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                          Croeso i dosbarth 7


Welcome everyone to Class 7. I am sure we are going to have a fantastic time this year.


Useful Information

Class Teachers - Mr Gwillim

Class LSO - Mrs Evans


Please can you make sure that you bring a healthy snack for break time and a bottle of plain water to have in class  throughout the day. No squash or fizzy drinks are to be brought to school.



PE - Our day for PE will be Tuesday. Please wear clothes suitable for outdoor PE lessons. Joggers, trainers, plus school top and jumper should be fine.


Outdoor Learning - We will have outdoor learning on a Wednesday. Please send in suitable footwear which can get muddy and a raincoat for rainy days.


Homework - Homework will be set online this year. There will be tasks to complete via Google Classroom, MyMaths and Oxford Reading Owl. Details of how to access and complete these have been sent to Parent's email address.


Follow us: Our new Twitter page can be found at @BRYNps7


Our topic this term will be "Our Wonderful World". 




Friday 12th March

Today is hopefully the last day of home learning for most of us and I can not wait to see you all when we return to school on Monday!

Home PE | Around The Sock

Great PE Challenges that kids can complete at home.We publish new videos each week so subscribe to our channel for great Home PE activities and hit the bell ...

Can you make this bouquet of flowers and give them to someone who cares for you - it could be the perfect gift for Mother's Day.
Thursday 11th March

Frog Jump Home PE

Our last challenge before UK schools reopen on the 8th March is Frog Jump. Don't worry The end of LD doesn't mean the end of Home PE because we've already go...

Eggy Towers

Wednesday 10th March


 I think Im going to walk my mile inside today if the rain doesn't stop.


Home PE | Star Jumps Challenge

The Star Jumps ChallengeHow many star-jumps can you complete in 20 seconds? Keep fit and stay healthy with Home PE the new free activity program that kids ca...

Today's Science

Tuesday 9th March 

Home PE | The Plank Challenge

Keep fit and stay healthy with Home PE the new free activity program that kids can complete at home. If you're looking for fun activities for kids during loc...

Can you make a volcano?

Volcano cone template

Monday 8th March

Home PE | Spotty Dogs

Stay fit and active during the lockdown with our fun program of activities that kids can complete at home.When you've mastered this challenge don't forget to...

Friday 5th March


It's Friday, so let's have a dance. 

First learn the moves!


Learn The Dance | World Book Day Pirate Shanty

Dance along with this Pirate Shanty here: more great Home PE resources at:

Now put the moves together with some music!

KS2 Pirate Shanty Dance

We're celebrating Wold Book Day on Home PE and to mark the occasion we've come up with this great pirate shanty to accompany this viral tune.Discover more gr...

Thursday 4th March
If the characters from your favourite books took a selfie, what would they look like?
Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Paper Spinners

Home PE | Stork Balance Challenge

Test you balance with our next Home PE activity. The Stork Balance Challenge is not as easy as it may look.Keep fit and stay healthy with Home PE the new fre...

Tuesday 2nd March

Would you rather be a dancer or a scientist? Why be one, when you could be both?!?

Super Scientists! Let science help you have a little fun!

Monday 1st March


Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant!

Why not make your item ready for our google meet and make something to do with Wales! Below are some examples of what you might make using materials from your home.

Mile A Day In March

We all know how important it is to keep fit and healthy, so for the next month here is a challenge for us all to do! Will you be adding this into your daily routine? I wonder who will manage to do the whole month? I'm definitely going to try!

Friday 26th February

Home PE | Sock Ladder Challenge

Important - Use 4 Socks. Socks to be placed 50cm apartHome PE brings you weekly PE activity videos that are suitable for kids to complete at home. This we...

Thursday 25th February

KS2 SpeedBounce

To kick-off the first week of HOME PE in 2021 we present our SpeedBounce challenge. How many can you complete in 20 seconds?Discover more great home pe resou...

Wednesday 24th February

Home PE Sock Throw Roll Challenge

Great PE Challenges that kids can complete at home.We publish new videos each week so subscribe to our channel for great Home PE activities and hit the bell ...

Tuesday 23rd February

KS2 Home PE Sock Challenge

Our latest Home PE activity is The Sock Challenge.Stay fit and active during the lockdown with our fun program of activities that kids can complete at home.W...

Monday 22nd February 2021


Welcome back!

I hope you all had lovely week last week for half term.

Let us start our half term by being creative and inventive! I can't wait to see what you do :)

Friday 12th February

Today we celebrate Chinese New Year.


