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Class 2

Friday July 17th

  • Good morning class 2! We can't believe that this is our last day working together. This year has been very different but we do think that we have had some great times and we have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you all. Today we want you to think of your favourite times in class 2. Did you enjoy our trip, Christmas concert, playing in the role play, building, painting forest Fridays or something else? Can you write down a few sentences telling us what you enjoyed? Thank you class 2 for all your hard work. Have a fantastic summer and stay safe. We will see you in September. blush blush



Thursday July 16th

Good morning!

  • Today we want you to practise number doubles. Read through the doubles below and say them to a grown up. Can you write them down?



  • Look at the phonic worksheet and see if you can spell out the words for each picture. Can you put the words into a sentence?




Wednesday July 15th

Bore da pawb!

  • A selection of addition and subtraction sums today - Do as many as you can.



  • A game of boy girl animal today. You can play this with all your family or just one member. Someone needs to say the alphabet quietly to themselves and the other person needs to stop them randomly. Whatever letter they stop on is the letter you need to work on. For example if the letter was A you would need to think of a boy's name, a girl's name and an animal all beginning with this letter.   Andrew    Ann   Ant. You get 10 points for each answer. If you have the same answer as someone else then you get 5 points. You can keep going as long as you want. Don't forget to add up the scores at the end of the game! Hope you enjoy!!



Tuesday July 14th

Good Morning everyone! We hope you are well and are staying safe.

  • Can you find out the missing numbers to these sums?

  1 + _=5        2 + _=5        3 + _=5         4 + _=5          5 + _=5 


  1 + _=10      2 + _=10       3 + _=10       4 + _=10        5 + _=10


  6 + _=10      7 + _=          8 + _=10        9 + _=10       10 + _=10


  • Look below at our boggle board. The letters are capital letters if you are unsure of them ask a grown up for some help. How many words can you make from the letters? Can you put them into a sentence?






Monday July 13th  - Hope you all had a good weekend and had some fun!

  • Today we want you to write down various=s letters using chalks/paper and pens. You need to land on a letter and name 2 objects that start with that letter e.g m=mat and monkey s=slug and salt. Who is able to name the most in your family? 


  • Mixed up numbers today! Can you put the numbers in the correct order?


Friday July 10th

Last day of the week!  It's been so lovely seeing some of you in school this week. You have all grown so much. We look forward to seeing you all in September.

  • Last day of our money activities today - you need to go on the 'top marks' website and click on the toyshop money game and the price list game.
  • We are going to practise writing some of the words from Zog today. Try and form each letter correctly and remember to take your time. The words are:- dragon school fly tree high wing Pearl ambulance peppermint fire.
  • Have a lovely weekend everybody and stay safe. See you Monday. blush



Thursday July 9th

Bore da pawb! I hope the weather is going to be nicer for us today.

  • Today we have a money counting exercise for you. Look at the sheet below and see if you can count the coins and write the amounts down.



  • We are going to look at rhyming words today taken from the story of Zog. Can you match them?

                    know    free    fly    grown    own    go    tree    sky    bog    zog

  • Can you find your own rhyming words?

                                                           Have a lovely day everyone!



Wednesday July 8th

Good Morning everybody! We hope you are all ok and are happy today!

  • A money game for you to play to today. Go to 'topmarks' and look for the money sorting activity it's called 'The coins game' it includes 20p, 50p £1 and £2 but I am sure you will be able to sort them with the help of a grown up. 
  • We hope you enjoyed the story of Zog yesterday. Can you answer the questions about the story?
  • 1. Who taught the dragons?
  • 2. Who crashed into the tree?
  • 3. Who gave Zog a peppermint?
  • 4. Who became the ambulance?


  • Activity card for all the family today. Who can do it best?




Tuesday July 7th

Bore da pawb! Hope you are all well and staying safe.

  • Today we are going to see if we can remember the coins we looked at yesterday and see if we can count up the amounts. If you need some help you could listen to the money song I gave you yesterday.


