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Hello Class 8!


Below is a link to a Discovery Education page. Click on it to find out about the Romans!


If you need to log in, our school username and password are:

Username: Student13014

Password: bubbles



Don't forget to go on HWB to find Google Classroom for this week's homework. Your parents / guardians have been sent an email with your login details!

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Welcome to Class 8 2020!!


Everyone is settling in so well! This week we are focusing on wellbeing. We're naming feelings and reading a playscript based on the film, "Inside Out".



Our new Class 8 layout

Friday 17th July


Well Class 8, it's Friday and it's the last day of the summer term! Before you go on to see what your tasks are for today, we want to say how very proud we are of your efforts this term. Your positive attitudes, and enthusiasm for learning has been admirable, and you all deserve a good rest now. We have loved chatting with you on Google Classroom and Twitter, and seeing you develop and learn (especially your ICT skills, which are amazing by the way!). Your parents and families also deserve a high five, as we know they have worked just as hard to support you at home. Keep being yourselves and keep reaching for the stars class 8!

Now, go and enjoy your summer break....(after you have checked out today's tasks of course! :-D)


Task 1 - This is something you could start today and continue in the summer holidays. Reading is such a great skill to have and a wonderful, relaxing hobby.



Task 2 - Have a sing along with on the link below:


Have a wonderful Summer all :-)

See you in September!


From Mrs J Davies, Miss Ataou, Mrs G Davies & Mrs Box 

Thursday 16th July


Bore da dosbarth 8! Here are your tasks for today:


Task 1 - print and complete the summer word search. If you are unable to print, why not create your own for someone else to complete?


Task 2 - For this task you will need card, lollipop sticks x 2, cotton and glue. You are going to create your own paper fan. Click on the link below to watch the tutorial:


Have fun! :-)

Wednesday 15th July


Good morning class 8! Hope you're having a great week so far.

Here are your tasks for today:


Task 1 - Choose three of the Lego challenges below to complete: 



Task 2 - To continue with the fantastic physical activities, I thought you could try some beach yoga today. Follow the guide below:


Have a wonderful Wednesday, and please tweet us a picture of your tasks, we love seeing them! @BryncethinPS8 

Tuesday, 14th July


Hi everyone! Today there is a solar system mobile for you to make!

There is also another Cosmic Yoga session based on Space. Enjoy!!

Mike and Muttnik on The Moon | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Episode 37 | Mike and Muttnik on the moon | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! Fun kids yoga and mindfulness with Jaime. Join Mike the Cosmic Space Monkey as we s...

Monday, 13th July


Happy Monday everyone! We're starting the week with a space theme!


You can learn how to draw an alien by watching the Youtube video below.


There is a Star Wars themed yoga exercise as well. Enjoy!

How To Draw A Space Alien

Star Wars (The Force Awakens) | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A kids yoga adventure based on Star Wars The Force Awakens! Join Jaime as we tell the story of Rey using yoga poses. Be advised that there are some more matu...

Friday 10th July


Bore da dosbarth 8! Have you got that Friday feeling?? I certainly have! :-D

Here are your tasks for today:


Task 1 - Choose either one or two healthy habits from the list below and design a poster to advertise them.



Task 2 - Click on the link below to listen to the story 'How to be a Hero'


Thank you for all your hard work again this week, we are really proud of you!

Have a lovely Friday everyone, and enjoy your weekend :-D


Thursday 9th July


Good morning everyone! :-)

Well done for all your hard work this week so far. Please find today's tasks below:


Task 1 - Relax and switch your mind off by printing out and colouring in these pattern pictures:




Task 2 - You will need 2 or more players for this game. Print it out (or copy it onto paper) and have fun sharing facts about yourself and finding out about others too :-)



Have a lovely Thursday Class 8 :-D

Wednesday 8th July


Hello there Class 8! Hope you're all having a lovely week so far. Here are today's tasks (you may notice a theme!):


Task 1: It may not be too sunny today but we can at least pretend it is ;-)

Create your own crafty ice-cream, similar to the ones below...


Task 2 - Can you solve the ice-cream puzzle? Once you have, maybe you could make your own version for someone to solve...