Can you follow the instructions in the documents below to create your own Chinese dragon and a new year dance?

Remember you can tweet your finished design and dance!

Thursday 11th February


Bore da pawb.


Today, Mr Ffit would like you to go outside and have a game of hide and seek. Perhaps you could hide or maybe, you could hide an object and have a family member look for it by giving them clues. But if the weather is too wet or too cold, how about building an assault course inside your house? Below is a video showing you how to do a basic assault course indoors. It does look like a lot of fun.

How to make a rainy day obstacle course

On google classroom we have been looking at Skeletons. Have a go at making your own skeleton. If you don't have split pins you can try using a paper clip of some short pieces of string.


Don't forget to post your pictures of your creations on google classroom or twitter.


Have a lovely day.

Wednesday 10th February


Bore da pawb,


Today on Google Classroom we have been looking at spelling strategies. Choose 8 words from your list and put them into this wordsearch. Then add extra letters around the words and give it to a family member to see if they can find your words. You could also have a family member do a wordsearch for you too.


Mr Ffit's challenge today is to see how many frog jumps you can do in 1 minute. Below is a video to show you how to do frog jumps properly. Challenge your family members too and make it a proper competition.


Have a lovely day

Frog Jumps


Tuesday 9th February


Bore da pawb.


Today we are focussing on kindness. Can you show someone a random act of kindess by doing something for someone else and not expecting a reward for it. What did you do? Let us know on Twitter or Google Classroom.


Being kind helps us to have a happy heart. What can we do to keep our hearts happy and what can we do to make someone else's heart happy. Fill in the picture below to show some of your ideas.


Below is a link to Cosmic kids yoga. We are nearly at the end of the first half term of 2021 and you've all been working so hard. So I chose this compilation video to help you to relax, be positive and stay strong. 


Have a lovely day all. 

Kids Yoga & Mindfulness To Stay Strong 💪🌈 | Cosmic Kids

A 50 minute compilation of yoga adventures, mindfulness and guided relaxations - with themes around courage, thinking positive and staying peaceful. 🌈🌈 Wat...

Monday 8th February


Bore da pawb


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


Mr Ffit would like you to eat 3-5 different fruit today. Maybe you could make another smoothie incuding lots of different fruits, or perhaps make a fruit salad? These are easy ways to eat lots of fruit at a time. Mr Ffit would also like you to take part in a physical activity, so why not join Joe Wickes in doing one of his online PE lesson today?


Below is an Inventor Scavenger Hunt. Have a look around your house to see how many of each you can find. Take photos or record yourselves listing the items you found. 


Have a lovely day.

Pictures of Fruit Salads

Friday 5th February


Bore da pawb


Did you know that today is Dydd Miwsig Cymru (Welsh language music day)? What Welsh songs do you like? What about Welsh music artists? How many can you name?


Today Mr Ffit would like you to share a picture or drawing of you being healthy. You could be exercising, eating healthy food, taking time for yourself or spending time outdoors. Make your picture big, colourful and have a clear message about what is healthy.


For Children's Mental Health Week, can you create a poster showing how to keep a healthy mind, because it's not just our bodies that need to be healthy. We need to be able to think in a healthy way too.


Listening to music is a good way to relax our minds, enjoy listening to disco version of Sosban fach below.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Sosban Fach - Clwb Cymru

Sosban Fach gan DJSG ac Alistair James, o'r CD Clwb Cymru

Thursday 4th February


Bore da


Mr Ffit would like you to do a Jumping Jack Challenge today and an Indoor scavenger hunt. So I've included a video of how to do jumping jacks properly. How many can you do in 1 minute? I've also included a book scavenger hunt. Can you find these different scenes in as many different books as you can?


For Children's Mental Health Week, I would like you to think about all the wonderful things about you. Fill in the star wheel full of thinngs that you are good at.


Have a lovely day.

How to do Jumping Jacks - Fitness for kids, by kids!

Wednesday 3rd February


Bore da pawb,


Today I have 3 activities for you focussing on your feelings.


Today Mr Ffit would like you to do an outdoor activity and a mindfulness activity. If the weather is dry, why not go out for a 30 minutes walk and use your senses. What can you hear? What can you see? What can you touch? What can you smell?


After the walk, sit somewhere comfortable. Close your eyes and relax. Listen to some lovely music to help you.


Finally, put on a favourite film. Whilst watching it, can you identify different feelings and emotions in certain scenes of the film?


Have a lovely day.


