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Class 9


Good morning class 9.

Today is the last day of home learning. You have worked incredibly hard with all your home learning and I am very proud of you all. I am looking forward to seeing you all back in school on Monday.

I would like to say a big thank you to your families for all their support too as it is very much appreciated. Remember to thank your families for all the help they have given you too.

Thank you for all your hard work. Have a lovely relaxing weekend and we shall see you in school on Monday.



On Sunday it is Mother's Day so I am sure you are going to spoil whoever looks after you. Perhaps you can make them a card with whatever art materials you have at home or create bubble words like the image below to show how much they mean to you.




As we are so happy to be returning to school on Monday, dance and sing along to the video below. Have fun!!!

Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle


Bore da dosbarth 9.

I hope you all have a good day and the weather is better than yesterday as it did not stop raining all day.



Today is Thankful Thursday so have a go at the Gratitude Scavenger Hunt below.


As we were learning about the invention of Lego on Google Classroom yesterday, I thought it would be a cool idea to draw your own Lego character. You can share your pictures on Google Classroom or on twitter@BryncethinPS9.

How To Draw A Lego Person

Learn how to draw the basic lego person, but don't stop there! Change and customize your drawings into any lego person you want. You can even turn this into ...


Bore da dosbarth 9. I hope you are all keeping well. It was lovely to see the pupils who attended their last Google Meet call yesterday.



Here is a letter wheel as I know how much you enjoy finding as many words as you can.

How many words can you make?


We all love Joe Wicks so I hope you enjoy this last one. Have fun everyone!

*FINAL* PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 5th March

Thank you to everyone that has been part of this PE With Joe journey 💙Thank you video:


Bore da dosbarth 9. I hope everyone is keeping well and looking after themselves. I am looking forward to seeing you all in school next Monday as it has been a long time since we have all seen each other and I hope you are all looking forward to going back to school.



Let's get moving by having a look at this activity bingo below and play with everyone in your household. Have fun!


Create your own wellbeing shield using any art materials you have at home.

Can you create your own wellbeing shield?


Good morning class 9. I hope you all had a good weekend and you managed to enjoy the fine sunny weather.



Did you know that this week is British Science Week?


To celebrate British Science Week, you can carry out your science investigation below. Enjoy!


Let's get moving to start the week off with Mario as you will have lots of energy and feel good after doing it.

Mario Party Fitness - A Virtual PE Workout or Classroom Brain Break Activity

Get your students moving with some of their favorite characters! Try to score points by guessing who will win the Mario Party mini game. After students make ...


Bore da dosbarth 9.

 I can't believe another week of learning has gone by and well done on another great week of learning.



I know how much you all enjoyed making chatterboxes in class so today, I thought you could make your own chatterbox. Watch the video below and have fun making your chatterbox.

How to make a paper chatterbox

Do you remember how to make a chatterbox? Some people call them "paper fortune tellers" and guess what? They make a great party favour or party game that kid...


Let's finish the week off with a Joe Wicks workout. Enjoy!

PE With Joe 2021 | Wednesday 3rd March


Good morning class 9.

Today is World Book Day, where we celebrate authors and illustrators from all over the world.We can celebrate World Book Day by reading your favourite book, creating your own bookmark,listening to an audio book, making a reading den, drawing and writing about a book you have read, dressing up as your favourite character and lot's more.

There are also activities related to World Book Day on google classroom today. Don't forget to share any of your activities on twitter@BryncethinPS9.



Let's begin celebrating World Book Day by listening to the  World Book Day song created especially for today. Then watch the video to see ideas for activities you could do.

How about your favourite characters? Draw character selfies using the image below.

Have you ever made your own book? Follow the instructions below to make your own book.

Have a look at the poster and see how many reading stars you can achieve.

Have a great World Book Day everyone and enjoy the activities!


The World Book Day Song by MC Grammar

Check out the official, and first-ever, World Book Day song by MC Grammar. #WorldBookDayClick the link below to download / stream the song: https://MCGramma...