Please upload your work to twitter @BryncethinPS8......have fun! :-D

Tuesday, 7th July


Hello everyone! We are carrying on with our "Feelings and Emotions" theme today. There is a wordsearch for you to try. There is also a link to a fun division game below.


Finally, there is another workout to keep you active!

Click the link above to play this game!

Monday, 6th July

Happy Monday everyone!! This week, our school wellbeing theme is, "Feelings and Emotions". People can feel many different emotions. Sometimes, we can feel different emotions at the same time!! For example, if you are going on a trip, you may feel excited and worried at the same time.


Take a look at the Emotions Chart below. How many emotions do you recognise?

How many of these emotions do you recognise?

This is an Emotion Wheel. You can print it out and make your own! If you haven't got a printer, use this one as a model to make your own.

Friday 3rd July


Happy Friday all! Another week done and dusted already!


Task 1: Remember to time yourself doing these learn it's. You have 60 seconds. 




Task 2: Have some random fun by clicking on the link below. Once you open the link, scroll down and you will see so many different options to choose from. Click on one that you fancy and read and find out so many random facts. Record your top 5 and share them with us by taking a photo of your chosen facts and uploading to twitter @BryncethinPS8. Or you can post onto our class stream on Google Classroom. I look forward to seeing what random facts you find :-)


Have a lovely day and enjoy your weekend.

Thursday 2nd July


Good morning everyone! Hope you're all feeling well.


Task 1: Print out and play top trumps with these Superhero cards. If you are unable to print them, either copy them onto paper of even create your own. 


Task 2: Get up and active with this Superhero dance routine -


Have a super Thursday all :-D

Wednesday 1st July


Bore da dosbarth 8! Can you believe it's July already?! 

Hope you're having a lovely week so far. Here are your tasks for today: 


Task 1: 


Task 2: For this task why don't you see if you can list words linked to Superheroes? Maybe their names, places, vehicles, action words?



Have a great day all :-)

Tuesday, 30th June


Hello everyone! Today there is a workout card for you to try. There is also a game to help you practise your division facts. Enjoy!!

Monday, 29th June


Good morning everyone!


Would you like to make a chatterbox that helps with wellbeing?


See below for instructions for how to make your chatterbox. Then choose some 'Self-Care' ideas to write in your chatterbox.

Click on the link if you want to print out the Self Care ideas

Click on the link if you want to print out the instructions

Friday 26th June


Happy Friday everyone!! Another week has flown by!


Here are your tasks for today:


Task 1 - Click on the link below to learn how to draw Captain America


Task 2 - 


Hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy your weekend :-) 

Thursday 25th June


Bore da pawb! Well done to those of you who completed the activities on here yesterday and managed to tweet their pictures. It's great to see what you've been up to :-)

Here are your tasks for today:


Task 1 - Here are maths word problems linked to the 'Go Green' day. 


Task 2 - Create your own mix and match superhero puzzles. Draw your hero, cut it into three parts then repeat the process, mixing and matching the body parts.



Have a fantastic day all :-D

Wednesday 24th June


Good morning everyone! Hope you're having a great week so far. 

 Continuing with the 'Go Green' theme this week, here is your first task for today:


Task 1



Task 2 - 


Have fun, and make sure to tweet us your pics! @BryncethinPS8

Tuesday, 23rd June,


As it's Sports Week, I thought you might enjoy some fun family challenges. Look below for a game you can play.


It is also Go Green week this week! Watch the Youtube video below to find out what it is all about.

Forests of the Earth

Sports Week Activity

Monday, 22nd June


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Today, you can enjoy practising your maths skills by playing "Guardians" from the BBC Bitesize website. Click on the link below.


Our wellbeing theme this week is, "taking turns". A really good way to practise this skill is to play card games. See below for some Youtube videos showing how to play some popular games!


There is also a video showing some really fun games using just paper and pen. Enjoy!

How to play Go Fish (Card Game)

Learn the rules to the card game Go Fish quickly and concisely - This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

How to play Old Maid (Card Game)

Learn the rules to the card game Old Maid quickly and concisely - This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.


5-Minute Crafts: Facebook: https://www.fac...

Friday 19th June


Good morning and happy Friday everyone! :-)

We have had such a busy week full of exciting superhero themed activities, also tasks linked to our 'looking after ourselves/ healthy eating' week. I hope you have enjoyed!


