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A message from all the staff at Bryncethin Primary School

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Welcome to Mrs Witheridge's class

Information regarding activities that can be completed at home.

We are looking at ways of providing work for children who may not be at school at this time. In our most recent letter we informed you that we were working on providing distant learning and staff are continuing to work hard to provide this facility if the school is directed to close.

Here are links to suggested resources that may be of use at this time:

Reading –

Maths –

This will be many parents' first experience of home education. Below you'll find a few tips that may just help smooth the transition into teaching from home:

  • Make a learning plan. This could include a timetable, ground rules, aims, topics and reward schemes. Doing this on day one will help you stay organised and in control. 
  • Stay active. Whether it's a silly dance, star jumps or jogging on the spot, exercise is proven to help children focus and absorb information. 
  • Get dressed. It might sound obvious but don't be tempted to let your child stay in their PJ's all day. They're far more likely to take home education seriously if they're dressed for the occasion. 
  • Stay in touch. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help or advice.
  • Relax. Whether you think so or not, you're going to be great! No one expects you to be a pro straight away so don't put too much pressure on yourself. And if you ever feel like it's all getting a bit too much, take your child for a walk or read a book together. 

Here are some tips for supporting children with Speech and Language Difficulties or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) during these times. Click on the PDF file below.


See how many of these you can do this month.

Friday 5th June


Well hasn't that week gone quickly! Friday already!

Here is you English and Maths work for today.




Here is a lovely poem all about how special you are. Copy it out and fill in the blanks using words to describe yourself. Read it to yourself once you have written it and give yourself a big well done!



Here is a link to a lovely animated story all about a mirror reflection.

What lovely things would your reflection say about you?


Try making a mirror like this, you could use foil for the mirror part. Write lovely words to describe yourself all around the mirror. You can ask family members to give you some words to write too.





This video shows you how  we can care for our Earth.



Try painting the Earth and use the outline of you hand/hands to hold it up as if you are caring for it.

Like the examples below.






Today we are going to try and complete our Safe challenges. Do the one you feel comfortable with.









Thursday 4th June


Good morning, here is your work for today.




Yesterday you did the sound oi 'spoil the boy.'

Can you remember there is another set of best friends which make the same sound. These are  oy 'toy for a boy.'

Here are the two sounds.


Can you think of a silly sentence using as many of the words above as you can?


Read this story, write out all the oi and oy words you can see.



Now let's look at your red words for today, they are in the grid below.

any many
don't because
walk talk

Practise reading and spelling these words by writing them on pieces of paper, then ask and adult to hide them around the house. Can you find them? Then try reading or spelling them for extra points?




It is Child Safety week this week.

Unfortuately the closing date has passed for the competition, but you can always draw/paint your own poster to raise awareness and give tips on how to :- 

stay safe at home

when you are outside near roads 

internet safety 

how to stay safe when near water  

how to keep yourself safe.

Choose one of the above, remember to use big lettering, make it colourful, think of a catchy slogan.



This is a great book called 'I like myself'

I hope you like yourself.  Remember we have talked about everybody being different and unique, you just need to be who you are.






We are going to look at the topmarks games again today.  This one is called Coin Cruncher.  Click on 'Make the total'  - 'Pounds'  - 'Easy'



Here is a video explaining all the notes we have in the UK.



Let's try some worksheets now.







Can you remember how to do a fact family?



Wednesday 3rd June



Good morning here is your English and Maths work for today.


The sound we will look at today will be oi 'spoil the boy.' Here is the flashcard for the sound.

Here are some words containing the oi  sound:





Here is the link to the teaching video for the oi sound.


Here is an activity based on the oi sound. 



Now for your red words.

call give
live right
their new


Try reading these, then practise spelling the words using the strategy below.



Who likes food?  Seeing as the weather isn't very nice today, while you stay in how about making some of these yummy kebabs.


While you are making things for you to eat, how about making some of these 'cookies' for the birds to eat.  Don't get them mixed up though smiley



Custom Cars - buy cool things to add to your car

Start at Level 3 and work your way up.



See if you can work out the challenge sums at the end.



You can only use 3 coins for every circle.  Can you make 4 different amounts?






What is the time on these clocks?


How far can you count up to in 5's?



Fill in the missing numbers.

Tuesday 2nd June


Good morning, bore da! Here is your work for today.




Can you remember the sound we looked at yesterday? It was the sound ea 'cup of tea.'

There is also another set of best friends which make this sound, these are 'ee' 'what can you see?'

