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Class 10


It's the last day of term and well done to everyone for all their hard work this year. I would like to wish everyone all the best for September as they move to CCYD.

Have a fantastic summer everyone!!

Below are my messages to everyone.


Wellbeing activity.

We all loving having fun. There are lot's of random acts of fun below you can choose from so have fun!


Language activity.

At the end of term, the year 6 pupils would always sign each others t-shirts. Chat with someone in your family about what one message you would write on a t- shirt for all your friends.


Language activity.

Memories are wonderful to have and wonderful to share.

Talk about memories from your time in Primary school. Talk about the questions in "The Final Countdown" sheet below.


Wellbeing activity.

Think about what would make your next school year successful. 

Using the sheet below, write your own recipe for a new school year.


Language activity.

Can you create an A-Z of your favourite activities that you would like to do for the day?

I can start you off-

A- art day

B- bubble bath day

C- cookies day

D- doughnut day

E- exercise day

F- frisbee day

Have fun creating yours!

Art activity.

Can you make a paper chain of everyone in your class? Can you colour each one and put their names on each one as you will be linked together forever as you are a fantastic year 6 and you can keep it as a memory of what a super class you are? I like the paper chain below as it has a heart shape between each one.



Bore da dosbarth 10. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and you are ready for your last week of activities before the summer holidays.


Maths activity.

This activity is all about the number 3. Can you name 3 of each of the following?

Name 3 activities you do in the summer.

Name 3 words with the word sun in.

Name 3 places you love to go.

Name 3 people you love to spend time with.

Name 3 foods you enjoy in the summer.

Name 3 drinks you enjoy in the summer.




Art activity.

Can you create your own flip flop art?


Language activity-mystery word.

Read the clues to work out the mystery word.


Make your own board game activity.

Create your own board game about any topic of your choice.


Wellbeing activity.

Let's begin the day with some exercise and workout card 11. Enjoy!

Language activity.

Try this brain teaser activity below.




Language activity.

Read the riddle below and can you work out the answer?

Try out all the riddles on members of your family but remember to not let them see the answers.

Can you write your own riddle for someone to solve?

Art activity.

Can you make your own pencil tin like the picture below?


Maths activity.

Carry out the coin activity below.


Art activity.

This art picture is in the style of Eric Carle. Can you create a piece of art like the rabbit? You can choose any animal. Also, you can choose any materials to create your art work.



Bore da dosbarth 10. I hope you all had a good weekend and you are ready for another week of activities.


Language/ wellbeing activity.

We all know that music can make us feel many emotions, especially happy.

Can you carry out the July Song Challenge? You can ask other members of your family to do it with you. See if you can then listen to some of your song choices and enjoy!

Wellbeing/ exercise activity.

Can you carry out these exercises every day? Set yourself a challenge to complete and ask others in your household to take part with you. Enjoy!


Well done everyone for another week of hard work. Da iawn!!!

 I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Language activity.

This summer writing challenge, full of different writing activities will keep you busy writing all summer. Choose one today to do and enjoy using your imagination and writing creatively.


Art activity.

Have fun making your own penny spinners. Try different sized circles. Have fun decorating. Test out your spinners. Which spinner spins the best as does the size of the circle have an impact on the spin? Carry out your own little investigation and get members of your family to join in.


Wellbeing activity-Resilience Calendar.

This calendar is great for July so have a look at each day. Have a look at what it says for today and carry out the activity.

Art activity.

Try the activity "take your pencil for a walk." Colour in the shapes in different colours to make it as bright as you can.


Wellbeing activity.

Time for workout card 10- enjoy!

July Drawing Challenge.

Can you draw the object named for each day of the month of July? Use a variety of art materials and enjoy drawing.


Maths activity.

Try the game "Strike it out" below.

Art activity.

Can you draw a picture like below in the style of Romero Britto? You can use whatever art materials you fancy. Remember to tweet your pictures @bryncethincl10.


Bore da dosbarth 10. I hope you have all had a good weekend and you are all ready for another week of activities.


Creative activity.

Let's begin the week by making something creative. You should all know how to make "chatterboxes" so can you make one like the shark one below. Have fun!


