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Class 11

Friday 12th March


Bore da pawb! Let's continue with our Science related activities today, linked to space and the planet Mars.

Take a look at this clip of a shuttle launch!



Shuttle launch

Now have a go at making your very own bottle rocket. Follow the instruction on the picture below. 



Now let's try a rocket song and dance!



Zoom to the Moon

Thursday 11th March


Bore da Class 11. We hope you enjoyed the activities yesterday. Here are some more activities linked to our Science theme for this week, the planet Mars.


Look at your Mars rover design from yesterday. Can you create the Mars rover you designed. Use junk materials you can find at home. Here is a picture to help you.

You may wish to create a Mars rover using Lego.  Here is a link to a video which may help you. 

LEGO® Classic - How to make the Mars rover

Here is a space dance for you to try. 



Just Dance Kids 2 Jump Up

Wednesday 10th March


Bore da  Class 11, mae hi'n bwrw glaw heddiw!

We hope you enjoyed your work yesterday learning about planet Mars. Today here are some more activities for you to try. 

Here are some clips of the rover Perseverance landing on Planet Mars. This happened only a few weeks ago on 18th February.


Now watch this clip about designing a Mars rover.


Can you design your very own rover to explore planet Mars? 


Don't forget to label the different parts.


Next have a go at these astronaut training exercises!



Astronaut Training 2 - Let's Get Moving Gross Motor Class | Movement Break | Brain Break

Tuesday 9th March


Good morning, bore da! Today we will continue with our work about planet Mars.


Take a look at these clips all about Mars.



Mars, the Red Planet

Planet Song

What facts can you remember about Mars? Tell a family member or friend a fact you have learned. 

Let's have a go at making a model of Mars, like this. 

You will need to inflate a balloon, then cover it with strips of paper which have been dipped in glue mixed with water. Add a few layers then wait for it to dry. Once it is dry, paint it red, it will be just like Mars!

Now let's try some space yoga exercises!


Mike The Cosmic Space Monkey | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Monday 8th March


Bore da pawb! Did you have a lovely weekend? Our work this week is going to be Science based as it is British Science week. Our work will be based on the Mars Rover Perseverance, which has recently landed on Mars!

To begin with we will learn about our Solar System. Take a look at this clip. 



Planets of our Solar System for Kids

Can you create a model of our Solar System like this?



Now take a look at this planet dance!

Eight Planets

Friday 5th March


Bore da Class 11. It looks like it is going to be a lovely Spring time day today!

Here are your activities, linked to our mini Wellbeing theme this week.


Self Portrait

Can you create a portrait of yourself? You may wish to use paint or pencils. 

It may be useful to have a mirror nearby too, so you can look at your facial features closely.

Here is a short video to show you how to position the features on the face. 

Learn how to draw portraits - How to draw a face step-by-step - Easy tutorial for kids

Name workout

Write out your first name. Then do each workout move for each letter of your name. You could try the names of family members or friends too! Have fun!

Thursday 4th March


Bore da pawb! Today is World Book Day. This week we have been doing lots of activities around developing our own books called 'The Story of Me.' Here are some more activities to try. 


Have a go at making an all about me rainbow like the one in the picture below. 


Now let's try a rainbow dance! 


A Rainbow Cheer | Songs for Kids | Dance along

Here is a lovely story for you to enjoy, all about what makes me, me. 

You may wish to celebrate World Book Day by choosing one of the activities on this link.


You may also wish to create your own book mark, make a mask of a character from a book, make some finger puppets to retell a favourite story, draw your favourite illustration from a story or write a book review. 

Here are some pictures to help you. 

Wednesday 3rd March


Bore da Class 11. Today we will continue with activities linked to ourselves.

Take a look at this story all about reflections. 

The Reflection in Me

We hope you enjoyed that story.  You other task today, is to create a mirror which is decorated with positive things about yourself. You can use tin foil to create the mirror, then a felt tip pen to write the positive things all around it. Here are some examples. Have fun!

Tuesday 2nd March 


Bore da Class 11.  This week we will be focusing on tasks related to ourselves and celebrating the unique individuals that we are!


Here is a story to start. We hope you enjoy 



You Be You

Try creating a collage to represent yourself. Use materials you can find at home. 

Here are some pictures to help you. 




Here is a picture to colour.  Remember to be kind to other people but also to be kind to yourself, be who YOU want to be and do things to make YOU happy.  There is only ONE YOU!