Here are the two sounds together.


Now read this story and write down all the ee and ea words you can find.


Look at these words and write a story of your own containing as many of the ee or ea words as you can. Can a family member spot them?




Now that we are into June I wonder how many of these activities you can manage to do this month.


Listen to this song - it's by Lenny Sherwins

You are unique, there is no one else in the world just like you, so enjoy being YOU.




Take a look at this website, there are lots of games here.

Click on Mixed coins then Exact money then up to 20p if you find that easy go up to £1


See if you can find some coins around the house.  You will need 1p, 2p, 5p and a 10p.  Draw around the coins to find how many ways you can make 10p by using the different value coins.







 Remember we have done these in class, they might be set out differently but 'It's nothing new',      don't panic, think it through and have a go. smiley






You could use a numberline for these.

Monday 1st June



Good morning. Today we will be starting on Set Three Sounds!

Your sound for today will be ea  'cup of tea.' Here is the flashcard for the sound.


Here are some words which contain  the ea sound.








Can you practise sound out these words? Then try reading and spelling them. here is the link for the teaching video for the ea sound.


Now try writing each of the words into a sentence.


Here are your red words for today.


father water
again always
blue four


Today can you practise spelling these by seeing how many times you can write each word in a minute? Try competing against a family member, who can write the word the most number of times?

Have fun.



Wellbeing is looking after yourself to make you feel good.  There are lots of ways to make you feel good about yourself.  Here is one way - think of things you like about yourself, it could be the way you look from the outside (I like my hair) or the way you behave (I like being polite) or the way you feel inside (I like the way I can stay calm). 



For the next two weeks we are going to be looking at money.

Lets listen to a song to get us in the mood smiley


Look at this video to help understand the different coins we have in the UK.




Find some 1p coins in your house and draw around them.





Since you have found some 1p's how about doing some coin rubbing.  All you need is some paper, coloured pencils/crayons and 1p coins.  Lay the 1p coins under the paper and rub all over the coin with your pencil or crayon.  How many different coloured coins can you make?





Can you draw the hands on the clock to match the digital time.




Can the add up these sums.


When doing the division sums, count in 4's until you get to the first number for example :-                         12 divide by 4 = 3 (4 + 4 + 4 = 3 lots of 4 = 12)



Bore da! Today it is Friday and here is a poem to copy out in your neatest handwriting. It is a poem all about kindness. Remember to use finger spaces, tall letters and letters sitting on and under the line.

Here is a lovely song all about spreading kindness. We hope you enjoy.



Its Friday yay!  You have had some amazing activities to do this week and we hope you have had a go and enjoyed them.  Today we are going to do our Clic Big Maths.  Try and do the one that suits you.








Draw the hands on the clock to match the time.




     Can you complete the addition sums.



Fact families. Remember to add the 2 smaller numbers first, do your 'switcher' for the second addition sum. Put the biggest number at the start of the take away sums.



Next week is half term holiday so we won't be setting any work.  Hopefully the sun will be shining and you can have fun outside. Take time out with your family, relax and chill and enjoy your week off.  You have worked hard over the past few weeks, so its your turn to switch off from work and concentrate on enjoying yourselves. 


Thursday 21st May



Today we will go over some more Set Two sounds. These are:

air: that’s not fair

ir: twirl and whirl

ou: shout it out

oy: toy for a boy


Here are some words for each sound:

air   fair, stair, hair, air, chair, lair

ir: girl, bird, third, whirl, twirl, dirt

ou: out, shout, loud, mouth, round, found

oy: toy, boy, enjoy


Can you practise reading and spelling these words today. Again, ask an adult to read each word and then you try spelling it. Remember to underline the best friends. Check your answers.

Now choose a sound and try drawing a picture to represent that word. Like this Have fun!







We are carrying on with the theme of 'Kindness' today. Chose a member of your family or friend and think of kind words you could use to describe them.  Write each word down and create a kindness flower for them, like the one below. You could also do one for yourself too. It is important to be kind to yourself and others. Have great fun!



I hope you can remember the properties of the 3D shapes we looked at yesterday (scroll down if you can't).

Can you fill out the worksheet.


The last 9 are the trickiest ones!


I wonder if you can have a go at making your own 3D shape by using a net. 

You will need a sheet of paper and a ruler .  Try and follow the instructions, the sides all have to be the same size as each other.



Watch the video, then scroll down and see if you can  match the shape to the correct net. Drag the shape into the box and click on 'check' to see if you are right.