Language activity.

 Read the clues to carry out the clothes quiz below with members of your family. Enjoy.


Well done on all your hard work again this week.


Wellbeing/ environment activity.

Today is Go Green Day so click on this link to carry out a number of activities.


Art activity.

Create your own planet picture.


Wellbeing/ exercise activity.

Let's begin the day with another one of our workout cards. Enjoy!

Wellbeing/ language/ maths activity.

Everyone loves playing cards. Ask members of your family to show you the card games that they know.

Research on google to learn how to play a variety of card games. Do you know how to play clock solitaire? See if you can teach yourself how to play this.



Smoothie activity.

Smoothies are a great cool drink to have on a hot summer day. Try the smoothie below and research different smoothie recipes and enjoy making.

Wellbeing activity.

Can you create your own wellbeing Wednesday poster? Try doing other days of the week.


This week is Rainforest Week/ Go Green Week.

Language activity.

Write your own acrostic poem about the rainforest. Read the example below for inspiration.

Art activity.

Create your own rainforest picture. Below is one of my favourite rainforest pictures that I found when exploring images on google. I hope you like!


Good morning class 10. I hope you all had a good weekend and you are all ready for another week of activities.

Maths activities.

Let's get our brains working by solving the maths problem below of making 200.


Wellbeing activity.

We are coming towards the end of the month of June as each day and each month seems to be flying by.

Look at the calendar and carry out the activity for today. Have a look at this calendar daily to carry out each activity. Read all the activities before todays date and see how many of these activities you have already done. Set yourself a challenge to complete all the activities you have not done by the end of the month. Good luck!


Well done everyone for working so hard again this week.

Language activity-Bucket List.

You are all doing so many fantastic activities at home, that I thought I would share this bucket list so you could check out all the activities you have done at home so far. Talk to your family about all these lovely activities and chat together to plan to do the ones you have not done yet.


Socks in the Box activity.

Click on the link below to carry out the activity- enjoy!


Wellbeing/ fitness activity.

We all know the importance of exercise as shown in the poster below.

What exercises can you do today at home? Use a mobile phone to see how many of each exercise you can do in 1 minute. Write down how many you did of each and try each new day to beat your score which shows you are getting fitter.

Exercises: press ups, star jumps, squats, lunges, sit ups, arm circles, high knees etc. Visit as there is a great video called 10 dynamic warm up exercises for youth athletes.

Art activity.

As its a rainy day, get out your felt tip pens and see if you can create art line pictures like the one below. Enjoy!


Wellbeing activity.

Follow the instructions below to create your own wellbeing jar. Enjoy!

Art activity.

Can you use items of nature to create yourself and other members of your family?  Remember you can show your pictures @Bryncethincl10.


Wellbeing/language activity.

It is important to look after yourself. Discuss with members of your family how you look after yourself and carry out the activity below.

Wellbeing/ exercise activity.

Enjoy the exercises on work card 8.


Bore da class 10. I hope you all had a lovely weekend.


Language activity.

It's important to eat healthy and to eat a variety of food and to make it fun. Try making fun sandwiches/ rolls like below and write up step by step instructions as you make them for next time.

Art activity.

Have fun drawing lines and using colours to create a picture like below.


I can't believe it's Friday already and well done everyone for all your hard work again this week!


Wellbeing/ language activity.

We are all unique.  With a member of your family, talk about the sentences below and finish the sentences. Everyone in your family can have a go at finishing the sentences.

Art activity.

Create our own "thoughts" picture like below. You can use a photograph of yourself and then use felt pens/ colouring pencils/ crayons to draw all that your thoughts and what is on your mind.


Language activity-Alphabet Clues.

Read the following clues to solve the alphabet quiz. Have fun doing this with members of your family. I am sure you will score 26!

Can you write your own clues for an A-Z for your family to answer?

A -a place where a plane comes in to land .

B- this appears if you cut yourself.

C- a vegetable that is orange in colour.

D- a white bird that is a symbol of peace.

E- London is the capital of this country.

F- a person that you can talk to, spend time with and share things with.

G- the opposite of stop.

H- you wear this on your head.

I- a country near to the UK, it's capital city is Dublin.

