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Personalised Assessments

Personalised assessments

This year children in Years 2 to 9 will complete online personalised assessments in reading and numeracy. The children will participate in three online assessments:

  • Reading
  • Numeracy Procedural
  • Numeracy Reasoning

Online personalised assessments in reading and numeracy

Personalised assessments : an introduction for parents/carers

Personalised Assessments - Learner feedback explained

Personalised Assessments are adaptive, meaning that questions are selected based on the responses to previous questions. This provides a tailored assessment ...

Assessments are used to help us plan future learning activities by providing information on learners’ strengths and areas for improvement in reading and numeracy skills. Teachers give full consideration to the skills identified by the assessments, not the scores alone, and use the information provided alongside any other relevant classroom-based information.


Further information can be found on the Welsh Government website using this link