Monday 1st March


Bore da pawb! Today is St. David's Day. We will be continuing with our St. David's Day crafts today. 

First let's learn all about Welsh Love spoons. Take a look at this information below. 


Have a go at creating your own Welsh love spoon design. Here are some symbols you may want to use, along with the meanings behind each symbol. . 


Have a go at one of these Welsh folk dances, you may want to ask a family member to join in too!










Singing is what the Welsh people are known for.  Have a go at singing the Welsh National Anthem at home - you will have heard this song if you watch Wales playing rugby!

Friday 26th February


Bore da Class 11. We will continue with our St. David's Day theme today, with our activities linked to daffodils. 


Take a look at this video showing lots of different daffodils. 




Daffodil Dance

Can you draw a daffodil? Here is a link to a video which shows you how to draw a daffodil. Give it a try!

How to Draw a Daffodil

You may wish to make a  hand print daffodil instead.




Here is a Spring time dance for you, have a go!

The Spring Time dance

Thursday 25th February


Bore da Class 11! Your activities today are all about dragons to continue with our St. David's Day links.


Do you ever feel angry or annoyed? Sometimes when we feel like this it is good to blow out all our hot air, just like a dragon breathing out fire! Have a go at making a fire breathing dragon. 

You could also use it to play with too!

Here is link to a video which will show you how to make the dragon. 

How to Make a Fire Breathing Dragon

Yesterday we learned all about why there is a dragon on our Welsh flag. Here is a link to an interactive colouring activity where you can colour the Welsh flag on screen.


Alternatively you may wish to print one to colour. There is an option in the link above.

Have fun!

Wednesday 24th March


Bore da pawb! I hope you enjoyed the activities from yesterday. Here are some more linked to St. David's Day. 


Take a look at the first video on the link below. It shows a family preparing to celebrate St. David's Day. Think about all the things the family does to prepare for St. David's Day. Which of the preparations do you do at home or in school?


Then take a look at the second video all about the St. David's Day parade.


Can you spot the dragon in the parade?


Maybe you could create a dragon using junk materials you can find at home. Here are some pictures to help you. 



Once you have made your dragon can you parade it around, like those in the video, for all your family to see?


We have a dragon on our flag in Wales. 


Here is the story of the Welsh dragon. 


Welsh Dragons in How the Draig (Dragon) Came to Fly for Wales

Tuesday 23rd February


Bore da Class 11! Here are your activities for today.  They are related to St David's Day. 


Welsh Folk Dance


Here is a video of a popular Welsh folk dance which you may wish to try at home with some family members. The dance you will need to select is called 'Cylch y Cymry.' You may wish to try part or all of the dance. Have fun!


Here is some information and the instructions for the dance. 




Have a go at this St David's Day wordsearch, can you find all the words?


Monday 22nd February


Bore da, good morning to you all. We hope you all had a lovely half term break at home with your families. 

Our work this week will be linked to St David's Day, which is coming up soon on March 1st. 

First here is a song called 'Y Fasged Siopa' which is all about items being out into a shopping basket. 

Beth sydd yn y fasged siopa?

Y Fasged Siopa lyrics

Y Fasged Siopa instrumental

Here is the instrumental so you can practise singing along at home.

Take a look at this activity called 'A Mile a Day in March.' You may wish to sign up for it.

Please see the details on the poster or click on the link below the poster. 


Friday 12th February


Good morning Class 11. Today is the last day of term and you have one whole week off - yay!

First we have to finish this week's activities.

Look at a time line showing us when the first flight's were recorded.


Let's look at how planes have changed over the years.


You are going to invent your own airplane which will fly in the future.  Think about the shape and size.  Will it be huge or just for one person?





We started with a superhero, let's finish this week being a Superhero!

Try and tick off as many of these exercises as you can.  After you have finished, what superpowers do you feel you have now!  How does it feel being a superhero?


Have a fabulous half term.  Keep well and stay safe, relax and enjoy smiley


Thursday 11th February

Hello everyone,  I hope you are all feeling ok?


Let's look at a fact file about Orville and Wilbur Wright.  Then see if you can fill in the worksheet below.



See if you can use the facts to fill in the worksheet.



How did you get on making the clothes peg plane yesterday?

Today you are going to try to build a bi-plane!  


These are the materials you need.  You can paint it any colour.


This is how it should look like.


This is the underneath.  The money is stuck on, so the plane doesn't tip forward.





If you are finding making your plane a bit tricky, try this simple exercise.


