...


Look at the poster above which is used to make sure everyone knows about the importance of keeping safe online. 

Today, why not design a new mascot for Safer Internet Day that could be shared around the world.  Share your mascot designs with us on twitter @BryncethinPS6 and #SaferInternetDay.

You could also think of a message to share with your friends encouraging them to stay safe online. 


Listen to this catchy song about not sharing your details online. 

Why not create your own song about internet safety today, we would love to hear it. 


For more information, click on the link below to watch a live lesson about keeping safe online.  

Safer Internet Day

Still image for this video

Watch the video above and talk to your family about how you keep safe online at home. 


Have a super, safe day Class 6! 

Monday 8th February

Bore da and welcome to the start of a new week. 

I hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend. Last week you all worked very hard learning about who invented the television and on Friday you made some brilliant news reports.

Go to our Google Classroom page to see our Class 6 'Bryncethin News' - I hope you enjoy finding out all about what our class have been up to.

Last week, we talked about 'Expressing yourself' as part of Children's Wellbeing Week, today have a look at this wellbeing calendar for February.

Choose an activity from the calendar that you would like to do today.



Look at this challenge to help you keep fit. You may like to enter the star jump competition too! 


Friday 5th February

Bore da pawb, today is ...                'Dydd Miwsig Cymru'


A day to celebrate welsh language music. Click on the link below to find out more about this special day.


Dancing is a fantastic way to keep fit so today have a welsh disco! 

Click on the two disco music links below and have a good dance around your home with your family!

Please share any photos of your disco with us @BryncethinPS6 and #dyddmiwsigcymru, we would love to see them. 

In class Seren a Sbarc are always around to help us!

Today, with your family answer the questions they have for you below. 


Have a lovely day dancing and singing. 

Well done on all your amazing work this week, you have all been working so hard. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 


Thursday 4th January

Good morning Class 6.


It was so lovely to see so many of you yesterday on our live Google Meet calls. If you didn't join us then it is not too late to send in your consent form and join us for the next call. 


I know you have been enjoying our '1 minute challenges' this week while we have been learning about time.

Here are two more fun activities to try:




Have a fun day everyone!

Wednesday 3rd January

Bore da.

Today we have another two '1 Minute challenges'. Take a look at these below and see if you can do each of them in a minute!



Here is another of our one minute fitness challenges too.

Keeping fit is very important - I am going to have a go today as well. 



Have a lovely day everyone.   

Tuesday 2nd February

Good morning all.

Well done to everyone with your fantastic reading yesterday to find out about who invented the television.

I loved seeing all your favourite TV programmes too, here is what you like to watch!



You did a super job of telling the time as well, today we are going to carry on with two more '1 Minute Challenges'!


The first is a 1 minute drawing challenge. We would love to see how your pictures look, send us a photo on twitter @BryncethinPS6 or upload to Google Classroom. 


And to keep you fit and healthy, try this 1 minute keep fit challenge.

How many times can you do this challenge today? 

Monday 1st February

Bore da pawb and welcome back to the start of a new week. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. 


You are doing an incredible job with all your home learning and your fact files about the planets that you created last week were FANTASTIC! yes


Click on the link below to see your fact files in our class book.  

This week, we are going to start a new question that you asked when we made our Eureka topic thought shower and the question is 'Who invented the television?'.


Your activities on Google Classroom will help you to find out today! 

But if you want to watch a programme on TV it is very important that you can tell the time, to help you do this our maths activities on Google Classroom will be practising time telling and solving time problems.


Also, everyday this week to help you understand more about time, all of our website activities are going to be 1 minute challenges!


Watch this Mister Maker 1 minute creative challenge - Can you make an animal puppet just like this?



Have a go at this 60 second fitness challenge.

How many steps can you do?

Why not share your scores with us all on Google Classroom or twitter @BryncethinPS6.

We would love to know how you get on! 


This week is also Children’s Mental Health Week and the theme for this year is Express Yourself.

Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity.

This could be through art, music, writing and poetry, dance and drama, photography and film, and doing activities that make you feel good.

Have a look at the website link below for some more great ideas. 