Have a go at these :-

  Add the 2 digit numbers together (you can use your doubling for first one)




What are the missing numbers?



Wednesday 20th May


Good morning. Here are your English and Maths activities for today. Keep up all the fantastic work you have been doing. You have made us all very proud.




Today we will be revising some more of the Set Two sounds. Here is a link to the Set Two sounds again.


We will look at these sounds today:

oo: poo at the zoo (too, zoo, food, pool, moon, spoon)

oo: look at a book (took, look, book, shook, cook, foot)

ar: start the car (car, star, part, start, hard, sharp)

or: shut that door (sort, short, horse, sport, fork, snort)


Can you sound out and read each of the words?

Next ask an adult to read each word to you and try writing it yourself. Remember to underline the best friends as you write each word.


Can you think of a  silly sentence containing each of the words?

For example 'I went to the zoo. I put too much food on my spoon. I fell in a pool.

You try the words for oo, at and or.




Following on from our focus on Kindness chart yesterday, take a look at this lovely animation.

Think about the different acts of kindness you can see. Think about how the person who receives kindness feels.


Have a go at making a family kindness jar. Here is some information. 

Today, see if you can colour your world with kindness!






Yesterday we looked at what edges, faces and vertices meant. Today we are going to take a look at the properties of different shapes.






Tomorrow we will complete some worksheets to see if you have remembered what the properties of different shapes are.



I forgot to add to this section yesterday, so I am going to give you double today wink.


Can you draw the hands on the clock to match the digital time?



Can you find the total of these doubles?



Colour half of the toys


Enjoy all the activities today.  Be proud of all your hard work and remember to be kind to yourself and your family.  Have a lovely day smiley

Tuesday 19th May


Bore da! Here are you English and Maths activities for today.



Well done to you! You have now looked at all of the Set Two sounds!

Today we are going to go over them.

Here are all of the sounds you have done in Set Two. Can you remember them?


Here is a link to a video to help you to go over all the Set Two sounds.


Here are some words containing the first four of the Set Two Sounds.

Ask an adult to read  out each word and you write the word. Remember to underline the best friends.

Once you have written all the words, check them and mark them.

ay: May I play? (day, play, may, way, say, spray)

ee: What can you see? (see, three, been, green, seen, sleep)

igh: Fly high (high, night, light, fright, bright, might)

ow: Blow the snow (blow, snow, low, show, know, slow)


Well done to you!



Here is a task for you all about kindness.

Look at the chart below, can you carry out one act of kindness each day? Maybe you can think of your own.







Did you have a go at drawing some 3d shapes yesterday?  I wonder if you could join them up to make a house, castle, shop?


Today we are going to be looking at what these words mean - edges, vertices, faces.

Here is a video to help you  explain the meanings.


Let's try these worksheets now.



Hope you enjoy the activities today.  It is Mental Health awareness week and the focus is on KINDNESS.  So here is a lovely video/song for you.


Remember as well as being kind to others, be kind to yourself. smiley

Monday 18th May


Good morning, I hope you had a lovely weekend in the sunshine.

Here are your English and Maths activities for today.



Your sound for today is 'oy' toy for a boy. Here is the flashcard for the sound.


Here are some words containing the oy sound.






Practise reading and spelling these words. Can you think of any others?

Create a silly sentence using as many oy words as you can.


Here is the link for the teaching video for the oy sound.



Here are your red words for today.


came see
before like
make made


Can you practise reading and spelling these words.  You could play hopscotch in your garden to learn your words. Like this

Or you could create an indoor hopscotch game using paper and coloured pens. Have fun!


This week we are going to be looking at 3D shapes.


3D shapes I know


A comic book style book 'Captain Invincible'          


A little song that might help you remember the shapes


How to draw 3D shapes - this looks fun.


Now that you know some 3D shapes have a go at naming some!





I wonder how many different 3D shaped objects you can find around your house. Get hunting! smiley


I am going to put some REVISION activities on every day. 'Its nothing new', we have practised these in school before - have a go!



How about doing some animal yoga today!  How many of these can you do?  Ask someone in your family to join you. Which was your favourite?  Which one did you find hard?  What was the easiest?





Friday 15th May


Good morning. Here are your English and Maths activities for today.



Today your task is to create a rainbow for your name. Write your name in a cloud then cut out a strip of paper for each letter of your name. Colour in the strips of paper and then write a word to describe yourself on each strip, beginning with each letter of your name. 

Here are some examples.


Here is a list of adjectives you may use to help you.