J- the first month of the year.

K- something that children go and fly in the park.

L- a large vehicle for transporting goods.

M- you spend this at the shops.

N- the opposite of always.

O- a fruit and a colour.

P- something that you can hang on your wall at home.

Q- what I'm asking you now.

R- a flower that has sharp thorns.

S- a place in the garden where you can keep tools and a lawnmower.

T- a type of shoe that is worn to play sports.

U- this is how you feel when you are sad.

W- a drink that is made from grapes and it can be red or white in colour.

X-a musical instrument made of metal or wooden bars.

Y- bananas are this colour.

Z- something you find on a pair of trousers.


Wellbeing/ exercise activity.

Click on the link below to carry out the obstacle challenge activity. Enjoy!




Maths activity.

Try the activity Rock Race below.


Wellbeing/ exercise activity.

Enjoy work card 7. I hope you and all your family are trying the exercises.


Maths activity- Magic Squares.

Fill in the grids so that each column, row and diagonal adds to the given sum.

Art activity.

We have had lovely weather and flowers are blooming and insects are thriving. Create your own flower and insect picture.


Good morning class 10. I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Language activity.

Don't say "said", say.... Replace said with a better word. Use a different word each time.

"Oh no, no ice cream" said the children.

"Wow, a new bike" said George.

"I'm going to turn you into a frog" said the witch.

"I've lost my mummy" said the little girl.

"Stop this noise at once" said the teacher.

"Now I'm going to make this watch disappear" said the magician.

"Can I stay up late tonight?" said Ruby.


Art activity.

Think of your favourite animal. Can you create a piece of art work on your favourite animal like the elephant below? You can use any art materials you like and remember you can tweet your work @BryncethinCl10. Enjoy!


Today is World Environment Day. Research World Environment Day on the internet to learn all about it.

Create your own World Environment picture.

Language activity.

Discuss the image below with everyone in your family. What is the image trying to tell you?


Language activity.

I hope you like a banana split! Look at the picture below and write instructions on how to make one. Give the instructions to someone in your family to read and see if they can make the whole family some yummy banana splits. Enjoy!

Art activity-.

From June 1st to June 7th is Garden Wildlife Week. Use your garden or an area locally to think of the wildlife that is living there. If you can, observe the wildlife -I have seen many more birds visiting my garden lately, especially robins!

Draw a picture or poster promoting Garden Wildlife week and remember you can tweet @Bryncethincl10.


Maths activity.

Try this 5 times- what do you notice?

Think of a number under 100.

Multiply it by 9.

Double it.

Take away double the number you started with.

Subtract 16.

Halve it four times.

Look at your answer.


Creative activity.

Create your own rain picture. Use your imagination or look on the internet for art ideas. Have fun!


Language activity.

Think about your past summer childhood memories. Write about your most cherished summertime memory. Read this to members of your family.

Ask members of your family to tell you about their most cherished childhood summertime memory. Enjoy sharing these memories together.


Fitness/ wellbeing activity.

Enjoy workout card number 6.


Good morning everyone and welcome back after half term. I hope you all had a lovely half term and you all relaxed and enjoyed the lovely sunshine.


Maths activity- Find your name value.

Give each letter of the alphabet a number matching its position , like this:

A-1, B- 2, C- 3, …..Z-26.

Write down your full name. Add all the numbers matching the letters in your name to find your name value.

Try this with some family members' names.

Do any of your members of your family have the same name value as you?


Art activity- Capturing the sun.

As we have had so much sun over the last few weeks, I thought it would be nice to "capture the sun". Try drawing your own sun picture. Look at the images below to give you inspiration and you can use the internet. Enjoy being creative!

Two reasons to celebrate


Bore da. Thank you everyone for another week of hard work! Well done.

Let's begin our day with another one of our exercise cards. Enjoy!

Today, as a whole school, we are having an internet safety awareness day. Click on the two links below to carry out the activities .Remember to share these activities with your parents.
Next week is a half term holiday so I wish everyone a lovely, relaxing holiday. We will be back on Monday 1st June with more fun activities.


Maths activity.

Can you solve the following anagrams?