How about having a game?  This is a good game for practicing your memory skills.  Watch the video and have a go with your family.  Enjoy smiley





Wednesday 10th February


Good morning Class 11.  It is very cold today, so make sure you wrap up warm if you are brave enough to go outside!


This is a video of the original old film showing the Wright Brothers flying their planes.  Can you see that their plane has two wings,  one under the other!  Very different to the planes we have now!



You are going to have a go at making one of these planes.  You will need a clothes peg, some wooden lolly sticks, glue and paint.





You need a packet of M&M's for this task.  Perhaps ask a family member to buy a packet for you the next time they go shopping if you haven't got any in the house.  Perhaps you can play it another time.  You can always discuss your feelings with a family member too.


Tuesday 9th February


Morning all how are you all doing?

Today we are going to watch a cartoon video all about the Wright Brothers. 

Here is a picture of the Wright Brothers first airplane for you to colour.


Here is the link if you would like to print it out.



What is different about the Wright brother's plane to the ones we now have?  Can you name 3 differences?






Sometimes we all have more than one emotion during the day and that's ok.  We might feel grumpy when we wake up, but after breakfast we might feel happy, then later we might become anxious but these emotions don't usually last long.  Can you find all the different emotions to fit in the squares!


Keep a diary for today to see how many different emotions you have had during the day.


Hope you enjoyed learning more about the Wright Brothers.  If you have coloured in the picture or filled in the Emotions quiz, we would love to see your efforts.  Take a picture and post onto our google Classroom page.

Have a terrific Tuesday :-)

Monday 8th February


Hello everyone.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend and ready to start another week of learning.

Last week we found out all about Alexander Graham Bell.

This week the inventors we are going to learn about are - The Wright Brothers.  Any idea what they invented?  Let's have a look and see if you can work it out!



Did you guess?  So, this week we will learn about the brothers who flew the first airplane.





Let's kick off the week with a Joe Wickes exercise class.  He is dressed up as Spiderman - if you have any costumes perhaps you would like to join him.  Hope this energises you, ready for the day!


If you look at the Express Yourself calendar at the top of the page, today's task is to draw yourself as a Superhero!  Who are you going to be, what are your super powers?  

It would be great if you can take a picture and post it on our Google Classroom page.

Have a     day!

Friday 5th February


Good morning everyone.  It's Friday again!  The weeks are flying past, hopefully it won't be long before we are back in school.


Today we are going to recap on all the information we have learned about Alexander Graham Bell.  There is a quiz at the end of the book, so listen very carefully!


Let's see if you can fill in the missing words on this worksheet.


Here is a link if you want to print it out.

Wellbeing activity


Today's task on the express yourself calendar is to think about what is going on in your mind.

Use this worksheet to draw all the things that you are thinking of right now.


To finish off this week.  I want you to get messy!  You will need paper and paint and your hands!

Watch the video to see what you have to do.

Wordless. This clip explains very simply 'How art therapy works' without using words. Because sometimes there are no words.

Can you see the different colours the lady uses for the different emotions?  Perhaps you could do something similar.  There was also some calming music in the background.  Here is some piano music - how does that make you feel?

Have a lovely weekend with your families.  Check on the calendar to see what tasks you could do to express yourself if you have time.  See you Monday smiley

Thursday 4th February


Bore da everyone.

Today you are going to be making things.  You will be expressing your creativity!

Let's look at how the telephone has changed throughout time.


You are going to have a go at making your own telephone!  Here are two pictures you may want to use, or you might come up with your own design.




Wellbeing activity

It is so important to have a good nights sleep so that your body and mind can recharge its self ready for the next day.  Sometimes we have problems/worries whizzing around our brain though and that stops us from sleeping.  So, you are going to make a worry doll that might help you sleep better.

Listen to this book first. 


Now let's have a go.  You will need pipe cleaners, wool or thread and some glue.  You might want to add some clothes to your worry doll.  Hope you have fun making them.

Day 4 on the Express Yourself Calendar (at the top of the page) asks - if you could turn into an animal for a day what would you be?  Perhaps you can discuss this with your family and perhaps act like that animal for a few minutes.  If you decide you want to be an elephant, you could make yourself big and round and stomp about, using your arm as your trunk!  I wonder what animal you will choose! smiley

Wednesday 3rd February


Good morning everyone.  Hope you are fit and well, ready for some great activities.

Here is another picture to colour.  This time it's a telephone. The first one Alexander Graham Bell invented.