Have fun and remember how wonderful you really are!




Its Frriiddaayy!  Let's do our usual 'Beat that Learn It's' We haven't done these in a while, so I hope you remember which level you are on.  If you can't, then do the one you feel comfortable with.  Remember you can always challenge yourself and try another level.  Have someone time you for 2 minutes and count up how many you had correct.  Ready, steady, GO!







We hope you are managing to complete the work/activities and you are enjoying them.

We are so proud of you all trying your best every day. Have a super weekend, remember to relax, chill, do something you like, be kind and look after yourself.



Thursday 14th May


Good morning, here are your English and Maths activities for today.


Our sound for today will be 'ou' shout it out!

Can you shout out the ou sound?


The flashcard for this sound is


Here are some words containing the ou sound.









Can you practise saying each sound in the word?

Here is the link for the teaching video.


Now try reading and spelling these words using look, say, cover, write and check.  You may wish to use this to help you. There are some other ou words on there too.


These are your red words for today.


could would
should other
mother another


Practise reading and spelling these words. Try using fancy letters to practise. Have fun!


Let's continue with halving. Use what you know to solve these below. Remember 'It's nothing new!'





See if you can find things around the house you can split in half (equally).  Perhaps you can use felt pens, straws, forks, pegs, pasta, socks.

If you click on 'halves' then try 'multiply by 10' first.  If you enjoy that, try some of the other halving ones.  There are other games on there you might want to give a go too.


Let us know if you enjoyed the games.  Have a lovely day smiley

Wednesday 13th May


Bore da pawb. Here are your English and Maths activities for today.




Our sound for today will be ir, The phrase for this sound is whirl and twirl. Can you whirl and twirl?


Here is the flashcard for this sound.


Here are some words containing the sound ir.








Can you practise sounding out these words. You could make some flashcards of your own. Where are the best friends in the words? Does the word have any tall letters, does it have any vowels? 

Does the word have any letters which sit under the line?

Now have a go at spelling the words. Remember to underline the best friends.


Here is the link to the teaching video for the ir sound.


Now for the red words.


now been
which out
our about


Practise reading and spelling these words. Try using this game today, you can play it with a family member. Have fun!





We are carrying on with halving today.  Remember 'It's Nothing New', if you know 3, 5, 7, 9 you know  30, 50, 70, 90


Watch the video first to help you.






When you are out in the garden or going for a walk today for your exercise, look around you for things to make a picture.  This could be leaves, twigs, grass, pebbles, flowers (be sensible with this one - don't go picking flowers from gardens!).  Then make a picture with your collection.



We would love to see a picture of your creation.  If you can, take a picture and 'tweet' it or post on your goggle class page.  Enjoy smiley



Tuesday 12th May


Bore da! Here are your English and Maths activities for today.



The sound for today is 'air' that's not fair! Here is the flashcard for the sound.


Here are some words which contain the sound air.







Practise reading and spelling these words.

Can you write a silly sentence containing as many of the words as possible?

Here is the link to the teaching video for the air  sound.


Here are our red words for today.


or little
down first
look more


Can you practise reading and spelling these words? Today try using upper and lower case letters to write your words.





We are going to look at halving odd numbers today.


Take a look at this video first. 






Have a go at making your own wish jar.  Here are a couple of examples.



Decorate how you wish! What will you wish for when lock down is over?  Write your wishes on paper and put in your jar.

My top 3 would be :- I wish I could give my children a big cwtch, I wish I could have my grand daughter to stay, I wish I could go down Portcawl.


A lovely book all about wishes.  




Monday 11th May

Good morning. Here are your English and Maths activities for today.


The sound we will look at today is 'or' shut the door!

Here is the flashcard.


Here are some words containing the or sound.









Here is the link to the video for the or sound.

Can you write a sentence for each word in the list above?


Our red words for today are:


what why
old two
who when


Can you practise these words by creating a spelling flower? You may think of another picture you coud draw Have fun! .




Use this video to help with the worksheets.


Share the counters between Batman and Robin and put your answers in the circles.


If you find that easy, try this one.

Can you think of anything else you can share?

A fun little activity to try today, either on your own or one or more of your family members.

How did that make you feel?  Remember an old wives tale - LAUGHTER is the best medicine! laughsmiley

Thursday 7th May


Good morning! Today our work will be linked to VE (Victory in Europe) Day, this occurs tomorrow and will mark 75 years since the defeat of Germany by the Allied Forces during World War Two.