Fun Ideas for World Book Day 2021 | 4th March 2021

We will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. 🥳🥳🥳 We know that this year is going to be very different, so we've put together a video on ho...


Bore da pawb. I hope you are all enjoying this nice fine sunny weather.



As it was St David's Day on Monday and yesterday we learnt about the Welsh artist Rhiannon Roberts, I thought that today we would continue with the welsh theme and look at another Welsh artist Kyffin Williams. Watch the video below and then why don't you try drawing some natural landscape near you or even your garden or a view from a window in your house. Use whatever art materials you fancy.

Kyffin Williams

Promo for the documentary portrait KYFFIN ON KYFFIN showing and on sale at the Kyffin Williams gallery, Oriel Ynys Mon, Llangefni


As Spring is here, let's take part in Spring Cosmic Kids Yoga. Enjoy!

Spring & Easter Yoga For Kids 💐🐰 Yoga Club (Week 30) | Cosmic Kids

Celebrate the change in seasons with a cheerful collection of spring themed yoga classes! ⭐ Sign up for FREE access to our Yoga Quest challenge where you pri...


Bore da pawb. I am glad you all enjoyed St David's Day yesterday and the work on google classroom was great. Da iawn pawb.



Look at the images below by the Welsh artist Rhiannon Roberts. She has drawn what she sees in Cardiff Bay. Think of a place you have visited in Wales and see if you can draw what you find there in the same style of Rhiannon Roberts.You can use colouring pencils, felt pens or crayons.

Here are some images from Rhiannon Roberts. Which one is your favourite?

This is Cardiff Bay by Rhiannon Roberts.


Let's get moving with today's Step In, Step Out challenge. Have fun!



Bore da and Happy St. David's Day.


Watch the video below to learn about St David Day's.

Let' s get creative today by making some welsh craft to celebrate St David's Day- daffodils, sheep, leeks, dragon, welsh lady/ costumes, castles, welsh cakes etc. Use any materials that you have at home and show us your crafts on twitter@BryncethinPS9 and also include #BridgendBL.

We would love to see any of your crafts on Wednesday during our Google Meet calls.


St David of Wales - Legends of Wales

How David became the patron saint of Wales.Produced/Edited - Stef B.Narration - John Hughes.Actors - Myra, Gill.Cameramen - Stef B, Dyfed John, Stephen H.Scr...

Activity- How about making a welsh bookmark?


Click on the link below to enjoy some welsh country dancing. Try some dancing of your own with members of your family. Have fun!



Good morning class 9. Well done on another week of great work on google classroom. I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend and the sun shines for us.



As we are learning about helicopters on google classroom today, I thought it would be great if you had a go drawing a helicopter.


How to Draw a Helicopter Easy Step by Step for kids | Kids Color Learning with Helicopter Drawing

Hello Kids!Here I am showing you how to draw a helicopter. It's really very easy to draw helicopter. First you have to draw it's shape with the fan above it'...


It is supposed to be nice weather today and on the weekend so why don't you try this outdoor treasure hunt below? Enjoy!

 As it is March on Monday, I thought I would tell you about a challenge to walk a mile a day during the month of March.See the details below.


Bore da dosbarth 9. It was so lovely to see the pupils yesterday in their google meet sessions and we all really enjoyed.



I know how much you all enjoy finding words out of words as you loved doing these as a morning activity in class, so see how many words you can make from the word wheel below.


Let's get moving and enjoy the challenge below. Happy hunting!


Good morning class 9.



As we are learning about the Wright Brothers on google classroom this week, I thought it would be great to draw a plane and when I saw this detailed jet plane, I thought this is the one that class 9 would like to draw. Enjoy!

How To Draw A Jet Airplane

Learn how to draw a jet! All you need is a marker, paper, and colored pencils. Follow along with us and draw your own awesome jet!Become an Art Club member h...