Tuesday 2nd February


Bore da pawb,


Today for Children's Mental Health Week, can you find different emotions in the wordsearch? What emotions are you expressing today?


Mr Ffit would like you to create a healthy smoothie today for Cadw'n heini Chwefror gyda Mr Ffit. There are lots of different recipes online and I've included one below for you, its a carrot and Orange smoothie. It sounds delicious. If you make it, please send us pictures and let us know what flavours they are. 


Have a lovely day.

Monday 1st February


Bore da pawb.


We hope that you had a wonderful weekend. It's February already and this month we are going to join Cadw'n heini gyda Mr Ffit. (Excerise with Mr Fit).  Everday I will be putting an activity on the website to do with keeping your body and mind healthy. Today's task is to just do some exercise. So, PE with Joe Wickes is on today. Let's do a quick workout with him.


This week is also Children's Mental Health week.  We will be looking at things we can do to make ourselves feel better and demonstrate different ways that we can express our emotions and help each other. There is a website below to give you more information but today's task is to dress up to express yourself. Remember to take pictures and tweet them on our Twitter Page @BRYNps7 or you can upload them onto our Google Classroom.


Have a lovely day


Friday 29th January


Bore da pawb,


This weekend is the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch Weekend. It's a great chance to see what amazing birds and other wildlife can be found in gardens and areas around our homes. 


Below is a link to the RSPB website where you can find out more about cetain birds, how to take a perfect picture of a bird and you can even take a quiz to find out what bird you are.


There's also some pictures to see what certain birds are called and how to make a bird feeder to attract birds to your area. 


We would love to see what birds you have found, so send us any pictures you take by posting on twitter @BRYNps7 or Google Classroom.

Thursday 28th January


Bore da pawb


Next week we will be starting our live streaming on Google Meet and we can't wait to see you all. I know that many of you have already emailed your consent forms to the office but if you have not done this yet and would like to be part of the live calls, please return the email consent to the office. Details of your allocated call will be posted on Google Classroom later this week.


Weather hasn't been so nice recently so it would be nice to spread some positive thoughts. When outdoors, look for a nice flat pebble. Clean it once you're home and then paint it with a lovely message. Leave it somewhere for someone to see it and pass on the positivity. For some inspiration, look at the picture below.


Finally, just for fun, take a personality quiz. You could see what baby animal you are, what planet you are and even which flavour icecream you are.


Let us know what you did on Twitter or Google Classroom.

Wednesday 27th January


Bore da pawb


How are your neck nodders and cheese chompers after yesterday's activities?


Today we have a "Drop the penny" race. Why not challenge your family to see how quickly they can drop the penny into the egg holder. (You can use cups instead of egg boxes if you haven't got any.) Maybe you could adapt this and time how long it takes to drop 5 pennies into a cup from waist height. 


Year 3 have been looking at symmetry this week, but all of you could have a go at creating this spectacular pattern by splitting your page into symmetrical parts and then drawing triangles inside each part. I bet that, when coloured in, this would make a really impressive piece of art.


Remember to take pictures of your creations and activities and post them on our Twitter page or Google Classroom.


Have a lovely day.



Satisfying Symmetrical Pattern


Tuesday January 26th


Bore da pawb,


With St Dwynwen's Day yesterday I started thinking about how things make me feel. Yesterday I was feeling sad because we are still not back in school, but I was also feeling calm because I had made a list of all the things that I had to do that day and I was grateful that I had had a good night's sleep ready to complete all of my jobs. Below is a gratitude tracker. You can keep track of your weekly emotions and what you are grateful for by colouring in this tracker according to the instructions. 


After all the hard thinking you have been doing about numeracy, literacy and your feelings, it's time to let loose a bit. So here is a GoNoodle video for you to shake things off and be a bit silly for a few minutes. 


Remember to take photos of your work and upload them to Google Classroom or Twitter. We really do love seeing your creations. It makes us very happy!!! laugh

Knicky Knacky Knocky Knoo - Moose Tube | GoNoodle

Put your Think Tanker, Cheese Chomper, Neck Nodder, Sleeve Slider, Seat Softener, and everything to good use in this Knicky Knacky Knocky NEW song! Create a ...

Gratitude wheel

Monday 25th January


Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus - Happy Saint Dwynwen's Day.


Today is the Welsh version of Valentine's Day. You can watch a video of the story of Saint Dwynwen in the link below.


So first thing today, let's get our hearts racing and do a good workout with Joe Wickes. Just google PE with Joe Wickes and click on today's video. Feel free to do the other videos too.