Task 1 - During today and over the weekend see if you can manage to 'eat the rainbow'. Record the foods you eat under the correct colour headings. Please upload to twitter, it will be interesting to see how many different foods you eat of each colour. I wonder which colour food will be the most/ least popular?!



Task 2 - Click on the link below to learn a new song all about healthy eating:


Have a lovely day and a great weekend class 8 :-)

Thursday 18th June


Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you're all feeling ready for another day of activities.


Task 1 - yesterday you designed a healthy sandwich and today your task is to make your sandwich, following the method you recorded on your sheet yesterday. I have included a checklist below for you to use when making your sandwich. Please upload a photo of your sandwich onto twitter. We would love to see it! @BryncethinPS8



Task 2 - You'll need plenty of energy for this task. Click on the link below:


Have a great day! :-)

Wednesday 17th June


Good morning Class 8! Hope you're all having a lovely week so far. As you know, it is 'looking after yourself week', and part of looking after yourself is making sensible choices to help lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 


Task 1 - Either print out the following sheet or copy it in your own handwriting. (Tomorrow I will be asking you to make your healthy sandwich for lunch, so there's no need to actually make one today, just design it).


Task 2 - Complete the food crossword



Please don't forget to tweet us your activities photos @BryncethinPS8. We love seeing what you've been up to! :-) Have a wonderful Wednesday!



Tuesday 16th June


Bore da everyone! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine safely - remember your suntan lotion and hats!!


There is a fun workout for you to try today, and a superhero maze to print out! Enjoy!

Click the link below to print out a copy of the maze

Try this fun workout

Monday, 15th June


Bore da everyone! There is a brilliant song for you to sing along with today!


Also, take a look at the Positivity Jar activity - list things that make you feel good about yourself.

Proud - Heather Small

Sing along with this amazing song!

Click on the link below if you'd like to print out the Positivity Jar

Click on the link below to get a copy to print out.

Friday 12th June


Good morning Class 8 :-)

Pow!! Boom!! Another Friday already! Hope you're all having a lovely week, making memories and staying safe.

You have two tasks today:


Task 1: You created your own superhero masks last week, so why not continue developing your super creative skills by making your own superhero cuffs? All you need is the inside tube of loo roll/ kitchen roll, paint/ colours, and a scissors. Please tweet us your pictures, we would love to see you wearing your cuffs (and your mask if possible!) @BryncethinPS8



Task 2: Well, did you know there are even heroes amongst the smaller creatures of this planet? Click on the link to take a look


Thank you for another 'Super' week Class 8! You are doing so well and you're definitely our superheroes! Da iawn pawb!

Thursday 11th June


Bore da dosbarth 8!


To continue with our 'celebrating you' theme from yesterday, I would like you to click on the link and listen (and sing along) to this wonderful song:


Task 2: Have fun playing this multiplication game. 



Don't forget to tweet us your pictures @BryncethinPS8


Have a lovely day all  :-)

Wednesday 10th June


Happy Wednesday everyone! :-) Hope you're all having a lovely week so far.

Today I'd like you to take some time to celebrate you. You are all so important and unique that sometimes you need to stop for a minute and remember just how special you are.


Task 1 - Either print out or copy this Positively Wonderful page to help celebrate just how wonderful you are :-)


Task 2 -Make your own medal or trophy for something you are proud of doing/ achieving. 

Remember to note on your medal/trophy what it is for.


Don't forget to tweet us your pictures on twitter @BryncethinPS8


Tuesday, 9th June

Hello everyone!

It's a sunny day today, so watch the "5 ways to wellbeing" video, then you can go in the garden and try them out.


Also, there is a superhero identity card for you to fill in. Enjoy!

What are the 5 Ways to Wellbeing?

Click on the link below to get your own copy of the Idenity card.

Monday, 8th June


Bore da pawb! I hope you all had a good weekend!


Carrying on with our superhero theme - try this Superhero workout! Scroll down to see the superhero wordsearch. Enjoy!

5 Minute Superhero Kids Workout | Summit Area YMCA

Enjoy a fun, quick 5 minute workout with your child as you battle imaginary enemies with jabs, punches, kicks and slices! Choreographed by Sonya P., Summit A...