Let's get moving with Joe Wicks.

PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 22nd Feb


Bore da dosbarth 9. It was lovely to see the sun yesterday and it was like a Spring day. I hope you managed to enjoy some fresh air yesterday in the sun.



When I went walking yesterday, I saw some snowdrops which was so lovely to see. If you do not know what snowdrops look like, have a look at the image below. Practice drawing a snowdrop from the step by step image. Remember to look out for them if you go walking ( I saw them in Bryngarw Park).



As we see signs of Spring starting, it makes us feel happy. 

Take part in the zumba workout below to the song "Happy". Enjoy!


Happy By Zumba Kids

Graciela Arencibia, Zumba Kids Video, zumba kids happy


Good morning class 9 and welcome back.



I want you to all remember that you are all amazing! I don't know if you will remember this poem from an assembly we watched in class in the Autumn term but I feel it is important to read the poem and to believe in yourself. Have a go writing your own A- Z, showing how amazing you are. 


Let's get moving with this 60 second zig-zag challenge. Have fun.


Good morning class 9.

Today is the last day of this half term. You have all worked so hard and you should all feel very proud of all you have achieved. A big thank you to you and your families for all your support with your learning at this challenging time.  

Have a lovely relaxing half term break as you all deserve it.

We will be returning to online learning on Monday February 22nd. Take care everyone.



Ask the "Would you rather....?" questions below with members of your family and have fun explaining your choices.




Let's finish off this half term and this week with a Joe Wicks workout. Enjoy!


PE With Joe 2021 | Wednesday 10th Feb


Bore da pawb.

We are nearly at the end of the week and let's see what activities we can do today at home where it is nice and warm as its cold out bbrrrrrr!!!



We all love watching a good Disney film so look at the image below- how many Disney films can you name with your family?

Talk about your favourite Disney movies and why don't you choose one to watch, all warm and cozy on the sofa this afternoon with your family. Enjoy!


As well as enjoying watching a good Disney film, I love all the songs in the Disney films. Chat to your  family about different songs you remember from Disney films and have a look if you can find them on YouTube to sing too as singing along to them makes you feel happy.

One of my favourite films is Toy Story and I love the song "You've got a friend in me" so have a listen below and enjoy singing along with the lyrics. Have a happy day everyone.

Toy Story - You've got a friend in me - lyrics

"you've got a friend in me" music from Disney toy storyThe audio used in this video is and will always be owned by it's original writer, Randy Newman. I do n...


Bore da pawb. It's a cold one this week so I hope you are all keeping warm at home or if you do go out for a walk, remember to wrap up home.



It is so important to look after our wellbeing. Look at the image below to choose an activity you would like to do to make you feel good.


I know how much you enjoy scavenger hunts so here is one for you to try. Enjoy!


Today, February 9th is Safer Internet Day 2021.



Watch the video below and discuss with a member of your family. 

Look at the questions below and answer them with a member of your family. Discuss how to stay safe when using the internet. Perhaps if you have chance, show your mum or dad some of the apps, games, channels, You Tubers you follow etc. 

Get involved in Safer Internet Day 2021

Join us on 9 February 2021 for Safer Internet Day. Find more about trust and reliability online at #AnInternetWe...


Watch the video below on how to draw a cool phone. Enjoy!

How To Draw A Funny iPhone

Learn how to draw a funny iPhone! #howtodraw #artforkidshub🎨 ART SUPPLIES we love (Amazon affiliate links): Faber-Castell Art Supplies For Kids! https://a...


Bore da and welcome to the start of a new week. I hope you all had a relaxing weekend.



Today, play some A-Z's with your family. You will need pen and paper and choose a category from below or one of your own choice. When you have finished, read out your answers to each other and count how many you have to see who is the winner.

Categories- boys names, girls names, food, fruit and vegetables, drinks, clothes, countries, make of car, shop brands, things found at the beach/ in the countryside/ in the town/ in school/ in the kitchen, electrical items, TV programmes, sports, films.