You can be Alexander Graham Bell and find an assistant, like Thomas Watson, to try out your paper cup invention.

This video explains how a string telephone works, by using sound waves.

Wellbeing activity.


For working so well this week, you can make yourself a rosette.  Think about all the ways you have expressed yourself and made yourself feel a better person.  Wear your rosette with pride.

Enjoy being creative and have fun. smiley

Tuesday 2nd February

Good morning everyone.  I hope you liked the book about Alexander Graham Bell.  Today you are going to watch a programme with actors playing the parts of Alexander and his family.  Hope you enjoy it.

This is a picture of Alexander for you to colour in.  You may want to print it out, so I have put the link for that underneath the picture.

What did you do to Express yourself yesterday?  Remember to have a look at the calendar at the top of the page for more ideas. 

Today's task is to dress up!

Find things to express who you are.  Raid some cupboards if you have to (please remember to ask first).

Another person who likes to dress up is Joe Wickes!.  Let's join him for a fun workout to keep our bodies healthy.  That's one of our 5 steps to Wellbeing ticked off yes.


Enjoy your day smiley.

Monday 1st February


Good morning everyone.  Hope you are all ready for a new week of learning.


This week we are going to learn all about Alexander Graham Bell.  Do you know what he invented?  I will give you some clues - it rings, you can talk to people on it?  Have you guessed.......the telephone!

Watch this video of a read aloud book all about Alexander Graham Bell.


 This week we will be doing lots of activities to help you Express Yourself.

Watch this video, it will give you lots of information and an easy activity to do at the end.



Think of all the ways you could express yourself and try one of them smiley.  If you are stuck for an idea, look at the calendar at the top of the page and try one of the tasks off there.  Have a lovely day.

Friday 29th January


Good morning Class 11.  It's Friday!! smiley

Today is the last day of learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

We are going to move onto another inventor next week.

Today I thought you could play a game!  I will give you a link to print out the game if you like.




I hope you enjoy playing it.


This weekend is the Great Garden Birdwatch.  If you look at this link you will be able to find out all about it.

They are asking people to go out into their gardens and count how many birds come into your garden.  So perhaps you can use this chart and tally up the birds visiting your garden.  There are some activities to print out below.  You can fill in a tally chart of the birds you see and there is also an easy bird feeder you might want to make - perhaps you will get more birds to visit you!




If you want to print them out, here are the links :-



Please let us know if you did join in and what kinds of birds you saw.  I hope you enjoy.

Have a lovely weekend and 'see' you back here on Monday.

Thursday 28th January

 Bore Da everyone. All ready for another day?


Topic - Think about all the birthday presents you have received in your life!  Which one was your best?


Think of how grateful Charlie would be to be receiving 'another' birthday present! 


Think of all the things YOU have got to be grateful for.

Let's see if you can find everything on this scavenger list.  Have fun smiley

Wednesday 27th January


Good morning everyone, hope you are all feeling well and ready for some activities.


Topic work - Watch the video of the crazy, terrifying, scary boat ride from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


You are going to find words that mean the same as CRAZY to add to the worksheet.  These are called SYNONYM's - words that mean the same!

Write CRAZY in the middle shape, then find as many words that mean the same to fill the bubbles.



Wellbeing - Let's all get a little CRAZY for a few minutes dancing along to this tune!

After all that crazy dancing, you might want to calm down a bit.  Try watching this video and see if it works.  You can always come back to this video if you feel you want a few relaxing minutes to yourself.

Tuesday 26th January


Topic work - to make a new front cover for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  There has been lots of different ones over the years.  Here are some below :-




First look at the background - what colour looks best? Then your title (how big or small, all capitals or mixture, bubble writing),  finally your pictures.


Wellbeing activity - Watch the video, perhaps you might want to dance along - it's a catchy tune!

Think about you, there is only one of you in the world - you are unique!

Hope you enjoy your activities today.  If you can, take a picture of your work and post it onto Google Classroom, we would love to see them.

Have a lovely day smiley

Monday 25th January


Good morning everyone, hope you all had a relaxing weekend.

Our topic activity will be to find as many words in SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS!  You can only use the letters in the word - there are 3 'd's' and 2 'm's', so you could have MUM.



Today is St Dwynwen's Day.  The Welsh version of St Valentine's day.  Here is the story of Santes Dwynwen.

Perhaps you can make a friend cutout and write your friend's name on one and your name on another. Write down why you think he/she is kind or what kind things you could do for them.