Print the wordsearch out by clicking on this link

Friday 5th June


Wow! It's Friday already! It's been a super fast week! 

I hope you enjoy your tasks today :-)


Task 1 - Print and complete the Superhero algebra. If you are unable to print then please feel free to copy the sums out. 


Task 2 - Enjoy a Superhero themed yoga session to finish off your week


Thank you for all your hard work this week class 8 (and parents). We are super proud of you! Have a lovely weekend, and stay safe :-)

Thursday 4th June


Bore da pawb!

Well done to those of you who completed the website tasks yesterday, I was impressed with your super hero masks! I hope you have fun doing today's activities.


Task 1 - You will need to print these super hero cards, cut them out and stick them onto another sheet to make your own bingo set. Do this enough times so that each player has a card with the pictures in different places. You will then need to print an extra copy to cut up and use when playing the game.

When you cover a 'line' or 'house', try shouting out a super hero word instead E.G. Pow! or Boom!




Task 2 - I wonder if Super heroes have rules?

Click on the link below to find out...


Enjoy! :-) 

Wednesday 3rd June


Good morning everyone :-)

I hope you're enjoying our Superhero topic so far?! Today I thought we could do some hero inspired activities.


Task 1 - put your creative skills to the test....


Use your hand print to create these famous superheroes. It would be awesome if you could create your own superhero character hand print too! If you don't have paint at home, draw around your hand instead. Please upload your creations to twitter @BryncethinPS8


Task 2 - 


Be sure to take a picture of you or a family member wearing your superhero mask and tweet it! :-) Have fun!


Tuesday, 2nd June


Music can make us feel all sorts of things. This piece of music is very calm and peaceful. Listen and enjoy!

Saint-Saëns - Aquarium (The Carnival of the Animals) Aquarium Kuroshio Sea

Aquarium Kuroshio Sea Japan Full HD In this video used music: Le çarnaval des animaux, Aquarium by Camille Saint-Saëns

Yesterday we started thinking about life under the sea. Charles Darwin learnt a great deal about living things by observing them carefully. He made labelled drawings and notes about different animals.


Watch the videos below about what Charles Darwin did.


Use this template to write your own detailed notes about an animal that lives in or around water. It can be anything you like! Find out about it's diet, how it moves, where it lives, how it communicates. What classification of animal is it: fish, mammal, amphibian, bird, reptile, crustacean or insect?

You can print a copy of this sheet by clicking here:

You can find out more about Charles Darwin by visiting Discovery Education / Espresso. Use the username and password given to you by the school.

Horrible Histories - Charles Darwin (Natural Selection) w/ lyrics

Horrible Histories - Charles Darwin (Natural Selection) w/ lyrics on screen

Monday 1st June!


Bore da Class 8! I hope you all had a great half term! To carry on with the holiday feeling, I thought you might like a relaxing yoga activity and wellbeing colouring!


But first, here is a code for you to crack!

Squish the Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

We join Jaime for a Cosmic Kids yoga adventure all about learning to have your own adventures. This kids yoga story is a great helper for kids who find it ha...

Under the sea wellbeing colouring - don't forget to add your own sea creatures!

Happy Friday Class 8!!


It's the last day before a well deserved week off from school/home work :-)

Today you have a few tasks...


Task 1 - If you have been in my class before then you know I love this story... Click on the link below to find out which story I'm talking about (I hope you're not hungry!)...


Task 2 - During half term I would like you to be kind. Do things that will make a difference to someone's day and do things to be kind to yourself too :-) Here is a weeks worth of kindness ideas. Please take pictures of yourself doing some of these activities and upload them to twitter @BryncethinPS8

It will be lovely to see your acts of kindness during the week. You could even create your own '7 days of kindness'



Task 3 - As part of our esafety event today we have included some links that you can click on to complete some activities:


Quiz -


Lots of fun activities -


Kahoot quiz - 


PARENTS/ CARERS - Please click on the links below to get more information on esafety:    (Important one about apps like TikTok, informs parents how to make the apps as safe as possible.)    (Information about how to keep apps private, includes videos)    (Parent's guide to Fortnite)   (Resources for parents and children)


Have a lovely, well earned break next week everyone. Stay safe and stay happy :-) We look forward to hearing from you after half term!