  • We want you to watch the story of Zog today  Once you have watched the video we want you to draw zog and write a few sentences to describe him. Enjoy!!


Monday July 6th

Good Morning everyone! We hope you had a lovely weekend. We are looking forward to seeing some of you this week in schoolsmiley

  • We are going to start the week y listening to the money song @youtube money song for children. Can you find the 1p, 2p, 5p 10p 20p in your money box or maybe grownups in your house will have them. We want you to draw around the coins, colour them in and then write the amounts underneath.
  • Did you do anything exciting over the weekend? We want you to draw a picture and write a few sentences about something you enjoyed doing. Remember to make your writing as neat as you can and take your time.
  • Enjoy your day and stay safe.



Thursday July 3rd

  • Bore da pawb! Hope you are all well and keeping safe!
  • Our last day of 'Happy Handwriting' today. Today has to be your best day of writing. Remember to take you time and form your letters correctly. If you need help just have a look at the sheets I put on for you Monday.
  • Missing numbers to 50 today. Wow! that's a big number can you do them all?



  • Activity cards to keep you and your family fit all weekend!







                                         Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Thursday July 2nd

  • Good Morning everyone! The weather is not great this morning but the weatherman has said that it should get brighter this afternoon. Let's hope! Happy Handwriting this morning-I am sure that your writing is super neat today! Our sentence is:- I love the sun it shines on me. I love the rain it splashes on me.
  • Hope you are all working hard on the missing numbers. I hope you are able to solve the problems! Here is today's missing numbers sheet.




Wednesday July 1st

  • Bore da pawb! Happy Handwriting again today. I am sure that your writing will be looking much neater today. Our sentence is:- I love the sun it shines on me. I love the rain it splashes on me. Remember to take your time.
  • Missing numbers today for you are:-



  • Write as far as you can. Have fun!
  • Activity card for you and your family to try.



Tuesday June 30th

  • Happy Handwriting again today. Remember we are looking for neater handwriting today compared with yesterday. Use the sheets below to help you form the letters.
  • Our sentence is:-  I love the sun it shines on me. I love the rain it splashes on me.
  • More missing numbers for you today. Are you able to workout all the missing numbers?





Monday June 29th

Bore da pawb! We hope you are all well.

  • It's 'Happy Handwriting' practise this week. Our sentence to practise is:-

                                      I love the sun it shines on me.

                                      I love the rain it splashes on me.

Remember we want your writing to get better everyday. Take your time and look at the letter formation sheets below.




  • We are working on missing numbers this week. Our first piece of work is:-


 Remember to form your numbers correctly. Are you able to fill in every missing heart?


Friday June 26th

Good Morning everyone. Hope you are all well.

  • We are going to work on oral patterns today. We all had lots of fun doing this in class. Some of my favourites were:-    stamp, floss, jump

                                             click, clap, floss

                                             jump, hop, clap

Have fun making up some of the patterns with your family.

  • We want you to write the initial sounds of these pictures. No letters to choose from today. Let's see if you can work them out.



                                                 We hope you have a lovely weekend.



Thursday June 25th

Bore da pawb! Hope you are all ok and that you had a lovely day yesterday.

  • Minibeast patterns today. Can you continue the patterns? Can you make your own minibeast patterns?




  • Next we are looking at initial sounds - that is the sound that is at the start of the word. Have a look at the pictures and the sounds and see if you know which sound comes first. We want you to write out the word then and draw the picture.





  • Our activity card for all the family is:-



Wednesday June 24th

Another beautiful sunny day today everyone. Don't forget to apply your sun cream and wear a sun hat if you are in your garden.

  • What patterns can you see around you? Have you got patterns on your floors/walls/cushions?



  •  We would like you to copy a pattern that you like. Can you make the pattern bigger by continuing it? Please tweet any work or pictures to @BryncethinPS2 we would love to see what you are doing. 
  • Pirate fun today - Enjoy!!


Tuesday June 23rd

We hope you are all well and that you are going to enjoy the sunshine promised to us for the week ahead. Remember to put your sun cream on!