Celebrations will be held across the country and you may well be involved. You may spot red, white and blue bunting or flags decorating houses.


Our poem for handwriting this week, will be linked to VE Day. Remember to use tall letters, letters sitting on and under the line and finger spaces. Here is the poem.

Watch this video, it shows the celebrations and the news from 75 years ago.


We'll Meet Again - by Dame Vera Lynn (you might be singing this tomorrow)

Did you know Vera Lynn is still alive, she is 103 years old.  She is going to be singing this song with Welsh singer Catherine Jenkins at the VE celebrations on television.


Have a go at this wordsearch.  See if you can make one of your own if you can't print it out. 


How about making some bunting to decorate your house/garden ready for tomorrow.  Here are some ideas for you. Are you going to have a 'social distance' party?  What are you going to eat? Are you going to dress up? Would love to see your pictures. 




Lots of ideas for you. Enjoy making them and enjoy all the celebrations tomorrow. If you can please add some pictures onto Twitter or your Class pages so we can see all the lovely things you have done.


There will be no activities set for tomorrow as it is a bank holiday for V.E. day.

Have a lovely, safe weekend and we will 'see' you back here on Monday.



Wednesday 6th May


Bore da! A lovely sunny day today. here are some English and Maths activities for you to try today.



The sound we will look at today is 'ar' start the car. Can you draw a picture to represent the sound?


Here is a list of words containing the sound ar.








Can you practise reading and spelling these words? Here is the link to the lesson on this sound.


Now for our red words for today.


come some
where over
she after


Why don't you practise reading and spelling these words by creating a mnemonic for each one.

Here is a link to a video to explain what a mnemonic is.

Have a try!


We are going to look at half of a shape today.

Look at this video to help you first.




This is a nice book about sharing things equally.


Can you draw some shapes and cut them in half.

Can you find things around the house that you can fold in half so each side is equal.


A lovely video showing you how to share so you each have half.

Can you share with another person in your family? Find things around the house you can share equally with the other person - pencils, lego, sweets, biscuits.

Have fun smiley

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning here are some lovely activities for you today.


Our sound for today will be 'oo' as in look at a book.

Here is the flashcard for the sound.



Now click on the link and watch our oo lesson for today.


Here are some words containing the sound oo.








Can you practise reading and spelling these words? Maybe you could make your own flashcards. Remember to say each sound in the word and finger spell each sound too. Where are the best friends in the word? Are there any tall letters in the word, are there any letters that go under the line? Are there any vowels? You could be teacher and test a family member by showing them the word for five seconds then removing it and asking them the questions.


Our red words for today are:


has here
there were
want your


Today can you practise these words by writing each letter in the word using dots. Then connect the dots to create the word.





We are going to look at halves today.

Can you draw the other half of the butterfly? Colour it in with bright colours.




Next can you paint a butterfly? Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half. Drip some paint on ONE half of the paper, fold the other half over the painted one. Gently smooth out the paper, open it out and let it dry. Fold it back in half and cut out a butterfly shape. You can add some antenna with black paper/card or pipe cleaners.


When you draw a line through the middle of the butterfly, you have two halves which are mirror images of each other.  We call this SYMMETRY.


Take a look at this book showing different lines of symmetry.





Monday 4th May


Good morning and bore da! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Here are our English and Maths activities for today.




The next sound we will look at is the sound 'oo.'

You may remember the phrase for this sound is 'poo at the zoo!'

Here is the flashcard for the oo sound.



Here is a link to a video where you can learn to read and spell words containing the oo sound.


Here are some words with the oo sound. Can you practise reading and spelling them?








Here is a link to a game to help you practise the oo sound.


Here are our red words for today.


  do   from
go one
into many


Now practise reading and spelling these words by writing out each word backwards! Can your family members guess the words? Have fun!




Let's carry on with our tables.  Today we are going to do the 3 and 4 times tables.


3 times table song


4 times table  (be careful they go backwards)


A clever little trick for learning your 4 times tables


Lets have a go at doing some worksheets.







A little song for today - Don't worry about a thing

We hope you haven't got any worries.  Sing along to this song and if you have any worries, they will hopefully be gone before you get to the end smiley

Friday 1st May


Good morning everyone, it is the first of May today!

I know lots of you have been enjoying reading activities this week linked to Book Trust Pyjama Rama. There is a celebration today, here is the line up of events.


For our class work today we will write out a poem about reading. I know lots of you have been doing lovely activities related to books and reading this week.