Bore da dosbarth 8!


You have completed such brilliant work this week, well done! Let's keep it up today! :-)


Task 1 - I would like you measure the age of a tree. 


Measure me, treasure me fun maths activity

This one is a classic that can be done outside or recreated at home. Find the approximate age of a tree using just a tape measure or piece of string!

Children measure the distance around the trunk roughly one metre from the ground. As every 2.5cm of girth correlates to around one year’s growth, they can then work out the age of the tree.

For example, a tree with a girth of 100 cm will be roughly 40 years old (100 ÷ 2.5 = 40).

If you can’t get outside, get someone to stand still and recreate trees themselves to measure (they’ll have loads of fun pretending their arms are branches!)


Task 2 - I would like you to really think hard about what you love about yourself...

You can either print out the template below and record your thoughts on that, or create your own 'What I love about me' poster. Please tweet your work/ photos using @BryncethinPS8 . There's so much to love about yourself!


Have an awesome Thursday :-)

Good morning Class 8!

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far...


Task 1 - How many times can you make 15 using numbers 1 to 10?


Task 2 - 



Tuesday 19th May


Hello everyone! I have got something fun for you today! Take a look at these instructions for making a pop-up book.


Underneath the instructions are some templates on a Summer theme.

Very Easy New Year Card Idea | Handmade New Year Card | How to make Frog Pop Up Card

Very Easy New Year Card Idea | Handmade New Year Card | How to make Frog Pop Up Card | Handmade New Year Card | Pop Up Card Easy | Pop-Up Frog Card Frog Pop ...

Monday 18th May

Today you have an acrostic poem to try. Your Pyjamarama acrostic poems were fantastic, so I thought we could try another one!  The title of your acrostic poem is "Wellbeing". 


Look at this page to help you think of some ideas for you poem.

Friday 15th May


Happy Friday everyone! :-)


Task 1 - Design (and make if you can) your own musical instrument. Please tweet us a picture of your creation using @BryncethinPS8 , we would love to see it!


Task 2 - Can you find objects around your home that begin with each letter of the alphabet? Write a list of all the items you find. Again, tweet us your work or upload it to our class page on Google Classroom.


Task 3 - 


Have a fabulous day! :-)

Thursday 14th May


Good morning all!


Task 1 - click on the link to carry out a yoga exercise:


Task 2- Complete these quick maths cards, then create 6 of your own for someone else to do.

See how quickly you can work these out!



Have a brilliant day everyone :-)

Wednesday 13th May


Bore da dosbarth 8 :-)


Task 1 - Make a wish jar. Each time you shake your jar, make a wish for someone else.


Task 2 - How many words can you think of that rhyme with 'write'?


Don't forget to take pictures of these tasks and upload them to twitter @BryncethinPS8


Have a great day :-)

Tuesday 12th May
Week beginning Monday,  11th May

This is a fun way of keeping supple and fit!

Thursday 7th May


Good morning everyone!


Today I would like you to create your own 5 minute exercise routine. Once you have chosen the different exercises you want to do, and how long you want each one to last for, write it down and post it onto twitter for others to do @BryncethinPS8

 I look forward to giving some of them a go! :-)


Your other task for today is to print out and play this game. You need two players. If you are unable to print, then just record the multiplications from the sheet.

Each player takes turns to colour the numbers to make a multiplication equation. Colour one number from each set E.G. 6 x 2 = 12. Once a number is coloured, it can't be used again. The winner is the last person to make an equation. 

Have fun and good luck!


Your final task today is to click on the link below to play the Kahoot game:

Challenge PIN:


Wednesday 6th May


Bore da dosbarth 8! 


After researching schools around the world, we noticed that many of the schools look so different. Each day spent in each school is carried out differently, and not every school is fortunate to have certain resources such as tables and chairs, computers/ technology, or even walls!

Today I want you to think about an occasion that we celebrate here in our school in South Wales. I would like you to illustrate a celebration that you enjoy taking part in, and include some written information with it so that if someone from another country was to look at your work, they would learn something new about our school/country celebrations in Wales.