  • A pattern sheet for you to copy and continue today. Once you have done that you can log on to the 'Top marks' pattern game.




  • A matching and reading activity next. You need to read each word write it out then use coloured pens to join the same words together. Do six words today and six words tomorrow. Have fun!






Monday June 22nd

Bore da dosbarth dau! We hope you all had a lovely weekend.

  • Today we want you to draw a picture and write about something you did on the weekend. Remember when writing to take your time and try and form your letters correctly.
  • We are going to work on patterns this week. We are going to start by listening to 'The pattern practise song @youtube. Were you able to complete the patterns? Can you draw out 1 or 2 of the patterns? Can you complete the patterns below?






Friday June 19th

Bore da pawb!

  • Yesterday you practised your odd and even numbers. Today we would like you to write those numbers down. Try and form them correctly. How far can you go?
  • Spellings using our favourite rainbow colours is our second activity. Pick 4 objects that you found yesterday and practise writing them in different colours. Can you write them independently? Try and form your letters correctly.
  • Try out our challenges this weekend.






Thursday June 18th

Mae hi'n bwrw glaw heddiw! A day to work in your pyjamas!!smiley

  • Look at the sounds below and go on a sound hunt around your home to see if you can find objects that begin with each sound.

                                                  s a t p i n m d g o c k

Can you write the sounds down. Challenge yourself and see if you can write the words of the objects you find.

  • Odd and even number practise today. Google 'chopper squad odd and even coconut game' choose numbers 1-20 to start and then choose different numbers as your confidence grows.
  • Activity to keep you busy and healthy today is:-




Wednesday June 17th

Good morning everyone. We hope you are all well.

  • Today we are going to practise addition and subtraction sums. Try your best and do what you can.

  5+1=    9+2=   7+2=   4+3=   6+3=   8+1=   10+0=      5-2=   7-1=   8-2=   10-0=   6-3=   9-2=   3-1=

                 Don't forget that you can use your fingers or any objects to help you count.

  • Choose your favourite book today and read it with a family member. Are there any words you can read in the story? Can you read it all? Once you have finished we would like you to write 3sentences about something you read. You can draw pictures to go with your sentences too. 
  • Our activity today to try with our family:-




Tuesday June 16th

Bore da pawb!


  • Today you can work on the other half of the number bond challenge from yesterday. We hope that you are getting to know your number bonds better and that you enjoy singing along to the number bond song by Jack Hartmann. blush
  • As we are going through this difficult time we thought that we could start to think about the things we would like to do when things get back to 'normal' and when we can see family and friends again and go on day trips etc. Today we are going to make a wish jar like the one below. On pieces of paper we would like you to write down in your best writing your wishes:-

 I want to see.......   I want to go.......   I want to play.......      I want to cwtch.........

 If you have any other wishes please write them down and pop them in the jar.




             Don't forget to tweet your wishes we would love to see what you want to do.




Monday June 15th

Good Morning everyone! We hope that you are all well.

  • Animal alphabet. Can you think of an animal starting with each letter of the alphabet? Write each one down to practise your handwriting.
  • We have the number bond challenge today. There are lots to do so do half today and half tomorrow.


You can sing a long with Jack Hartmann 'number bonds' on you tube it's super catchy and will help you learn your number bonds.



Friday June 12th

  • Yesterday we asked you to match rhyming words. Today we would like you to find words that rhyme with:-  mat   beep   trap   top     hen   dog   frog. When finding words that rhyme listen carefully to the sounds of the words we have underlined this will help you. Can you find some of your own words that match?
  • Let's practise subtraction sums today from the sheet below.



  • A game of Simon says that you can play over the weekend. Remember that you can only do what Simon says! Here are some examples:-
  • Simon says pat your head
  • Simon says hop on one foot 10 times
  • Simon says sit on the floor
  • Simon says go and fetch your favourite toy
  • Take turns being Simon with your family and have lots of fun. Enjoy your weekend class 2 and stay safe!