Try to do one activity this week that makes you feel good about yourself and let us know what you have done! 

Friday 29th January

Bore da Class 6, it is the end of another week and how quickly it has gone!

Today, try this creative task to make a comet on a stick.

Have fun and remember we would love to see your photos on twitter @BryncethinPS6 or on Google Classroom.



Also, try out this Space Run work out. It will definitely keep you fit and healthy. 


Have a lovely weekend and we will be back on Monday for some more fun activities to do and a new question that you wanted to find out about for our topic Eureka!


Thursday 28th January

Bore da!

Today we are going to have a fun filled day developing creativity!


Mrs Evans has found a very exciting competition to enter - it is a drawing competition and if you win you get to have your drawing put on the NASA website. How amazing would that be! smiley


The next rover to land on Mars is perseverance - something we have talked a lot about in class. 

Entries need to be in by 31.1.21 which is this Sunday. so get drawing soon! 

Follow the link below to find out more details and good luck!! yes


Listen to the music by clicking on the link below, it is by a famous composer called Gustav Holst.

He wrote a piece of music called 'The Planets'.  The whole piece of music is a huge 50 minutes long!! 

Today I have just included the part which is called 'Mars' but he uses different music for each of the planets to make one piece of music.


There is lots of other information about Gustav Holst and 'The Planets' music too, for you to find out about.

When you are listening to the music think about how it makes you feel and the different instruments he used to make the different sounds.


Here is one last creative activity for you to do today too. Get creative with words!



Have a great day Class 6. 




Wednesday 27th January

Good morning Class 6. 

We are half way through the week and I hope you are all feeling happy. smiley


I wonder if you knew that smiling at someone can have a lot of benefits, take a look at some of them below.

Then try to complete the 'SMILE' challenge today.




We would love to see your smiley faces so send us a photo of your biggest smile either to Google Classroom or share it with us on twitter @BryncethinPS6.

Have a go at being a real scientist today and try out this Balloon Rocket experiment. 


Have fun super scientists!

Tuesday 26th January

Today one of our activities on Google Classroom is to learn about what a mnemonic is and how it can help us to remember things. 


I have asked you to make up your own mnemonic to remember the order of the planets. 

Why not have a go at creating the planets out of lego to go alongside your mnemonic - this video may help you, or use your own imagination and create your own!


Please share any photos of your work on twitter @BryncethinPS6 or upload to Google Classroom. 


I hope you are doing of plenty of exercise to keep healthy too.


Have a go at this Space Monsters game to keep you active today.

Have fun!


Monday 25th January 

Bore da and welcome back to the start of a new week. 


Today is 'Dydd Santes Dwynwen', our own welsh Valentines Day.

Listen and watch the video below of some children telling you the story of Santes Dwynwen.


Then why don't you get creative and make some 'Dydd Santes Dwynwen' flowers just like these.

You could write a message on the back and give them to someone in your home telling them why you love them.

We would love to see some photos of your wonderful work - you could either upload them to our Google Classroom page or on twitter @BryncethinPS6. 



You could also have a think about your friends too today and make this friends heart picture.


Have a kind and lovely day Class 6. heart

Friday 22nd January

Good morning Class 6 - I can't believe it is Friday again, this week has flown!

You have all done an incredible job with all your online work this week - well done. 


I thought we would end the week having a good laugh as laughing cheers everyone up around you.

So read these jokes out to your family and hopefully they will laugh along with you!

Hopefully you can see the answers too. 

Have fun!



Also, why not keep fit and healthy with Joe Wicks this morning and join in with his workout.

If you are not able to join in with his live workout this morning then don't worry as you can find his workout from Wednesday below. 

Have a lovely weekend all and we will be back on Monday.


Thursday 21st January

Good morning everyone,

Today have a go at this Astronaut Workout to see if you are ready for space!



Also, try out this idea to make your own Space craft - maybe when you have made it you can create your own space story.

Let your imagination run wild!



Have a lovely day Class 6. 

Wednesday 20th January

Bore da all!

Here is a fun Space Adventure PE activity for you to do today. The video link below will also explain how to do the activity. 

I hope you enjoy it! 