Read to Me

Read to me riddles and read to me rhymes
Read to me stories of magical times
Read to me tales about castles and kings
Read to me stories of fabulous things
Read to me pirates and read to me knights
Read to me dragons and dragon-book fights
Read to me spaceships and cowboys and then
When you are finished- please read them again


By Jane Yolen



Books are for Looks

Books are for looks; a look for a tale
Of possible a lion, a tiger, or a whale.

A look for adventure, exciting, intense
With mystery unfolding and growing suspense.

A look for a fact, to inform or relate,
A picture, a poem, or a word to locate.

You never can tell when you start to look
What interesting things may come in a book!


By Isabelle Spooner

Here are some handwriting cards to help you with letter formation.

Here is a link to a fun story you may like to hear.




Thursday 30th April


Good morning!


I hope you enjoyed our work from yesterday.

The sound we will be looking at today is 'ow.'


Here is the flashcard.


Here is the video for the ow sound

Here is a song with lots of words containing the ow sound.

Here is the worksheet for the ow sound. Can you practise reading and spelling these words? You could write your own song like the one in the clip above!


Here are our red words for today.


so all
by for
no my


To practise spelling these red words try using a spelling scribble like this one in the picture. Try to make it as colourful as you can!





Let's try  some tables today.  We will start off with the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

I have found some videos to refresh your memory before you start the worksheets.

2 times tables


5 times tables


10  times tables





A song and a book to finish with.  Have a lovely day everyone.

Where is your favourite 'cosy nook'?  Do you have a favourite book? Mine is Charlie and the chocolate factory - all those lovely sweets yum yum.



Clark the Shark

Remember there is a time and a place for everything - stay COOL.  


Wednesday 29th April


Bore da!

Here are our English and Maths activities for today.



Our sound for today is 'igh' fly high.

Here is the flashcard for the sound.


Let's take a look at the clip for the igh sound.


Can you practise reading and spelling the words containing the igh sound?

This may help you.











The kite was ______ up in the sky.

The monster gave me a _______ .

Look at that ______ star in the sky.

A hedgehog usually comes out at ______ .

My sister asked me to switch on the _______ .

I ______ join an after school club.

Now let's look at our red words for today.


he her
be said
we they


Today try our 'one minute' challenge. Choose one word at a time and see how many times you can write it in a minute! Ask a family member to compete with you. Who will win?





Lets try counting backwards today.





Can you find any small  stones out in your garden or when you go out for a walk. Write/paint numbers on them.  When dry, mix them all up and try putting them in order.

Put them in order from the biggest to smallest.

Put them in order and take out certain ones and ask someone in your family to put in the missing numbers. Swap over and you put in the missing numbers.

Ask someone in your family to start putting them in order from a certain number (3). 

Can you think of any other ways you can use your stones?  If you haven't got stones, you can always use paper/card.






A little song and book for you to think about.  Its all very strange, unusual and uncertain at the moment, so I thought these would help you out.  Keep smiling and be happy smiley

Tuesday 28th April


Good morning everyone!


Let's take a look at some English and Maths activities today.


Our sound of the day today will be 'ee.'


Watch this clip of the ee sound.


Now can you practise reading and spelling these words containing the 'ee' sound?









Can you write a sentence for each word?


Here are some links to interactive workbooks which will help you to practise the sounds.

Speed sounds set 1

Speed sounds set 2 and 3


This link has excellent interactive activities based on the sounds, take a look.


Now for our red words for today.


me as
are you
have his


Can you use the spelling strategy we use called 'ransom notes' to practise these words?

You will need to cut out each letter from an old magazine or newspaper to make up each word.





Choose the Clic level you are on in class.  If you can't remember, try the one you feel comfortable doing.  If you find it is too easy, go up to the next Clic.  If you find it too hard, then go down one.






If you have any problems please get in touch with Mrs Witheridge and we will see what we can do to help.

A little song for you today all about reading.

It is reading week this week and I have found a great audio book for you to listen to.

After you have finished listening to it, you will probably be feeling hungry.  I know I did wink

Perhaps you can make your own creative sandwich for lunch. Take a picture (on your phone) or draw a picture of your sandwich.  Then enjoy it.

Monday 27th April


Good morning everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend.


There will be a 'sound of the day' posted each day on the website. It will be a sound from our Freshstart scheme.  


Today the sound is 'ay' may I play?



Watch this clip to learn all about the 'ay' sound.




Can you remember any words containing the sound 'ay?'


