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Monday 23rd January 2023

Ble rwyt ti’n byw?

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Brawddeg Yr Wythnos


Where do you live?

Ble rwyt ti’n byw?


I live in ____ with ____.

Dw i‘n byw yn ____ gyda ___.



Students might include type of house (fflat, ty teras etc.), type of village/town, names of family members.

E.g. Dw i‘n byw mewn pentref bach o’r enw Bryncethin, ger y dref Pen-y-bont gyda ___ o’r enw ____.

I live in a small village called Bryncethin, near Bridgend with ____ called _____.

Dw i‘n hoffi byw yn Bryncethin achos fy ffrindiau yn byw yma.

I like living in Bryncethin because my friends live here.