I know you are enjoying these drawing activities, so today have a go at drawing your own astronaut - I can't wait to see your finished drawings! 

Tuesday 19th January

Good morning Class 6.


Today have a go at this challenge with your family.

Unscramble the letters to make Space words - can you get them all? 



The weather forecast is for some wet and windy weather today, so stay indoors and join in with this fun Space yoga.

Have fun! 

Monday 18th January

Bore da and welcome to the start of a new week.

Last week you did a fantastic job of sharing your topic ideas for our Eureka! topic and this week we shall be using the suggestion made by you "Who first decided to go to space?" for all our activities. 


Today have a go at these Space fun filled activities!


Make you own Space picture - use any materials you may have at home, paint or felt pens to create a picture of Space. 





Friday 14th January

Good morning Class 6, it is Friday already! 

You have all worked so hard this week - well done for all your super work yes


Today in our maths activity on Google Classroom, we are looking at symmetrical shapes.

Have a go at making symmetrical shapes from Lego or any construction materials you may have at home. You could also draw some symmetrical pictures too. 



Have you ever wondered what makes a paper aeroplane fly?

Try this Science investigation and see how far your paper aeroplane will fly. 


Have a lovely weekend and many thanks to all your families for their continued support as well. 

Thursday 14th January

Bore da Class 6.


Joe Wicks is back and helping us stay fit and healthy! Have a go today at this 5 minute workout of his. 

I know how much you all enjoy drawing in class, so have a go today at following this video to draw your own aeroplane. 

Have fun! 

Wednesday 13th January

Bore da! 


Well done Class 6 on great work on Google Classroom yesterday - it was so lovely to see how much you all enjoyed finding out about inventors. 


Today we will be thinking about: 'Was inventing the aeroplane a good idea?' and learning about the first flight.  I can't wait to read what you think on Google Classroom. 

Have a go at making your own aeroplane from recycled materials. 



Also, it was lovely to see you all chatting together on our Google Classroom stream - you really are good friends. 

Sing along with this song today while thinking of your friends. 

Have a lovely day. 

Tuesday 12th January

Bore da Class 6, I hope you are all well.


Today think about the qualities you have.

You make like to use this sheet to help you come up with your own star of qualities.



Use the link below to help you be 'Super Mover', you will also be practising your 4 times tables too while you are keeping fit!

Have a good day everyone! 

Monday 11th January

Good morning Class 6, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. 

Remember to check our Google Classroom page for our language and maths activities, today they are helping you develop your thinking skills!


It is Monday and the start of a new week. So, today have a go at this game with your family. 




It is important to keep active too! 

Have a go at this 'Move to the Beat' Fitness activity. 



Move to the Beat


Have a great day! 

Friday 8th January

Good morning Class 6!

Well done on another terrific week of home learning this week, I hope you have been enjoying all the activities. It certainly has been chilly outside but we haven't seen any snow yet!

To end our week I have got two more snowflake fun activities for you to do. 


Today have a go at this activity at home with your family.


Here is another Snowflake Fitness Fun activity for you all to do together at home. 

Have a lovely weekend and we will be back on Monday. smiley




Snowflake Fitness Fun

Thursday 7th January 

Today have a go at this Winter challenge!

Look at the picture below and create your own 'Winter Sudoku'. 

Can you solve the puzzle?

Maybe you can create a new one using different pictures for someone in your home to solve. 


It would be lovely if we had some snow this year, but while we wait create your own snowflakes! smiley

Look at the instructions below to help you make your snowflakes.


Can you make different shaped snowflakes? 

Investigate how cutting out different shapes can change the snowflake. There are some ideas below that you may like to try. But remember to be careful when using scissors and make sure you help at home by picking up all the tiny pieces you have cut out! yes 

Have fun!

Wednesday 6th January



Welcome back to the new school term and a new year.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready to start our new term. Even though we cannot all be together in class, we shall still have lots of fun activities for you to do at home. 


Before we start our topic work for this term, have a think about your New Year wishes - use the sentences below to talk to your family about your resolutions for this year.  



The weather has certainly got a lot colder and Winter is here!

So have a go at warming yourself up with this Winter Workout - maybe you can get your family to join in with you. 