Thursday June 11th

  • A 'BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY' to Mrs Clatworthy this morning. We all hope you have a fantastic day! Whatever you choose to do enjoy and stay safe. Love Miss Stephens and class 2. blushblush
  • Today we are looking at numbers one more/one less. Go to and google  and search 'chopper squad online' click on more/less then the numbers your child feels confident doing. Remember you can play these games as many times as you want.
  • Rhyming words today. Can you match the words that rhyme:

        fun   moon               bunch    lamp               cat    ping

        soon   sun                stamp    munch            sing   mat

  • Enjoy your day everyone. Stay safe.smiley


Wednesday June 10th

  • Spelling practise today using Rainbow words. Write each word 3-4 times or as many as you wish using a different colour each time. Now cover the words and see if you can write them with no help. The words are:- Was   on   it   to   be   and. Try your best!
  • We are looking today at properties of shape. We did this a few weeks back when we went on a shape hunt around our school. Look at the sheet below and see if you can describe the shapes to a grown up. What shapes can you find around your home?





  • Our work out for this week is:-





Tuesday June 9th

Good Morning Everyone! We hope you are all well.

  • We hope that you all had fun yesterday learning about capacity. Today we would like you to draw 3cups to show:- a full cup, an empty cup and a cup that is 1/2 full or half empty. Please tweet your work to @BryncethinPS2
  • A game of 'I spy' today look at the sheet below do you know what each picture begins with? Can you spell out the words?





Monday June 8th

Bore da dosbarth dau! Hope you all had a good weekend.

  • If you could show and tell anything in the world what would it be? Draw your show and tell and write: - I like------------------------because-----------------------.
  • Today we want you to have a go at measuring something, not by how heavy but by how much it will hold. You may want to work outdoors! You will need a cup, water and a selection of different sized pots/bottles you can pour water into. Before you begin tell your grown up which container you think will hold the most and least water. Then you can  begin measuring. Use your cup and make sure you fill it to the top each time, then count how many times it takes to fill each container. Compare your results and see if your predictions were right.
  • As it is well being week we are going to look at ourselves today and think of 5 things we are thankful for. You could draw around your hand and write the 5 things on the fingers and thumb and decorate.



Friday June 5th

Well done on all your hard work this week class 2. smiley

  • The last day of 'Happy Handwriting' Your writing should be amazing today! Once you have finished compare your work today with Tuesdays. Do you think it's neater?
  • A game today to test your odd and even number skills.
  • If you get time over the weekend try and play 'Pirate Parrot Tag' Have a great weekend!





Thursday June 4th

Bore da pawb! We hope you are all well and are staying safe.

  • Happy Handwriting again today. Your handwriting should be getting neater now. Remember to take your time and to look on Tuesday's page for help on how to form the letters.
  • Let's practise counting odd and even numbers today you can sing and dance while you do it!

  • The activity for your family today is a squat jump. Have fun!






Wednesday June 3rd

 Good Morning everyone! A change in the weather for us today - Mae hi'n bwrw glaw.

  • Today we are 'Happy Handwriting' again. Use the sentence you wrote yesterday remember to form your letters correctly and use finger spaces between words.
  • 'Nice Numbers' We are going to practise writing our numbers. Start at 0 and write as far as you can. You could also write your odd/even numbers or write in 2's - 5's - 10's.
  • You could play a game of Pirate Pete says with your family. Who is the best Pirate Pete? Have fun!



Tuesday June 2nd

 Bore da pawb! Another warm sunny day for us today.

  •  We are going to practise our handwriting for the rest of this week like we do in school. Our aim is to make our handwriting neater everyday. Do you think you can do it? You can choose your own sentence to write or you can copy mine. My sentence is going to be:- I love the sun it makes me happy. Remember to write your sentence a few times today. 


  •  Can you count up to 20 objects and then write the numbers down. See if you can underline the odd numbers in blue and the even numbers in red.
  •  Lets stay fit and healthy with our activity card. Get your family to join in! Have fun and stay safe.




Monday June 1st

Good Morning class 2. We hope you have had a lovely week off and that you enjoyed the sunny weather. It's going to be warm again today so remember to put on your sun cream.