Can you write some anagrams of your own for someone in your family to solve? Perhaps they could be words related to another subject- English, science, history etc.


Art activity.

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day.

Create your own summer time picture. Enjoy!


Kindness Calendar.

This week is Mental Awareness week and their theme is kindness. Click on the link below to see their kindness calendar. Can you create your own kindness calendar where you choose two acts of kindness for each day?

Art activity.

Here is an example of a simple poster with a simple positive message.

Can you create your own "hopes and dreams " poster?



Maths activity.

Solve the problem Next door numbers.

Language activity- word association.

Choose a word and say it out loud and the next person says a word that they think of associated with that word e.g vinegar- salt- fish- smelly- socks etc Have fun playing this with your family.



Good morning. I hope you have all had a good weekend.


Maths activity.

Can you work out the missing numbers? Remember to check  your answers.

   5 minute activity.

 You could make this into a game as you can play this alongside members of your family and you could give a time for each clue e.g 20 secs. Someone can call out the clue and you can all write down your answers. When you have finished all the clues, share your answers and see who has the most answers as this person can be the winner. Have fun and enjoy!


Hope you have enjoyed all the activities this week and have a good weekend everyone.


Maths activity.

Enjoy solving the Nicknames problem below.

Yoga activity.

I hope you have enjoyed all your yoga activities this week and you are now experts at all the yoga positions ! Remember to continue doing yoga whenever you fancy it.


Maths activity.

Solve the maths activity below.

Yoga activity.

I hope you are enjoying our yoga week . Here are a few more positions for you to try. Enjoy!


Language activity.

Celebrate who you are by completing the similes about yourself. Remember you are special and unique!

Do this activity with other members of your family.

Yoga activity.

Here are some more yoga positions to master.


Let's begin with workout card number 4 and I hope you are enjoying these!

Maths activity- Maisie Mouse.

Solve the problem below.


Good morning everyone and hope you enjoyed the long weekend. Thank you everyone for all your enthusiasm for your learning each week and keep it up as we start another week of learning.


Language activity.

 Let's get our brains going by playing this 5 minute activity with members of your family. Who will be the winner?

Yoga activity.

Practise all the yoga positions.. Which one is the easiest/ hardest to do? Which pose is your favourite?

Enjoy and by the end of the week, you will be experts at yoga !!


Language activity- VE day.

As we all know, tomorrow is VE day. On google classroom we have been carrying out activities related to VE day.

Today, write a recipe for celebrating VE day. What ingredients would you need?


Creative activity- quick draw activity.

Set a 1 minute timer on your phone. Draw a quick doodle / drawing and see if the person who is watching you draw can guess what your drawing is before the 1 minute is up. Take it in turns and have fun.


Remember there will be no activities posted on here tomorrow as it is a Bank holiday to celebrate VE day so enjoy the long weekend. Enjoy celebrating VE day tomorrow!


Click on the link below to carry out the class survey.


Wellbeing/ language activity - create a family kindness jar.

Find an old jar. (you could wash one out that you have used from cooking)

Every time someone in your family does something kind, write it down on a piece of paper and fold it up and put it in the jar. When the jar is full, read together all the acts of kindness you have done and you all deserve a special treat you can decide on together.


Wellbeing treats- self- care activities.

It's important to take care of yourself and of each other. There are nice treats on the list- I know there are about 4 activities that you cannot do from this list at the moment but there are plenty of other activities that you can choose from for yourself and your family.



Let's begin the day with some exercises. Enjoy!

Language activity.

With members of your family, think about the question -

 Who might move in this way?

march, stamp, crawl, slither, dawdle, skip, hop, stagger,

leap, waddle, stumble, stride, clamber, shuffle, hop, dance,

strut, hop, scurry, slide, race, gallop, flutter, creep, stomp,

prance, amble, dodge, scamper and wander.

I hope you come up with an answer for each one. You can write some sentences with your ideas so be as imaginative as you can. Enjoy!




Bore da pawb. I hope you have all had a good weekend.


Maths activity.

Can you solve the puzzle time below?

Have a go making some up of your own.

 Games time.

Have a game of charades with members of your family. Enjoy!