Remember to check our Google Classroom page too for a Winter language and maths activity for you to do today. 

Friday 18th December 


Bore da Class 6.

Today is the last day of this term and you have all worked so incredibly hard this term, I am very proud of you all - well done. yes


In class we have talked a lot about giving compliments and how saying a kind comment can make someone's day. smiley

So today, make a Christmas cracker using some wrapping paper and a cardboard tube if you have one and inside put a kind comment or compliment as a surprise for someone else to find.

Maybe you could make a cracker for each member of your family. This picture should help you to make the cracker.


I know how much you enjoyed our Rudolph fitness  yesterday, so have a go at this 'Christmas Time' dance video. 

One more activity that you may like to do with all your family is this Christmas Quiz.


Click on the link: 1ae0-4a4a-af39-6f00d57c629f_1607605718916

Enter the PIN: 06447200

Write your full name - as this is a whole school quiz! 


Have a wonderful Christmas Class 6 and to all your families too - thank you for your amazing support, it really is much appreciated.

Thursday 17th December


Good morning Class 6.

Please remember to look at our Google Classroom page for our language and maths work today.

Here is a Rudolph workout to keep you fit and healthy! You could even get your family to join in with you too.


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

In class, I know how much you have enjoyed developing your drawing skills.

Here is a fun video for you to try and draw Santa.


Have a lovely day!

How To Draw Cartoon Santa Claus

πŸŽ„πŸŽ΅It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas... πŸŽ΅πŸŽ„


Wednesday 25th November

In class we have really enjoyed working on the question: 


smiley   "Would you rather read the book or watch the film?'   smiley


We have written and recorded our own opinions and views with advantages and disadvantages for reading books and watching films. We asked Class 9 their views, collected data and compared the results with some very surprising results!


As we near the end of our BookFlix topic, the class remain enthusiastic and keen to read which is terrific to see. Please remember to check your Google Classroom message which I have sent to you all to say which books to read on the Oxford Owl Website. yes


Many thanks for your continued support. 

Pupil of the week certificate for printing

Class Welsh Certificate avalible for printing at home.

😊 Well done Class 6 on all of your hard work this half term, I am very proud of you all. 😊


We have had a busy half term with our topic ‘BookFlix’ and have done some fantastic work especially linked to our story ‘Molly and the Lighthouse’. We have written our own stories, made our own lighthouses light up and found out about lighthouses in Wales. 



I am thrilled to see you all working so hard each week to beat your Beat That scores too. 


Have a lovely half term, please remember to keep reading using our Oxford Owl class page and look at our Google Classroom page for a spelling activity for the half term holiday.


Enjoy the half term break and see you back in school on Monday 2nd November.

Mrs Sheppard 

 smiley Welcome to Class 6 smiley



Even though it has been a very unusual start to the new academic year, the children have all settled really well into Key Stage 2, our new classroom and our daily routines. We are creating our own ‘class bubble’ and our daily routine involves regular hand washing and sanitising, which the children are taking great responsibility for. 


Our topic focus at the moment is on wellbeing, ensuring all pupils are happy, settled and ready for learning and continuing to make progress. 


Class information 

  • PE for this half term will be carried out outside so there is no need to provide PE kit for your child. However, they may wish to wear trainers and joggers on a Thursday for our PE day. 
  • While we shall be continuing to read daily in class, no reading books will be sent home this term. Home reading support will be provided using an online system, which we shall inform you about soon. Until then please support your child by encouraging them to read any books you may have at home or use the following website – 
  • Outdoor Learning shall be a key feature for many of our learning activities so please provide your child with a pair of wellies that can be left in school and ensure they wear a waterproof coat daily. 
  • Hometasks will be set weekly on a Friday and will be set online on our Google Classroom page. Information for accessing and using Google Classroom will be sent home on Friday 18th September. 
  • Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school every day, clearly marked with their name and filled from home. There is no need to bring any other resources to school.


I shall be regularly updating this class page and our twitter account @BryncethinPS6. 


If you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to phone the school office on 01656 815840, leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I can. 


Many thanks for your continued support, 

Mrs Sheppard