       Todays activities are:-

  • Think of a favourite day over the holidays and draw a picture about it. Remember to colour it in and take your time. Can you write a sentence about it?
  • Watch this video Can you count on from these numbers:- 3  4  6  7  9  10  12  14  16
  • Let's get active today with our own activity challenge:- 10 star jumps  5 squats  5jumps. Get your family to join you. smiley Have fun!



Friday May 22nd

Last day of term today so try your best as you always do!

  • The first activity for today is to count the money in the jars.




  •   The second  activity is for you to write a few sentences about what you would like to do next week - e.g. I want to splash in my pool/I want to skip in my garden.
  • It is internet safety day today so watch this power point to help keep you safe.













                              Maybe you could learn the song to help you stay sate online.


Thursday May 21st  

Good morning everyone hope you are all ok.

  • Today we want you to count the money in the money boxes and then draw the coins to match the amount of money given.  



  • Can you practice your spellings using rainbow words. Write each word 3/4 times using different colours. Now cover the words and see if you can write them with no help. The words are:-

                        the    at    on    mum    dad    and    cat    sat    pat    in    to    it    do

   Do as many as you can and then try your name too. Maybe you could practice these words everyday!


  • It is kindness week. What can you do to be kind? Sing a song to make someone happy/dance to your favourite song/tell a joke/help tidy up. Whatever you choose to do please stay safe and be happy.smiley



Wednesday May 20th

What a beautiful sunny morning! The weather today is going to be hot so remember to put on sun cream if you are going in to the garden. smiley

  • Our money activity today is to see how much the Ice-creams cost. Can you count the money?



  • The second activity is to play a game of 'I spy with my little eye' Remember to think about what the objects begin with carefully. My first one this morning would be: I spy with my little eye something beginning with s. Can you guess it??????????? yes that's it sun!
  • Keep fit and healthy outdoors with our activity card. Get all your family to join in and keep fit.



Tuesday May 19th

Good Morning everyone!

  • Today we are going to listen to a story about a little boy named Hassan. Ask a grown up to type into google 'money story for children uk' Maybe you could play shop after watching the video and take turns with a family member to be the shop keeper. Remember to look out for the different coins.
  • We are all having times where we find it difficult not being able to see our friends so today we are going to make a friendship bracelet to give to them. Think about why we like our friends. Are they kind/helpful/friendly? You could use these words to write on your bracelet.





  •   Our STEM activity is below for you to work on too.







Monday May 18th

Bore da pawb! We hope that you have had a good weekend and that you are all safe and well. This week we are going to learn about money.

  • Today we would like you to google 'money song for children uk' The song shows you some of the different coins that we have. After listening to the song maybe you could empty some coins from your money box/mum's purse and sort them.
  • Choose a window in your home and think about what you can see from it. Draw what you see and write a few words to go with your picture. Please tweet your work for us to see @BryncethinPS2. Have fun!



Friday May 15th

Bore da pawb! The sun is shining again for us todaysmiley

  • Today we are going to get active! Look at the sheet below write down the letters of your name and complete the activity for each letter. Ask your family to join in. Who can complete it the fastest?





  •  We would like you to choose 6 objects around your home and compare them to see which is heavier which is lighter. Can you put the objects in order starting with the lightest and working your way to the heaviest. You will need to hold the objects 2 at a time in order to compare the weight.

 Have lots of fun and enjoy your day!!



Thursday May 14th

Good morning boys and girls. We hope you are all ok.

  • Today we would like you to finish the number bond challenge from yesterday. Once you finish you could practise saying the number bonds. Jack Hartmann has a song on you tube that can help you it's called 'number bonds with Jack Hartmann'
  • Using the words you made yesterday we want you to write 4 sentences. e.g. The mat is red.
  • Stay active with your family. Maybe you could play catch or go on a bike ride/walk.


Whatever you choose to do please stay safe and have a lovely day. Please tweet any photos of you or your work to twitter @BryncethinPS2blush We would love to see them.