A message from all the staff at Bryncethin Primary School

Still image for this video


Today is Pyjamarama festival day. Log on to to take part in whatever activities you like and tweet your photos @BryncethinCl10@booktrust and #pyjamas. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend.



Language/creative activity.

Can you remember your favourite bedtime story as a young child? Chat to your mum/ dad about it as I am sure it will bring back happy memories. Draw the front cover of your favourite bedtime story as a child and write a short blurb to go with it as most books contain a short blurb on the back cover so that it gives the reader an idea of what the book is all about. Share your work on twitter @BryncethinCl10.


Book Scavenger Hunt.

Have a look on your bookshelf or just have a think about these- can you find or name...…

  • a book with an animal as the main character,
  • a book which rhymes,
  • 3 books by the same author,
  • a book you have read more than once,
  • a book with a funny title,
  • a book with a name in the title,
  • a book with a title which has 5 words,
  • a book with a boy as the main character,
  • a book with a girl as the main character,
  • a book with no pictures ?

 Ask someone in your family the questions above and enjoy chatting about books.



Bore da. Here's your daily exercises for you to enjoy (remember you can do them in your pyjamas if you fancy it). Enjoy!

Language activity.

Write a short funny poem about spending the day in your pyjamas.


Language activity.

Today is definitely a day for snuggling down with a good book to read. Create a word search with key words from the book you are reading at the moment for someone in your family to solve.


Creative activity.

Let's get creative about pyjamas- design your own pyjamas. Draw a top and bottoms and then carry out your design. Remember to think of the front and back of your pyjama top as you can draw two. Think of your theme for your design and be as creative as you can . You can tweet your pyjama designs @BryncethinCl10.


Good morning class 10. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend.

This week we are going to be celebrating stories and reading together as part of the Booktrust Pyjamarama Day celebrated on May 1st. On Friday we will be taking part in a whole school celebration day where families can all join in a festival of story.

Activity: Today's activity is to design an invitation for someone at home to come and join you for the celebration day on Friday.

Keep fit activity.

Try and remember all the warm up activities we used to do in school- lunges, star jumps, variety of stretches, press ups, sit ups etc.  Carry out your own keep fit session, showing other members of your family what to do. Enjoy!



Another lovely day so enjoy the exercises below. Have fun!

 Language- A-Z game.

Choose any of the following categories and with members of your household, carry out an A to Z verbally or you can write them down.

Categories can be girls names, boys names, shops, brand names, models of car, fruit, vegetables, food and I am sure you can think of some of your own. I love playing this and you can do this while enjoying the sunshine too! Enjoy!


Maths activity.

 Have fun making the largest number you can with the digits.


 Art activity.

Create your own hopes and dreams poster.


Maths activity.

 Solve the balloon puzzle.

Have a go of making one up of your own for someone in your house to solve.

 Boy, girl etc game.

Play the classic game "boy, girl, place, fruit/veg or food, flower, animal"  with members of your household. Ask someone to say the alphabet silently in their head and the other person says stop and whichever letter you stop on , you name something on paper related to the headings above. When you have finished, each person calls out their answers and reward a score of 10 if no one has the same answer as you and a score of 5 if someone has the same. Add up each scores for each letter you do and at the end, add all your scores to see who is the winner. I love this game so I hope you enjoy! Happy playing!


Maths activities.

Solve the problems. Can you make up 6 of your own for someone in your house to solve?

 Solve the grid.

Can you make up 4 of your own for someone in your house to solve? Remember you can use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

 Art/ maths activity.

 Find out about parallel lines, perpendicular lines, right angles, obtuse angles, acute angles, reflex angles etc.

Can you create and draw one of your own? Enjoy!

Bore da . Good morning class 10 and welcome back after your Easter break which I hope you all enjoyed.

 We have been thinking of you and we hope you are all keeping safe and well . We hope you have been enjoying the warm Spring weather.

Let's start back with some Spring activities.

Don't forget to use google classroom daily too!



Language activity.

Solve the Spring riddles below. Can you make up a Spring riddle of your own?



 Art activity.