Fold a piece of paper/card in half, draw the shape, make sure you draw the arm and legs on the fold line and cut out everything apart from where the arm and leg join.  When you open it out, you will have two friends holding hands with a heart in the middle - like the bottom picture.


Friday 22nd January


Hello everyone.  I can't believe it is Friday, it has flown by!

Thank goodness the rain has stopped too.  I think it's going to be chilly, so wrap up warm if you go for a walk.


Today's Topic work is - to make a map of Willy Wonka's factory.  You could draw the different rooms in the factory, how will you get to each room?  Will you add any more rooms?  What will you call them? Look at these examples for some ideas :-



Use a big piece of paper or card and get creative!  We would love to see your drawings if you could post on Google Classroom.


Our Wellbeing activity is called Rainbow Waterfall.  This is a meditation, it helps you relax.  Let us know how it made you feel?



Enjoy the rest of the day.  Have a lovely weekend with your family, have some rest, have fun, relax and enjoy.  See you Monday :-)

Thursday 21st January


Good morning everyone.  Hope you are all well and ready to start a new day.

Today we are going to look at FAMILY TREES.  Do you remember in the story/film Charlie lives with 2 sets of grandparents and his Mum and Dad.  Who do you live with?  Let's make our own family tree.

Watch this video first :-


Who will be in your Family Tree?

Here are examples of how to make your own family tree.



During this lockdown we have been very grateful and thankful for our families.



For our Wellbeing activity we are going to be thinking about being Thankful.





Have a lovely day smiley

Wednesday 20th January


Hello everyone how are you doing?

Who has some cartons, boxes, bottles, yogurt pots, card (junk) in your house?  Let's use some of it to make your own junk invention to help Willy Wonka in his factory.  It could be a machine or a robot.

Here are a few ideas :-





Send any pictures to Google Classroom.  We would love to see them :-)


After being so creative and busy, let's calm things down and try out some of these Yoga poses.

How many can you do? Remember to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Tuesday 19th January


Good morning Class 11,

We are going to be inventors today. First look at this video about how chocolate is made.

How Chocolate is Made

Doesn't that look yummy!

You are going to invent your own chocolate bar. Look at some ideas.

DIY Personalized Chocolate Bars


Be CREATIVE! Think of your favourite chocolate bar - what could you add to that to make it even more delicious!

After trying out all those chocolate bars - how would you be feeling? Happy, sick, sleepy, excited?

This sheet is all about your feelings and emotions. Can you find them all?  Talk about how you are feeling and why to someone in your family.


Monday 18th January

Bore da everyone.  Hope you all had a great weekend.


Let's carry on with our topic work this morning.  You are going to design a 'Golden Ticket'.


Remember to write the date, time and where to meet on your ticket.  Then colour it in.  Here is an example.




Now try a fun experiment!  You will need M&M's or Skittles. Try different patterns.  Have fun smiley

Friday 15th January


Bore da everyone. It's Friday!  Last day of the week.  I hope you have all enjoyed all the activities this week.

Today is going to be Oompa Loompa day! Let's watch the song to remind you.


Willy Wonka 1971 Oompa Loompa Song

Let's try and draw an Oompa Loompa.

Remember you can stop the video while you draw each part. Take a picture and send it to Google classroom.  We would love to see them!

Watch this video.  Roald Dahl is reading part of the book and Quentin Blake (who drew the pictures) shows you how to draw an Oompa Loompa from the book.  Do you notice any differences between the film Oompa Loompa's and the ones in the book?
Let's finish off by learning the Oompa Loompa dance!

Oompa Loompa Choreography YouTube

Hope you have a go at these activities.  Have a lovely day and remember to have some family funtime over the weekend. :-)

Thursday 14th January


Good morning.  Hope you are all ok?

Today you are going to be inventors!  You are going to invent a maze.  I know you will have some lego in your house and this is what you are going to use.  Watch the video to give you some ideas.


How to Make a Lego Maze | Another STEM Challenge from Sophie's World

Our Wellbeing task covers our Topic theme as well.  How are you feeling?  Our feelings change throughout the day.  See if you can fill in this worksheet.



How does this tie in with our Topic work?  Well, I would like you to fill in the next sheet as if you were Charlie!  For example :- Charlie feels sad when he couldn't buy any chocolate.


Wednesday 13th January


Good morning, bore da! We hope you enjoyed you activities yesterday and you had lots of fun creating lollipops. 

Here are some more activities for today.


In the film and book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,' Charlie had a dream. His dream was to win a golden ticket! Watch this clip when he finds one.



Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory


How do you think he feels when he finds the ticket? Can you think of some words?

Do you have any dreams like Charlie? You could draw them into a thought bubble like the one in the picture below. 


If you had any playdough left over from making your sweets yesterday, you could use that for the finger exercises. Enjoy!

Tuesday 12th January


Bore da! We hope you enjoyed the activities yesterday. Please check out the Google Classroom page for Class 11.  It now has  a virtual library and invention room on there! 


Can you remember the Welsh weather vocabulary we did last term? Use the Power Point below to practise the weather vocabulary. You may wish to complete a weather chart like the one shown. 




Here is a weather chart you may wish to complete too. 



Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory - The Candy Man Scene (1/10) | Movieclips

Which video did you like best?  The original Willy Wonka or the Tom and Jerry version?

Let's try making some play dough to make Willy Wonka's candy.  Try using different colours and different shapes to make your candy.  Here are some ideas :-


Here is a recipe for making an easy play dough.  Add different colours/glitter if you want. You don't need to use glycerine!  Ask an adult to help with the hot water and kneading as it will be hot!


Can you come up with some imaginative candy names for your sweets - like these ones?


This is a recipe for a salt dough - you need to bake this one to harden it off.  Ask an adult to help when using the oven.


Good luck! We would love to see your creations if you can post them onto Google Classroom.

Monday 11th January


Bore da! We hope you had a lovely weekend. 

This week we will begin our new topic called 'Eureka!' The word 'Eureka' comes from the Greek language and means 'I found it!' Out topic is going to be all about discoveries and inventions!

We thought you may all be familiar with a book and film which is all about an inventor of wonderful machines, machines which make sweets and chocolates. You've guessed it! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 


This book also has links to Wales as it is written by the famous Welsh author Roald Dahl.


The work on the website will be practical activities linked to this theme for the next few weeks. These are the types of activities we do during the afternoons in class. The work on Google Classroom will be like our morning English and Maths lessons. 


Here is a link to a song from the film 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' to get you started.






Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Let's try making some of the lollipops you can see in the video.

The first one is a paper lollipop.  Here is the template you need.

Now watch a video to show you how to make one.


You can also make a pipe cleaner lollipop.  Watch this video to find out how.


Perhaps you can take a picture of your creations and post on Google Classroom for us all to see!

Shall we have a go at doing some exercises after all your creative work?  Here is a fun video - you choose which exercise you do.  Let us know if you enjoyed it smiley.

Friday 8th January


Bore da! Here are some activities for you to try today. We hope you have lots of fun!


Listen to this story 'The Magical Yet.' 




The Magical Yet

Now lets think about setting yourself some goals for the next few weeks.

Use this to help you. 


You may want to make a poster like the one below, to remind you about these goals. Have fun!

Thursday 7th January


I hope you enjoyed the tasks from yesterday.

Here are some more activities related to 'The Power of Yet.' 

Think of something you would like to be able to do and create a 'Yet' Superhero below.



Listen to this song about the power of the word 'yet.'





The Power of Yet

Now try these fun Superhero moves!

Superhero dance!

Wednesday 6th January

Happy New Year to you all! We hope you have had a lovely Christmas holiday.


Our start to this term is going to be a little different. Each day there will be activities posted on here for you, also on Google Classroom. 


A New Year often makes us think about things we would like to achieve. Your activities for the next few days will be linked to setting goals for yourself and thinking about trying your best to reach those goals. 

Take a look at this Power Point called 'The Magic of Yet.'


Now take a look at this fun song all about the power of the word 'yet!'

The Power of Yet

Listen to the song and learn about the power of 'yet!'

Friday 18th December


We hope you enjoyed the activities from yesterday. Here are some more Christmas themed tasks for you.

Do you know the song 'The Twelve Days of Christmas? ' Here is a movement activity related to that song. Have a go!



Now after that physical task, let's relax and complete a Christmas wordsearch. We hope you enjoy!


Try this Christmas word search.

We hope you and your families all have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in the New year.

Thursday 17th December


Here are some Christmas themed activities for you to try at home. Don't forget there is work set on Google Classroom too!

Have lots of fun!



Christmas PE Games: Elves On The Run

🏆 Can you be an elf on the run?

Try this Christmas listening activity. Ask a family member to read out the instructions, then you could read the instructions for them! We hope you enjoy!

Pupil of the week certificate for printing

Class Welsh Certificate available for printing at home.