Wednesday May 13th

Another sunny day for us all today!

  • Today we are going to practise our number bond work from the sheet below. You can either write your answers down and tweet them for us to see or you can say your answers to a grown up. There are lots to do on the sheet so do some today and keep some for tomorrow.




  • Our writing activity today is to make words using the sound cards below. Try your best! Have a lovely day everybody. smiley





Tuesday May 12th

Good morning everyone! We hope that you are all well and are staying home and staying safe.

  • Today we want you to sing '10 in the bed' and practise counting backwards. How far can you sing? Do you get better the more you practice?
  • What foods are healthy/unhealthy? Can you draw a healthy lunch box and label the foods for us?
  • Keep healthy and active today with our workout card. Get all the family to join in with you. Have fun!        






Monday May 11th

Bore da! We hope you had a good weekend and that you managed to get outdoors for some fresh air.

  • Today we want you to fill in the missing numbers:- 0 1 - 3 4 5 - 7 - 9  10 11 - 13 14 - 16 - 18 19 -
  • We know that you love singing and dancing to Jack Hartmann songs so please tune in on you tube to our favourite song 'Tooty Ta Ta. Have fun!!
  • A game of 'I spy' Look at the picture sheet below - What do you see? Can you write down the words of the objects you spot?





Thursday May 7th

Good Morning everyone!

  • Today we would like you to practise doubling numbers just like we do during our clic session. Ask a grown up to read out them out for you. You can either say the answer or write it down.

                               double 2    double 1    double3    double 4    double 5

  • Can you write a few sentences using the words that you practised spelling on Tuesday?
  • We have a step challenge for you today. Remember that there will be no work on the webpage tomorrow as we are celebrating V.E day. Have a nice long weekend and we will be back on Monday.
  • Stay safe and well.



Wednesday May 6th

Bore da dosbarth dau!

  • Today we would like you to practise writing your name using the correct formation. You may want to write your name using different colours. Challenge yourself by writing your surname too.
  • Try and do something kind today. It maybe that you help someone around your home or you may say something kind.
  • We are going to practise our adding up today. Have a look at the sheets below and write the answers to the questions on a separate piece of paper. Remember to tweet your work for us to see.




Tuesday May 5th

Good Morning Everybody! We hope that you are all ok.

  • Today we would like you to practise your spellings using 'Rainbow words' Write each word 3-5 times using a different colour pencil each time. Now cover the words and see if you can write them. The words to practise are:- the   am   and   be   of   to   as   me   if   you
  • Let's practise your subtraction/take away skills:- 5-0=    5-1=    5-2=    4-0=    4-1=    4-2=    3-1=    3-2=    2-2=    1-1=     Once you have completed the sums your challenge can be to change the first digit of each sum to 10 and complete those sums.
  • Once you have finished your work have some fun with our exercise card. Get all your family to join in:-






Monday May 4th

Bore da pawb! We hope that you had a lovely weekend and that you stayed home and stayed safe.

  • Today we would like you to write a diary of a day over the weekend. Did you play a game/build a den/go for a walk? What did you eat throughout the day?  Remember to include some pictures for us to see and post your work on twitter.
  • Practise counting in sequences. Count in 2's to 10. Challenge yourself and count to 20. Can you write the numbers down? Remember the correct formation.
  •  Why don't you start your day with Joe Wicks 9am on you tube.  wink



A message from all the staff at Bryncethin Primary School

Still image for this video

Friday May 1st

Happy first day of the month and it's festival day!

Here is the line up of activities for you to enjoy in your pyjamas! Log on to booktrust and #pyjamarama. Hope you all have a great day! Stay safe.





Thursday April 30th

Good Morning dosbarth dau! Another rainy day for us all. We have some creative work and a workout challenge for you today.

  • Today we would like you to make your own book mark. Why not have a competition with your family and you can all decide which one is the most colourful/longest/has the most pattern.




  Our active challenge is:-




Wednesday April 29th

Bore da pawb!

