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DCF and Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders 2020-2021


Mrs H McAndrew




As Digital Leaders, we have the following job description…

 - To promote the use of Digital Technology to enhance teaching and learning;

  • -  Share our Digital Vision for the school;
  • -  Teach others how to stay safe online;
  • -  Provide training for pupils, teachers and parents;
  • -  Monitor, evaluate and report to Governors, Parents and Pupils on how Digital Technology is used in school;
  • -  Research latest technology;
  • -  Maintain and update equipment.‚Äč

Digital Leader Missions 2020-21
Mission 1 – Collect information on how much time people spend on their digital devices.
Mission 2 – Familiarise themselves with Google Classroom to assist in class
Mission 3 – Review a range of apps and websites throughout school.