Have fun and enjoy!



Let's start the week by getting moving with this Disney dance workout. I hope you enjoy.

Disney Mix | At Home Dance Workout With Warm Up and Cool Down | Family Friendly Fitness

You guys asked and I've finally delivered! A family-friendly Disney workout that you can do with you kids! Full of fun moves and tunes you know and love (plu...


Bore da pawb. Well done on another week of great learning. Have a relaxing weekend everyone.



Today is Dydd Miwsig Cymru- it is a day to celebrate welsh language music. Click on the link below to learn all about it. Then sing along to Sosban Fach as I know how much you all enjoyed singing this in school.

Sosban Fach

Provided to YouTube by The state51 ConspiracySosban Fach · Simon GardnerClwb Cymru / Club Mix (Dj Sg)℗ 2007 Sain (Recordiau) Cyf.Released on: 2010-07-01Compo...


How well do you remember welsh phrases you have learnt? Click on the link below to take part in a simple welsh quiz.


Bore da pawb. I hope you all have a good day and enjoy today's learning on google classroom and the activities on here.



We all know eating healthy makes us feel good. Have a look at the healthy snack below and see if you can make this or something similar. If you don't have the ingredients, you could ask your mum or dad to buy them when they go for their next food shop and make it at a later date. If you fancy making something healthy today, you could research some simple recipes involving fruit on the internet. 


Let's get moving and take part in a Joe Wicks workout and you will learn learn lots about capital cities of different countries as this is the quiz that Joe carries out.

PE With Joe 2021 | Wednesday 3rd Feb


Bore da dosbarth 9. I hope you enjoy today's activities.



Watch the video below and have a go trying out all the drawings using your hands. I thought it was great and I hope you enjoy.


I'll show you some interesting ways to draw with the kids - drawing with your palms and fingers. How to draw a bird? How to draw a fish? How to draw a crab? ...


Let's take part in the yoga workout below. Have fun and enjoy!

Trolls | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure with the Trolls all about bringing happiness to the world!⭐ Sign up for FREE access to our Yoga Quest challenge where you print ...


Bore da pawb.



Last week, we enjoyed carrying out work on mobile phones on google classroom so I thought a nice creative art activity would be to design your own mobile phone cover. There are so many designs as you can see some in the image below.  You can show us your art work by uploading to google classroom or on twitter @BryncethinPS9.




Carry out the 60 second challenge below. Enjoy!


Bore da dosbarth 9. I hope you all had a good weekend and I hope you enjoyed the snow yesterday.

It's the start of a new month and a new week and I know you are all eager to start your home learning.



This week February 1st -February 7th is Childrens's Mental Health Week. Watch the video below and visit the website where there are activities you can look at.

Children's Mental Health Week 2021: Express Yourself

With Children's Mental Health Week 2021 just over four months away, today Place2Be have announced that next year's theme is Express Yourself.Learn more at ch...


The theme for this week's Children's Mental Health week is "Express  Yourself". Look at the image below and draw and express yourself through your art work and by drawing about what is in your mind, what is important to you, what sparks your imagination etc.


Bore da. It's the end of another week and well done to everyone for working so hard. Keep up the good work everyone!



This weekend (29th -31st January) is the RSPCA Big Garden Birdwatch. Have a look at the different types of birds below (perhaps you can research about them on the internet) and carry out your own birdwatch in your garden and create a tally like the sheet below. Visit the website too. 



As you are watching what birds you can see, why don't you try drawing them? 

Watch the video below to draw your own robin. There is also a video on You Tube by the same people on how to draw a bluebird if you enjoyed drawing the robin. There are even more videos on You Tube called "Drawing birds with Lucy- Garden Birds". Enjoy drawing!