Here are some words:









Can you write each word into a sentence. Don't forget to underline the 'best friends.'

Now for a challenge! Can you a write a silly sentence with all the words?



Now let's look at our red words. Those are the words we have to learn by looking at them.


Our red words for today are:


I is
of the
to was


Can you use rainbow writing to write out each red word?


Like this


Have fun!

Zumba Kids (easy dance) - I like to move it

Its Monday morning, so lets all MOVE IT  - enjoy smiley

Friday 24th April


Good morning all.  I cant believe its Friday already.


Lets have a go at partitioning numbers. Get someone in your family to write out some 2 digit (35) and 3 digit (258) numbers for you to solve.



This is a book about being kind.

What does being kind mean to you?  How can you be kind today?  

Think of different way you can be kind to your family and make a difference to them.

Because its Friday and its a happy, sunny day listen to this video.  I hope you enjoy it.


Have a lovely weekend and stay safe. smiley

Thursday 23rd April


Morning everyone a lovely sunny day again. How lucky are we with this weather smiley


Today you are going to revise the sounds you have been learning in school. Listen to the videos to refresh your memories. Then you can find things around the house or garden with those sounds. There are quite a few  on the videos, so only pick 1 or 2.  If you find that easy, try finding those sounds in a book/magazine/paper and writing them in your workbook.




In my heart -  a  book about feelings.


How is your heart feeling today?

Draw a big heart shape on a piece of paper and draw how you are feeling today smiley sad surprise angry crying

Wednesday 22nd April


Hello everyone.  Hope you are all ok and enjoying the lovely weather.


Today lets try writing our WARM UP for Maths.  Can you remember what we include every day in class? See if I missed any out!  I have written examples in  (red)


Say the 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 times tables

Count on from _____ in _____  (36 in 2's)

Count back in 10's from ______  (78)

Double - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 (try and mix them up)

Half of - 20,18,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2 (try mixing them up)

10 more than ______ (24)

10 less than _______  (97)

What two numbers are next in this sequence - (45) ____,  _____


You can use these, and the English ones from yesterday, to practise every day. Just like we do when we are in school.


Picture 1

This is called Kim's game.

Ask someone in your family to look at the picture and try and remember where/what the objects are.

Without them looking, cover one of the objects with your finger or piece of paper, see if they can remember what the  missing object was.

Swop over, see who can remember the most.


See how many films you know.  I enjoyed this one.       


Tuesday 21st April


Bora da plant.  We hope you are able to understand and work through these activities on your own or with help from family members. Please comment on your class pages if you are having any problems with the work.



Today you are going to be 'teacher'. 

Write out a daily WARM UP for someone in your family to complete.

Try just writing out our English one today.

Days of the week, months of the year, how many days in a week, how many days in a fortnight, how many months in a year, how many minutes in an hour, how many hours in a day.


Challenge - what month comes before (choose a month), what day comes after (choose a day)


Remember to write out the answers, so you can check the person you asked gives you the correct answer. smiley

Picture 1

Ask someone in your family to look at the picture for 2 minutes.  Then ask them some questions about it.

For example :- how many people are sitting under dryers,  how many pictures are on the wall, what is the man doing on the floor.


How good is their memory?  You can swap over and they can ask you some questions too.


If you want to listen to a Harry potter story and some exercise at the same time click on the youtube link.

Monday 20th April


Welcome back to 'school'.  Hope you all enjoyed your Easter holidays. A bit different for you all this year, but hope you managed to relax and chill, enjoyed time with your family and got in touch with your friends through social media.

Your first activity is :- write about your best day during the holiday. Add lots of details to your work.  Use your work book from the home pack and remember to add the date.


We would love to hear all your good news, so if you can, please add your work to your class page on google classroom.  smiley



Another great activity you can do.


Some great easy science experiments you can try out.

Friday 3rd April

Hello girls and boys.  I hope you are all well and you are keeping safe.


Some more Easter activities for you to try :-


Easter Maracas


You will need :-

plastic egg

2 plastic spoons

some rice



Half fill the egg with some rice.  Position the spoons either side of the egg, carefully wrap the tape around the spoons.

Shake and jiggle away wink


Remember to use 'what you know' or look back at the tables chart to help you.


Salt dough Easter eggs


1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water

Stir together all three ingredients until a dough forms. Kneading the dough a couple times can help make it smoother.

Roll it out ( to 1/4 inch thick) and cut out desired shapes.

Place the salt dough Easter eggs on the parchment-covered baking sheets. Remember to make a hole so you can hang them — a straw works perfectly!