Then why not try to make an Origami Heart. Follow the instructions below. All you need is 1 piece of coloured paper.


Hope you all have a LOVEly day.

The story of Santes Dwynwen by Dosbarth Redwood.

Friday 22nd January


Bore da pawb


Hooray for Friday!!!!!!!! 


Hopefully the weather will be a bit better today. Why not go for a walk. Collect different items you find whilst walking or record sounds in a survey that you hear whilst you're out. You could show us the different sounds or items you collected by creating a pictogram, bar graph or table. Why not be really creative and make a pictograph out of the items. That would look lovely.


After your walk, why not relax with a few lovely books. Which books do you need to read in Oxford Reading Owl? Let us know which books you have enjoyed reading today.


Have a great day and a lovely weekend everyone.  See you Monday!!!!



Thursday 21st January


Bore da pawb


There have been so many changes to vehicles throughout history, from cars that needed winding up to now electric cars, planes, rockets etc. A really cool vehicle is a hovercraft. It can travel on land and water. AMAZING!! So below is a video to show you how you can make your own hovercraft using materials found around the home. It does say to use a hot glue gun, if you do not have one of these, try normal glue with sticky tape too. 


Time to get moving and dance around to Blue da ba dee Just dance video. I know that lots of you like this song. So enjoy!!!

HOW TO MAKE A HOVERCRAFT Easy Kids Science Experiments

Just Dance 2018 - Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Original Song]

Wednesday 20th January


Carrying on with our Victorians link, why not try making a Victoria Sponge. It's called this because it was named after Queen Victoria as she really enjoyed having a slice of this delicious bake.


I don't know about you, but I love "The Masked Singer" and so far, I haven't guessed any correctly. But how about trying some Masked Singer poses with some Cosmic Kids Yoga today?


Have a great day everyone.

The Masked Singer | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Join Jaime as we meet some of the amazing Masked Singer Masks! We don't know who they are yet but we learn what their yoga poses are - and by doing their spe...

Tuesday 19th January


Bore da pawb.


Weather hasn't been so nice recently but we still need to stay active. Here's a 25 move challenge for you today. I wonder if you can manage to do every task?


To calm down why not play Scrabble Spelling. You could play on your own or with members of the family. Who will win I wonder?


Have a lovely day everyone.

Monday 18th January


Welcome back class. 


We hope you've had a lovely weekend.


We're looking at inventions at the moment and one of the inventions that became popular during the Victorian Era was Silhouette art. Why not try creating a silhouette drawing of yourself? Here are a few examples and a video showing you how to do it. You could do one for each member of your family. 


It's important that you take time to relax during this strange time. Below is a 10 minute mindfulness lesson from Cosmic kids. You'll be amazed by how good you feel at the end of the video. So sit down and enjoy!!

Identity Portrait Painting TRACING SILHOUETTES

Rainbow Waterfall (Peace Out: Guided Meditation for Kids) | Cosmic Kids

In this Cosmic Kids guided relaxation, we go floppy like cooked spaghetti and then take a journey into a magical forest in our minds. Eventually we discover ...

Friday 15th January


Bore da pawb


It's Friday that means its almost the weekend. Woohoo!!


Today we have a Victorian themed anagram to do. Can you solve the puzzles by rearranging the letters?


And, as it's Friday, I like to "MOVE IT MOVE IT!!" Why not enjoy dancing around the house and learning the dance moves to this lively and uplifting song?


Have fun today and a great weekend.

Zumba Kids (easy dance) - I like to move it

Thursday 14th January


Bore da pawb


Here is a picture of Queen Victoria's family tree. As you can see she had a very large family. Why not create your own family tree today. You and any brothers or sisters that you have will be at the bottom of the tree, then work your way up to your parents, then grandparents. If you know more of your relatives like great grandparents then include them too. Remember to add drawings of your family members to make it look good. 


Time to get moving. Why not learn your tables whilst moving with some famous football mascots. Learn the 4 times tables with Cyril the Swan and the 6 times tables with Fred the Red. 


Have a great day.

Wednesday 13th January


Bore da pawb.


Today's activities.


Make your own Thaumatrope. This is a toy that makes pictures come to life. It's an optical illusion but very popular and so easy to make. There is instructions below but there's also a video link to watch if that's easier. Please send pictures of your creations to Twitter or Google Classroom.