How To Draw A Robin Bird (realistic)

We love drawing realistic birds. Follow along and learn how to draw a robin bird with us! In this video we use a Sharpie and Prismacolor colored pencils. Her...


Bore da pawb. 


Google Meet.

Next week we are going to be starting our live streaming on Google Meet and we can't wait to see you!

I know that many of you have already emailed your consent forms to the office but if you have not done this yet and would like to be part of the live calls, please return the email consent to the office.

Details of your time and day for the call will be shared at a later date. Many thanks.



Read all the inspirational quotes below. It is important to feel good about yourself and when you read the quotes, believe in the words. 

I want you to be creative and imaginative and make your own "quote picture" using whatever art materials you have. Perhaps everyone in your house could make one and you could join them together and display them to help you all stay positive.


We all like quizzes and the activity below is a great way to take time out and spend time with your family and to see who has the quickest responses. One member of your family could call out the question, while the rest of you write down your answers on paper and you can work out your own scoring system and see who scores the most. Have fun!



Bore da. I hope you enjoyed playing cards yesterday.



Let's try some origami today. Follow the instructions below to make an origami cat and then watch the video to make an origami dog. Enjoy!

Origami for Kids - Origami Dog Tutorial (Very Easy)

Origami for Beginners - How to make an ORIGAMI DOG in easy step by step for kids or beginnersAlso check out some of my other DIY crafts!- Origami Flower Inst...


Let's get moving today by taking part in the Joe Wicks workout below. Have Fun!

PE With Joe | Monday 25th May

GET YOUR OWN LIMITED EDITION PE WITH JOE T-SHIRT 😀 SOME SIZES BACK IN STOCK!!!**Limited edition PE With Joe T-Shirts Now Available here:


Bore da. I hope you enjoy today's activities.



Today let's have some fun by playing cards with your family. I am sure you know some card games and below are the instructions on how to play "Crazy Eights". Have fun!


How do you fancy being creative today (or one day this week when you have collected some kitchen/ toilet rolls) and making a marble run? The image below will give you inspiration. Take a picture and show us your marble run on the stream on google classroom or on our class page on twitter@BryncethinPS9.


Bore da dosbarth 9. I hope you all had a good weekend and you enjoyed the snow.

It's the start of a new week and I am sure you are all ready for all the learning activities this week.



Today is St Dwynwens's Day. Watch the video below with members of your family and discuss what you learnt from the video. I hope you enjoy it!

The story of Santes Dwynwen by Dosbarth Redwood.

The story of Santes Dwynwen by Dosbarth Redwood for our class assembly.


Let's get moving by carrying out a 60 second challenge. Enjoy!


Bore da. I can't believe that it's Friday again. Well done everyone with all the fantastic learning you have done this week. Enjoy today's activities and have a lovely weekend.



I love this simple art activity as a child and as an adult, as you take your pencil for a walk around the paper and then colour it all in- see image below. I hope you enjoy this activity.


To end the week, try out some more relaxing yoga. Enjoy.


Bore da. I hope you all enjoyed Joe Wicks yesterday and you are not aching today!!



Today, let's use our imagination with food as have a go making funky sandwiches or rolls like the image below.

If you have a sweet tooth, you will love making a banana split as go crazy and add different varieties of ice- cream, cream, sprinkles, wafers, fruit and whatever you fancy. Yum!

If you don't have the ingredients, then maybe ask a member of your family to add the ingredients to your next shopping list and you can try making them another time.


Let's try the 60 second challenge today. Enjoy and if you want, let me know on the stream on google classroom how many you did.


Bore da pawb.

As well as enjoying the activities on the website, remember to log in to google classroom every day for your language and maths activity.



On google classroom, we have started our new topic Eureka. We will be learning about inventors and scientists and I thought you would like to try drawing a picture of a mad scientist/ inventor, so watch the video below and enjoy drawing.

How to Draw a Mad Scientist

Learn how to draw a cartoon mad scientist with easy step by step instructions. New episodes every Monday/Wednesday/Friday.Follow us on Facebook at https://ww...