I have shared some information with you about other celebrations that go on in other countries:


The end of gymnasium (or high school) in Denmark is seen as a considerable accomplishment and is celebrated. After a month of final exams, Danish students receive a special graduation cap, which is placed upon their heads by their parents upon their last examination, and which many sport all month long. Each school holds a formal graduation ceremony, but it is right after the ceremony that the real fun begins. Students pile onto open-top trucks to tour around town, stopping for a short time at each student’s house along the way. Here, family and friends gather to welcome the graduates with drinks, food and a toast before they hustle back aboard their rides to continue the parade. visit this page to read about other celebrations that happen in other schools around the world.


Your other task for today is to practise spelling the following words by rainbow writing them. Either write each letter or word in a different colour. You could even write them in the shape of a rainbow!


accident       accidentally

actual           actually

address        although

answer         appear

arrive           believe


Please tweet your tasks using @BryncethinPS8 

Have a good day! :)

Tuesday, 5th May


Friday 8th May is VE Day. Scroll down to find out what this means. There are a number of video links and images to watch.

Why do we celebrate VE day?

An explanation of World war 2, VE day and why we celebrate it for young children Made with

VE Day Showreel | Victory 75

VE Day, 8 May 1945 was a day to celebrate. Victory in Europe Day marked the long-awaited defeat of Nazi Germany by the Allies and followed the formal acts of...

Imagine it is Friday 8th May, 1945. Write a postcard to describe how you feel and how everyone is celebrating.

Click on the document below, then Ctrl+P to print it out.

During World War 2, messages were sent using Morse Code. Scroll down to see what it looked like, then try the coding puzzles underneath.

Morse Code Alphabet

Click on the pdf document below. Ctrl+P to print it out, or you could make your own copy.

A message from all the staff at Bryncethin Primary School

Still image for this video

It's Star Wars day!!! Scroll down for some great Star Wars activities!

Press Ctrl+P to print out a copy of the document above.

Use this page to help you create you own Star Wars creature

How to Draw Yoda

Step by step beginner drawing tutorial of Yoda from Star Wars.

Friday 1st May


Happy Pyjamarama Day!! I hope you're in your favourite pair of pjs, and all cosy for a fun day of activities?!


Firstly take a look at the following line up of activities. These can be found on



Next I'd like you to make a reading den, pick up your favourite book, sit back and have a relaxing read. 





Your third activity for today is a physical one, and one that can be done in pjs. Click on the following link to complete a family work out


Have a lovely day and please tweet us your pictures of the above reading activities using @BryncethinPS8 , also use #booktrust .


Thursday 30th April


Good morning class 8! Today your task is to spot the 5 differences in the picture below: 


Maybe you could create your own 'spot the difference' pictures and upload them onto twitter for your friends to complete. You could even add them to our class stream on Google Classroom.


Your other task today is to complete the following perimeter questions: 


Again, use twitter as a way of showing us your work. We love seeing your achievements!

Wednesday 29th April


Bore da dosbarth 8! I really hope you're enjoying your Pyjamarama, reading themed week so far. Continuing on with this theme, today I'd like you to click on the link below to listen to Chris Riddell reading 'Once upon a Wild Wood'. After you've listened to it, make a list of all the other stories that are referred to throughout this book.



As you go about your day today, please think about the following:


It's important to keep our spirits high and our outlook positive. I would love to see your 'Mindfulness 5-4-3-2-1' answers. Decide on a way of recording your thoughts and upload them onto twitter #BryncethinPS8

Tuesday, 28th April

Bore da Class 8!! Eloise Williams is a Welsh author. Here she is reading the 1st chapter of her marvellous book, "Elen's Island". Enjoy!

Eloise Williams reads Elen's Island: Chapter 1

Eloise Williams reads us the first chapter of her brilliant book Elen's Island.

Carrying on with our theme of Bedtime, use the information you collect on your tally chart (from yesterday) to create a bar graph.

Bar Graph to Show How Many Hours I Sleep Each Night

Why Do We Dream?

Jessi had the weirdest dream last night and wants to share with you why our brains make dreams. ---------- Love SciShow Kids and want to help support it? Bec...

Monday 27th April

Hello Class 8!

Our school theme this week is Pyjamarama! This is a celebration of books that we read at bedtime.