  • Today we would like you to design a cover for your favourite book or your own book. You can use pens/pencils/collage materials. Please Tweet your designs for us to see @BryncethinPS2
  • Go on a number hunt around your home. Write down any numbers you find. Can you put them in order?
  • It's a rainy day today- Mae hi'n bwrw glaw! Ask a grown up if you can make a den somewhere around your house. When your den is ready you could cwtch up with your favourite book and read it.

Tuesday April 28th

Morning everyone I hope you enjoyed looking at our messages yesterday and that you are ok and staying safe.

  • Today we would like you to read a book of your choice and think about the characters. Can you describe the characters to members of your family? Are they able to guess who you are describing? Do you know who they are describing?
  • Practise counting in 5's to 50. Write them down using coloured pencils.
  • A rainy day today so join in with Joe Wicks to workout and keep healthy!



Monday April 27th

Good morning class 2! We hope you had a lovely weekend and that you are all safe and well.

This week we are going to celebrate stories and reading them together. Each day we will set activities linked to reading/stories and then on Friday we will celebrate with families across the country for pyjamarama - A day of activities, events and favourite authors. You can enjoy this day dressed in your pj's!!

  • Today we would like you to make an invitation for a family member in your home to join you for the celebration on Friday. Remember to include the time date and what to wear.
  • Can you practise one more/less of these numbers:- 2  4  6  8  10  12  14  16  18  20 Challenge yourself by writing them down.
  • Keep happy and healthy with Joe Wicks workout.smiley



Friday April 24th

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you are all safe and well.

  • Today we want you to think of the sounds i and n. Look around you and see how many things you can find that start with the sounds. Can you draw them and write down what they are?




  • Practise your number bonds to 10 e.g. 9+1=10   8+2=10   5+5=10   6+4=10
  • Forest Friday today so if you are on your daily walk collect some objects to make a picture.




 Have a lovely weekend! Please put some pictures of you and your work on Twitter for us to see. We are missing you all.



Thursday April 23rd

Good morning on this beautiful day. Mae hi'n heulog a mae hi'n boeth!

As it is such a beautiful day we have got activities that you can do outdoors.

  • Read a story with your family and write one or two sentences/draw a picture about the book.
  • Collect objects and practise counting them. You could practise counting in 2's and 5's.
  • Keep fit and healthy with your family by completing the following workout.
  • Most of all have fun and stay safe. Please post any work on our twitter page we would love to see you and your work.




Wednesday April 22nd

Another sunny today for us all. Remember to put sun cream on if you are on your garden or out for a

  • We hope you managed to get outdoors for some fresh air yesterday if you didn't try today. Have a little think about what is around you and complete the sentences: I can see...  I can smell...   I can hear...   I can feel....
  • We would like you to practise your numbers today. See if you can write them to 20 correctly. You could write them in colours to make it more fun!

Get your family together and have a fun workout session. star jumps, 5 hops, 5 turns, 5 squats. Repeat the circuit throughout the day. Does it get easier? Do you get faster?

Hope you all have a lovely day!


Bore da pawb!

Tuesday April 21st

  • Today we would like you to look out of your window or if you go for your daily walk have a look around you. What signs of spring do you see? Are there lambs/buds starting to grow? We want you to write down 3 of the signs.
  • Practise addition sums to 10. 

                     5+5=      5+2=      4+6=      10+0=      8+2=      4+1=      9+1=      6+3=      7+3=

  • Think of the signs of spring and draw a picture. Remember we would love to see your work so if you can send it to our Twitter page that would be great! smiley

Stay safe everyone.



Good Morning Everyone!

We hope you had a lovely Easter holiday and that you are all well. We have got some activities to keep you busysmiley

Monday April 20th

  • Practise writing your numbers to 20. Use coloured pencils or chalk them outdoors. Can you get to 20?
  • Choose a day from the Easter holidays and draw a picture about it. Tell a grown up about your picture and ask them to help you write a sentence. Try and copy the sentence underneath.
  • Don't forget to keep active with Joe Wicks 9am @youtube and keep your fingers moving with @Shonette Bason  live 1pm daily.