Let's get moving and take part in the Joe Wicks workout below. Have fun!

PE With Joe 2021 | Wednesday 20th Jan


Bore da pawb. I hope you managed to have some fresh air yesterday and carry out your nature scavenger hunt.



Today, you can still go on a walk and enjoy the fresh air but today's activity is an indoor scavenger hunt. I hope you enjoy and see how many items you can find. Perhaps if you have siblings, you can see who can find the item first and bring back to mum or dad as that's great fun. Enjoy!


Let's get moving as can you complete today's 60 second challenge?


Bore da. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and welcome to the start of a new week.



Go on a nature walk to enjoy the fresh air and carry out the nature scavenger hunt below.


It is so important to have hopes and dreams. Have a go at creating your own hopes and dreams poster using colouring pencils, crayons, paints or felts.



A big thank you for working so hard this week. I hope you have enjoyed the activities on here and on google classroom. Have a great weekend everyone.



Before you have a well deserved rest on the weekend, carry out the Joe Wicks video below. Joe Wicks is on live on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and here is Wednesdays workout to help you start the weekend off with lots of energy and feeling great. Enjoy!

PE With Joe 2021 | Wednesday 13th Jan


Enjoy singing and dancing to the "Baby Shark " song. When you have finished singing and dancing, have a go being creative and draw all the family of sharks using whatever art materials you have at home.


Baby Shark Original (Extended)

BabyShark #BabySharkChallenge #PinkFongSubscribe 👍👍


Good morning class 9.  It is great seeing all your work on google classroom daily so keep up the good work. I hope you are enjoying all the different activities on here too.



I hope you all like playing games. Follow the instructions below to play the game with members of your family.

Instructions- You need a dice to play the game. Roll the dice to get the horizontal row and remember the number and then roll the dice again to get the vertical row and you will find the question to ask and then answer it. Take it in turns. Enjoy!


Let's get moving and do a simple challenge. When you have carried out the challenge once, try it again or a few times to see if you can beat your score. Do you get faster or slower the more times you try? You could also try the challenge for 2 minutes and see what your score is- is it double your score of 1 minute or more or less? Have fun!


Bore da dosbarth 9.



We should all feel so proud of ourselves with all we are dealing with last year and this year.

Talk to your family about what all the things you have done last year and this year so far that makes you feel proud. You can create your own sheet like the one below or just spend time talking about feeling proud.


Let's enjoy some simple yoga poses. Try your best to stay as still as you can and encourage members of your family to join in.  Relax and enjoy!


Good morning class 9. I hope you are all keeping well and you are all ready for today's activities.



We are all unique with unique qualities. Think of words to describe you and draw and create your own heart sheet like below.




Click on the video below to draw a winter landscape.

How To Draw A Winter Landscape

Gather up your art supplies and follow along with us! Today, we're learning how to draw a winter landscape.👩‍🎨 JOIN OUR ART HUB MEMBERSHIP! VISIT https://...


Good morning class 9. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I hope you enjoy the activities today and remember to go on google classroom for your language and maths activity.



How good are you at charades? In class before Christmas, we enjoyed acting out different Christmas/ Winter activities.

 Remember we will feel many different emotions each day but it is important to control our emotions and to talk to our family about our emotions. Think of the emotions you would feel as you act out these activities.I hope you enjoy acting them out.



We all love Joe Wicks so let's get moving with one of his workouts. Enjoy!

Active 8 Minute Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

Great for all ages35 seconds work | 25 seconds restSquatsRunning On The SpotLunge Floor TouchesClimb The RopeKnees To ElbowFrog JumpsSlow Motion BurpeeSquat ...


Well done for carrying out all your home learning this week on the website and google classroom and I hope you have enjoyed.

I hope you enjoy the activities today and have a good weekend everyone.


Activity 1.