To link with this theme, let's think about how much sleep we are getting each night. Click on the Tally Chart below. Copy it out or print it out if you can!

A Tally Chart to Record How Much I Sleep Each Night

Why Do We Need Sleep?

Jessi stayed up too late, so she's feeling really tired. Luckily, she isn't too tired to tell you all about what happens when we sleep and why we feel so ter...

Monday 27th April

Bore da pawb! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some sunshine! Try out this short yoga exercise! It's called the Sun Salutation!

Sun Salutations & Yoga with Animals - Yoga for Kids

In this new educational video about yoga, children will learn both sun salutations and yoga poses with animals! This video includes several classic yoga pose...

Welcome to Class 8


Information regarding activities that can be completed at home.

We are looking at ways of providing work for children who may not be at school at this time. In our most recent letter we informed you that we were working on providing distant learning and staff are continuing to work hard to provide this facility if the school is directed to close.

Here are links to suggested resources that may be of use at this time:


Reading –

Maths –

Welsh –


If your child logs into their Hwb account ( they are able to access Just2Easy resources such as j2Blast.

Friday 24th April


Happy Friday everyone! What a lovely sunny one it is!


I hope you enjoy these tasks today.




Read this poem and copy it out using your neatest handwriting.




Look at this fantastic resource from 'Wildlife Watch.'

How many of these birds can you spot in your garden or from your window?


There are also lots of other fantastic activities on this website too.

Thursday 23rd April


Bore da, what a lovely sunny day.

Take a look at these activities for you today.




Choose a book, it could be your school reading book. Can you find all these words in the book?

You could create your own for a member of your family to try.





Let's learn about sundials.

The Sundial is the oldest device known for measuring time. Sundials dating back over 4,000 years ago have been found by archaeologists at excavation sites in Egypt. This clock measures time by measuring changes in the length and the direction of shadows cast by the Sun. The numbered markings show what time of the day it is when the shadow of a pointer called a gnomon falls on the sundial’s face. As the Earth moves around the Sun, the shadow moves across the sundial. You will need to go outside three different times during the day (morning, noon, and later afternoon) to check for changes in the shadows. As the Sun rises in the east and moves across the sky to set in the west, the early morning shadows are long and fall to the west. At noon, the Sun is directly overhead and the shadows are the shortest. In the late afternoon, the shadows are long and fall to the east.


Let's make a sundial.


Watch this video and have a go at making your very own sundial.

If you don't have a paper plate then you could use card from a cereal box cut into a circle.

Have fun in the sun!

Wednesday 22nd April


Good morning and bore da!

Here are some activities for you to try today.




See how many of these activities you can do in a minute.







How many times can you say the alphabet in a minute?



How many times can you bounce a ball in a minute?



How many times can you write your name in a minute?



How many times can you stand up and sit down in a minute?



How many times can you skip in a minute?



How many odd numbers can you write in a minute?



How many star jumps can you do in a minute?



How many things that make a sound can you find in a minute?



How many red items can you find in a minute?



How many items made from plastic can you find in one minute?



Maybe you could create your own for a member of your family too!


Next have a go at creating your very own board game to play with your family. You can use these pictures to help you. You could use cardboard packaging as a base for the board, then design your own grid and rules. Maybe the game could be linked to a theme such as rugby, pets. Have fun!



Tuesday 21st April


Bore da! Here are some more activities to try.



Try this book scavenger hunt.

Can you think of or find a book for each heading?



Are there any other headings you can think of?



Next let's try think of things we are grateful for. Take a look below. You may wish to draw the items. Have fun!



Monday 20th April


Good morning everyone and bore da! I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and now ready to do some fun learning activities.



This week we will do more activities based on telling the time. Today to help you learn about using an analogue and digital clock try making one of these time flowers.



After our holiday, I think we should do a movement activity. Try this!


Friday 3rd April


Good morning all!


Here are some Easter activities for you to try at home.




Take a look at these Easter egg hunt clues. Can you write your own for an Easter hunt in your home. Could you make them rhyme?



Jar of Gratitude


Decorate a jar or container using paper, pom poms, stickers and jewels.  Each day of the Easter holidays think of one think that you appreciate or something that makes you happy. Then write it down and put it into your jar. 