Why not have a good old game of musical statues to shake away these Winter blues. Get your family members together, put on your favourite songs and boogie woogie until the music stops. Remember to stand as still as you can, otherwise you will be out of the game. 


Hope you have a lovely day.

Tuesday 12th January


Bore da pawb,


We've been looking at inventions and famous inventors. One invention during the Victorian Era was the postage stamp. These days stamps come with lots of different pictures on them, especially during certain events or times of the year. Could you design a new stamp. Maybe it could have a unique invention on it, or something to remember 2020 / 2021?


It's still a bit cold outside so lets keep warm and do some Cosmic Kids yoga. Today they are in a rocket!! Another amazing invention. Just click on the link below and have fun.

Monday 11th January


Bore da pawb.


I hope you all had a lovely weekend. 


Today at 9am, Joe Wickes will be doing his first PE lesson of this lockdown. He was amazing last time and really kept the nation going. He will be doing lessons every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am. It's a great way for you and the family to have fun whilst being active. If you can not do the live lesson, don't worry you can still do it later in the day. Just type in "PE with Joe Wickes" in youtube and you will find the clip.


Our topic this term is called "Eureka" and we will be looking at inventions that occurred during the Victorian Era. One of these was the invention of the telephone. So why not try making your own telephone. Below are some videos to give you some ideas and instructions. You can choose any type to make.  Just have fun and remember to tweet your creations to @BRYNps7 or post them on Google Classroom.

These are just a couple of suggestions but there are lots of different ones on youtube. Have fun looking at different designs and choose the one you fancy making. 

Friday 8th January


Bore da class


It's another lovely day today but really cold. So here is a Zumba workout to get you warmed up. It's a great way of having fun and keeping fit. The video is quite short but there are loads of other ones for you to try too. Let us know which ones you do on our Twitter page @BRYNps7.


Later, why not play a nice game of cards with your family. Here are 2 games for you to try. I wonder who will win.


Have a lovely day and a great weekend.

Thursday 7th January


Bore Da Class 7.


It's a beautiful day today. Why not start the day by going on a wonderful winter walk. Perhaps you could practise taking photographs of some of the incredible things you find, or pick up some natural items and try making some art with them like Richard Shilling does. Look at the link below to see some of the things he has made. 


After your walk, warm up with a nice cosy blanket and a warm drink whilst you find some New Year related words in our wordsearch.


Have a lovely day. 

Wednesday 6th January


Hello Class 7. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda and Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!


Here are some fun activities for you to try today. Enjoy.



Cosmic Kids yoga is a fun and relaxing way to have some exercise. Today's video concentrates on hygiene routines. Have fun with this.

Stained glass window bunting

Why not welcome in the new year with this lovely bunting for the window.


1. Cut the paper into triangle and sew together along the top or glue them along a ribbon.

2. Preheat the cookie sheet (clean baking tray) in the oven at 350f. Lay a towel on your unit to protect it when the tray comes out.

3. When hot, put the tray on the towel. (Wear an oven mitten now to prevent burns. Lay the paper bunting on the hot tray and draw / write on the paper with crayons. The crayons will melt as they draw.

4. Once the crayons stop melting, put the tray back in the oven to reheat.

5. Repeat  the drawing and reheating process as required.

6. Paint the front of the bunting with liquid water colour paints.

7. Once dry, paint the back of the bunting with a thin coat of vegetable oil.

8. When completely dry. Hang on a window.

Friday 18th December


How did you get on yesterday with you outdoor scavenger hunt? Did you find everything? Here's another one for you to try today, but this time it's indoors. Look around your house and see how many items you can find. Maybe you could have a competition with other family members.


I know how much you enjoy drawing so how about trying to draw a sleigh and a Christmas tree today. Take some photos and either post them on Google Classroom or onto our Twitter page @BRYNps7.


Finally I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year. Nadolig Llawen Pawb.

Thursday 17th December


The weather isn't great again today so how about learning how to draw a reindeer and a Santa. Remember to colour them in. 


This afternoon you may have a chance to go outside. Why not go on a scavenger hunt and see if you can find lots of Christmas things on the list. 

Wednesday 16th December


Bore da Class,


Today is a very wet day, a perfect day for cwtching up on the sofa and watching a lovely Christmas film. Why not make your favourite snack, with a nice drink and watch a film with the family today.


Enjoy laugh

Friday 2nd October.




This week's Pupil of the Week was awarded to Grace for showing high standards in all pieces of work.


This week's Seren Yr Wythnos was awarded to Tayah for great use of Welsh all week.