I am sure you would all agree that wouldn't it be lovely to have some snow to make a snowman. Well, the next best thing is creating snowman pictures like the ones below using colouring pencils or felt pens. Enjoy being creative and wish for snow when creating your pictures!

Activity 2.

Even though its cold outside, let's keep warm inside by taking part in the Winter Wonderland yoga video. Get everyone in your home to join in with you. Enjoy.

Winter Wonderland (Super Yoga) | Cosmic Kids

A burst of high energy Cosmic Kids yoga set to a wintry dance beat! 🌈 Watch our videos ad-free on the Cosmic Kids app:⭐ Subscribe ...


Activity 1.

In class, we all enjoy creating our own word searches.

 Can you find the winter words in the word search below?

Think of your own winter words to create your own word search for someone in your family to solve.

Activity 2.

Look at the art winter wonderland pictures below.

Using any art materials you have, create your own winter wonderland picture. Enjoy!


Good morning class 9. Happy New Year to you all.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

It is the start of a New Year and a new term. I hope that you all enjoy the activities on here and on google classroom every day.


Activity 1.

Try making paper snowflakes like the ones below.  Also you can watch the video to follow the instructions on how to make a snowflake.  Enjoy!

Activity 2.

Let's begin the New Year with some exercise. Carry out the workout below. Enjoy!


Good morning class 9. It's the last day of term and I would like to wish everyone a lovely Christmas and a happy new year. A huge thank you to all the children for all their hard work this term.

Don't forget to go to google classroom today for your last two activities this term.


Last Christmas craft activity.

Use coloured paper or use white paper coloured with felt pens/ crayons/pencils to try the activity below. What other pictures can you make with scraps of paper? Enjoy!


Good morning class 9.

I hope you are all well. Remember to go to google classroom for your language and maths work today.


In class this term, we have enjoyed improving our drawings by following step by step. Here is another one to try. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas class 9.

Pupil of the week certificate for printing

Class Welsh Certificate avalible for printing at home.



Your child has access to the website www.oxfordowl and they all know the login details.

Each Friday on google classroom, as well as posting the homework, I will be posting what books your child should be reading so please remember to check what book your child should be reading and the due date to read it by. Your child will be carrying out an activity on this book so it is important that they read the book.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Welcome back after the half term holiday- all of the pupils have settled back well.


This half term, we will be continuing with our theme "Bookflix". We have lots of activities planned- learning about famous children's authors, learning about and creating their own flip animation book and learning about the oldest books in history and so much more.

Remember to read books from your reading stage on the website It is so important to read for pleasure and to improve our reading ability.

Remember to complete homework set every Friday on Google Classroom,to be completed by the following Thursday.

Many thanks for your continued support.


Well done to everyone for working so hard this half term!

You should all feel very proud of yourselves and I feel very proud of you all too. You have worked hard at your CLIC, SAFE and LEARNITS and you have all made great progress.

We have all enjoyed our class novel "Elen's Island" and we have all carried out oracy, reading and writing activities. Today we finished reading the book and it has left us all with a "happy, warm glow".

Have a lovely relaxing half term holiday and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 2nd November.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Welcome to Class 9.

It has been an unusual start to the new academic year but the children in class 9 have all settled well in their new classroom. They have all adjusted well to the daily routines of regular handwashing and sanitising. Well done everyone!


Class information.

  • Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school every day, filled from home. There is no need to bring in any other resources to school.
  • If your child wants to bring in a piece of fruit to eat at morning break, then they may do so.
  • PE for this half term will be carried out outside so there is no need to provide a PE kit for your child. However, they may wish to wear trainers and joggers on a Wednesday for our PE day.
  • Hometasks will be set weekly on a Friday and it will be set online on our Google Classroom page.
  • No reading books will be sent home this term but we will be reading daily in class. Home reading support will be provided using an online system which we will inform you about soon. For now, please use the website


If you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to phone the school office on 01656 815840, leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I can.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Penny.