You can then read the contents and see how many things we all have to appreciate.


On that note, I would like to thank you all for your hard work and efforts both with these activities and on Hwb too.


There will be no work posted on this website or Hwb until Monday 20th April.

Take this opportunity to relax and have fun with your family members.

I would like to wish you and your families a very Happy Easter.

Take care, each and everyone and keep smiling.


See you soon,


Mrs Witheridge

Thursday 2nd April


Here are some more fun Easter activities for you to try.




Can you complete this Easter Sudoku activity?

You will need to put one of each type of egg in each row. Good luck!

Try creating your own for a member of your family.





Take a look at these wonderful Easter egg creations using an empty egg shell.

Can you create one of your own?



Wednesday 1st April


Bore da! Here are some activities for you to try today.




Here is a list of spelling words to practise.


  • although
  • believe
  • complete
  • disappear
  • enough
  • experience
  • height
  • imagine
  • knowledge
  • occasion

Take a look at these spelling strategies and give a few of them a go! Which was the most successful?





Easter is nearly here. Have a look at these Easter movement activities, you could also create your own! Can your family members guess what actions you are doing?

Have fun.



Here are some lovely mindfulness Easter colouring activities. Click on the link below and give them a try.


Here are some eggs that you can colour in online too. You will find links to other Easter games as well.



Tuesday 31st March


There is an excellent times tables test on this website link, take a look and see if you can beat your score each day. There is even a certificate you can print out too!


Take a look at these times tables wheels. Can you copy them and create your own?


Here are some blank ones.






This is a fun experiment to try at home.

You will need:

  • kitchen foil
  • a ruler
  • a scissors
  • pennies
  • a bowl of water

Cut out a square using kitchen foil.  It should have sides which measure around 15cm.

Create a boat using the foil.

Estimate how many one penny coins you think your boat will hold.

Place the boat into a bowl of water, then conduct your experiment.

Think about this question. Does the shape of the boat change the number of coins it can hold?

Have fun!

Monday 30th March


Here is a Maths puzzle for you to solve today. Good luck!






Look around your home for the oldest item you can find. You may need some help for this from other people who live with you. It may be an ornament, a piece of jewellery, a painting. Think about these questions:


How old is the object?

Where did it come from?

Who does/did it belong to?

What was is used for?


Would it be the same if it was made today?

What other events were happening in the world at the time the object was used?




Friday 27th March


Good morning. Bore da mae hi'n heulog!


Take a look at the the activities below.




Create an acrostic poem using the word 'Spring.'



Read the 'Tedi Twt at Tywydd' story to somebody in your home. Click on the link below.


Look at the weather flashcards. Revise the words and phrases. You could create your own flashcards to

teach Welsh to somebody in your home!


Create a weather chart. Use it to record the weather each day in Welsh.

Take a look at the example below.


Pretend you are a weather reporter and give a member of your family a weather report in Welsh!


Have fun.



Thursday 26th March


Bore da and good morning on this lovely sunny day!

Take a look at some of the activities below.




The Great Maths Bake Off


Your challenge:

• Bake something tasty and find the hidden Maths.


What to do:

1. Cooking is so much fun! But did you know it involves a lot of Maths too?

2. Work with an adult to bake something yummy.

3. Have fun in the kitchen, and then think about the questions below.


What did you make?


What Maths skills did you think you used?





Signs of Spring. From your window, take a look at the signs of Spring you can see. Choose one of these and create a sketch.

25th March

Good morning!

Here are some more activities for you today. I hope you enjoy them.


Word Wheels


Take a look at this word wheel challenge. Can you complete it?


24th March


Bore da!

I hope you enjoyed completing the activities from yesterday.

Have a look below at some more for today.


Bore da!


Here are a few activities to try at home.

There are also activities on Google Classroom on Hwb.



Develop a name for a new healthy snack bar. This is linked to the work on Google Classroom.

Write a list of the ingredients you will need to make it.


Health and Wellbeing

Make up a dance to your favourite pop song. Have fun!


Times table flower

Wellbeing name challenge


Look at this great wellbeing name challenge! Have fun!


Signs of Spring

What signs of Spring can you see from your window or garden?

Make a list if as many as you can. You may wish to draw them or write about them using descriptive vocabulary.