Bake at 250F/130C for 2 hours.

When cool,  paint with one colour.  When dry decorate with dots, stripes, glitter.  Add twine/string to hang.

Admire your achievements, you have worked hard.  Well done smiley



We would like to say a big THANK YOU for all your hard work over the past couple of weeks.


It has been a very hard time for everyone.  You have probably been missing your friends (hopefully you have been able to chat on social media) and missing your routine in school.  I know that we have been missing you.  All the chatter and the questions you have for us every day, its awfully quiet without you.


You will be pleased to hear that we will not be putting any activities on here for the next two weeks.  That will give you plenty of chance to enjoy the holidays with your family.  Make sure you take time for some exercise and fresh air, give yourself some fun challenges, chill, listen to some music, dance (when no one is looking!), read a book/magazine, learn something new.  Be kind and thoughtful to brothers and sisters (if you have any) and help out around the house when you can.


Some online games for you to try during the holidays.


ENJOY your Easter break.  HAVE FUN and don't eat tooooooo many eggs laugh.




We will start back on Monday 20th April  -   see you then.   Keep safe all


Thursday 2nd April

Morning everyone. Hope you are all well. smiley


A fantastic video, walking through the Natural Museum in Washington D.C. It includes a dinosaur exhibit


Can you name any of the dinosaurs you saw?  Is your favourite shown? What other animals did you see?



Some Easter activities for you. 



Can you make your own Co-ordinate chart for someone in your family to solve? 



Wednesday 1st April



Cut out an egg shape out of card.  Wrap foil around the front (put some cellotape on the back to hold it). Decorate your egg with some colourful sharpies.



Have you tried cooking yet?  How about starting with these yummy chocolate nests.

You will need :  paper cases, chocolate, weetabix/cornflakes, chocolate eggs

Melt the chocolate in a microwave (ask for help with this), put the weetabix or cornflakes into a big bowl, tip the melted chocolate into the weetabix/cornflakes (be careful the chocolate will be hot) and stir really well.  Pile into paper cases, make a dip in the middle with a spoon and add your eggs (as many as you want). Leave in the fridge to set.

Make sure you share with your family!   Have fun and enjoy.

Tuesday 31st March

Morning all hope you are all ok.

Some Easter activities for you today. I don't know if you can print this out, if not, copy out the table on a piece of paper or card and enjoy playing the game.



Again if you can't print this out, draw the table and draw and colour in the missing objects.  See if you can complete it.  Good luck.

Monday 30th March

Monday morning, start of another week. Hope you all had a great weekend.  Would love to hear what you have been doing, head over to Google classroom and leave a comment.


Can you write about how you have been feeling. What different emotions you have had.  What made you feel happy? Do you feel tired - why? Have you felt proud of something you did or said?

Use the paper in your home pack and date it.

Something for you to make using pegs, foam sticks/card, glue

Saturday 28th March

Morning  all. No work today, its the weekend - yay!

Hope you are all ok and keeping yourself safe.

This weekend try to be kind and thoughtful.  

Do things that make you happy.  ENJOY



Friday 27th March

Morning all. How about sticking to our Friday routine today.


Maths - complete your CLIC and SAFE worksheets from your home pack (remember to add the date).


English - handwriting practise. Choose a book/magazine/paper and copy out a paragraph or two in your best writing on the lined paper enclosed in your home packs (remember the date).

Thursday 26th March

Another lovely dry, sunny day. Hope you are making time to relax during these long days indoors.


How about trying to find as many words as you can in the word  r e l a x i n g

An example - ear

Write as many as you can in your work book.  Remember to write the date too.

Homemade Microwave Puffy Paint

Start with one cup of flour and mix in 3 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of salt and enough water to make it the consistency of pancake batter.  Divide the mix into four parts and put them into snack size Ziploc bags along with some food colouring. Part of the fun is squishing it all around to mix up the colours!

Rubber band the bags like you would if you were icing a cake and snip off the teeniest little bit of the tip.

Paint away! When you’re finished, pop the painting into the microwave for 30-45 seconds and watch the paint puff up and grow – such fun!

Wednesday 25th March

Hello everybody, here are some links to the resources we use in class. You may wish to use them to practise your sounds, reading or spellings.

Have fun!


You can make your own snakes and ladders game using your spelling words

Here are some useful links to YouTube videos to help you practise your sounds.

Set 1 sounds link is    

Set 2 sounds link is


Here are some Maths activities too.