Friday April 3rd

Good morning everyone as today as is our last day of activities before our Easter break we have a few fun activities for you to try out.




  • Making an Easter bunny/Easter basket.
  • Making Easter nests.
  • Decorating Easter eggs with painted pasta.

We hope you like one or all of the activities and have fun doing them!

Remember through the holidays to keep fit with Joe Wicks or Family Active Zone.pdf

Keep your fingers moving with Shonette Bason and dough disco.

No activities over Easter but we would like to thank you all for your hard work at this difficult time.

Last of all we hope you all have an eggstra special Easter.

Stay safe.

Miss Stephens and Mrs Clatworthy


Thursday April 2nd

It's story time today! I want you to listen to the story of Easter. or listen on you tube. Once you have listened to the story I would like you to draw a picture and write a sentence about it.

Please tweet our class page too so I can see your hard work.   Have fun everyone and stay safe!


Wednesday April 1st



  • I know how much you all love craft activities so let's make an Easter bunny face today! You will need a paper plate or a plain piece of paper cut in to the shape of a circle. You can use paints, pens, pencils or scrap materials to make your bunny! Have fun!
  • I can't wait to see your creations on Twitter.


Tuesday March 31st

  • Today with the help of a grown up you could boil an egg. When the egg is cool get your most colourful pens/paints and decorate it. Why not decorate it using a 3 colour pattern?
  • Don't forget to keep fit with Joe Wicks the body coach you tube 9am.
  • Please tweet your Eggs to our Twitter page for me to see. Have a lovely day and stay safe.


I loved seeing your Easter card on Twitter Mason!

Monday 30th March

  • This week we have some fun Easter activities for you to doangel Today you could make an Easter card for your family. When you have finished your card practise your neatest handwriting inside. When writing your name don't forget to start with a capital letter.
  • Please tweet your designs to our class Twitter page for me to see. @BryncethinPS2
  • The Easter bunny is great at jumping and hopping. You could pretend to be a bunny and have a competition to see who in your family jumps the highest/furthest.





Friday 27th March

  • Write down 3questions that you would ask an animal or pet.
  • Make a 2D shape picture.
  • Collect and recycle materials such as yoghurt pots, toilet roll tubes and boxes - What can you make with them? How can you decorate them?
  • Remember to tweet your pictures to our class page! blush


Thursday 26th March

  • Practise writing your name using the correct formation. Remember to start with a capital letter. When you can do this try writing your surname.
  • Make an oral pattern of 3 and perform it for your family. e.g. clap, stamp, floss.
  • It's a beautiful sunny day again today! Can you find a nice sunny spot and draw around some shadows. Animal figures are a great idea but any objects will do! blush
  • Don't forget you can post pictures on to our class Twitter page to keep us all updated on what you are doing!


Wednesday 25th March

  • Find as many shapes as you can around your home and make a tally chart.
  • Write a list of things that make you happy. smiley
  • Draw a picture of yourself with a happy face. Don't forget your hair  nose and eyebrows!


Tuesday 24th March

  • P.E. with Joe Wicks daily on you tube - Keep fit and healthy!
  • Use the words you made yesterday and put them in to a sentence. Once you have done this write out 2 of the sentences.
  • Can you remember how to count in sequences? Try counting in 2's to 20, 5's to 30 and 10's to 50. Happy counting!  wink
  • What did you have for breakfast today? Was it healthy? Can you draw it?



Monday 23rd March

  • Count up to 20 everyday objects and then write your numbers 0-20 or as far as you can go. 
  • Using the sounds s, a, t, p, i,  n, m, d make as many words as you can e.g as, can
  • Get your play dough ready and have some crazy fun with @shonette Bason live daily on you tube 1pm.





Other Resources that you may like to use are:-

Reading -

Maths -

Welsh -

Dough disco - Shonette Bason live daily on you tube 1pm.


We hope this will help you all at this uncertain time.



                                           Miss Stephens and Mrs Clatworthy. blushblush