Choose a spring flower to draw- if you have any in your garden, carry out an observational drawing of a flower/s. If not use the internet to help with images of spring flowers or use your imagination to draw your own. Enjoy! You can show your drawings on twitter @ bryncethinprimarycl10.


Good morning class 10.

I hope you have enjoyed all the activities during the last two weeks. Thank you for all your hard work, both pupils and parents for participating in all the learning on google classroom and on the school website. It is now time for the Easter holidays so there will be no new activities posted on the school website until Monday April 20th.

Have a lovely Easter and relax and enjoy spending time with your families.

Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Penny & Mrs Evans.


Language activity- Easter recipes.

Have a look at Easter recipes online. Look at how they follow a set format with a list of ingredients, followed by step by step instructions. Write your own recipe using different sentence starters.

Make your own Easter cupcakes. A nice idea is just making chocolate cornflake cakes or rice crispie cakes, decorated with mini eggs on the top. Enjoy baking!



Easter art activity.

Have fun carrying out a variety of Easter art activities. There are some ideas below but just use your imagination and enjoy! Happy making everyone!



Maths activities- Easter coordinates and Easter multiplication problems.

Read the coordinates to work out the riddle and then have a go at solving the multiplication problems.

Art/ RE activity.

Research what Lent is. Create your own Easter egg of "Lent is for Loving"


Language activity- Easter egg hunt.

Read the clues below. You can use them for your own Easter egg hunt.

Write clues of your own, ready for your Easter egg hunt. Can you make them rhyme?

Easter art activity

Can you make your own Easter egg wreath? (I remember how hard you all worked on your daffodil wreaths for St David's Day)

I hope you enjoy making this one!

Remember to show them on Twitter @Bryncethincl10


Language activity- Easter tongue twisters.

Can you make up 5 Easter tongue twisters of your own?


Easter art activity.

Can you create your own art activity like this? Enjoy!

Remember to show your pictures on twitter @Bryncethincl10.


Hope you have all had a good weekend. This week, I will be putting on Easter activities for you to enjoy.


 Language activity- Easter Crossword.

Solve the crossword verbally with members of your family.

Have a go at creating your own Easter crossword.

 Easter art activity.

Can you create art work like this? Experiment with different colours and patterns. Show us your art work on Twitter, on our class page @bryncethincl10 for us all to see.

Information regarding activities that can be completed at home.

We are looking at ways of providing work for children who may not be at school at this time. In our most recent letter we informed you that we were working on providing distant learning and staff are continuing to work hard to provide this facility if the school is directed to close.

Here are links to suggested resources that may be of use at this time:


Reading –

Maths –

Welsh –


If your child logs into their Hwb account ( they are able to access Just2Easy resources such as j2Blast.



  Language activity: How many different words can you make from the letters in the sentence below?

   "Learning from home is fun".

   Grab a pen and paper and make a list.


   Get Sketching: Find a photograph or picture of a person, place or object and sketch it.


  Maths activity: Mystery Numbers.

Solve the following:

1. A mystery number is a multiple of 11. It is also a multiple of 6. It is less than 200. It is divisible by 9. What is the number?

2. A mystery number is a common multiple of 5, 6 and 8. It is greater than 100 and its digit total is 3. What is the number?

Can you write your own Mystery Number problem?


Drawing activity: Draw a view. Look out of your window and draw what you see.


 Language activity: Think of as many interesting titles as you can for this image? Ask other members of your household to do the same . Vote for the most imaginative title.


 Physical activity: Carry out the exercises to your full name. Try other names of people in your household. Enjoy!


Maths activity: Palindromic Numbers.

Choose any numbers e.g 126.

Reverse the numbers 621

And add together 126+621= 747

747 is the same backwards and forwards.

Try again with another number- e.g 163

Reverse the number 361

And add together 163+361=524.

524 is not the same backwards as forwards so reverse the number again and add together e.g 524+425= 949 (949 is the same backwards and forwards)

Have fun, trying some numbers on your own.


Drawing activity; Draw an illustration from a book you are reading- it can be a drawing of a setting or a character.


Language activity- write an acrostic poem using the letters of your name. Try writing acrostic poems for everyone in your household.

Creative activity- make a rainbow to display in your window to support the NHS.