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So we've reached the end of the term, can you believe it?
Thank you all for your hard work this year, both in school and during lockdown. It's been a strange year, I'm sure we can all agree. 

I'd like to wish you all the best for the future Year 6. Keep making us proud and have fun.
Year 5, make the most of your summer holidays, can't wait to see you all again on September the 4th.

Take care and stay safe. 

No activities for today, as there wouldn't be if we were in school. Just lots of fun. Have a great day. 


Bore da dosbarth 9.

Hope you are all well. 







Bore da dosbarth 9. 

3 Days to go....



With only 3 days to go before the end of term. Tell me what you enjoyed and learnt this year.


I know how much you've enjoyed coding in school, so here's a link to the 'Hour of Code' website again. This time you can choose your own coding activity. I know the 'Dance Party' is a popular choice. 


Have fun


Bore da dosbarth 9. 



Can you recreate this 'Flip Flop' Pop Art. 

Let's bring back that summer feeling.  


If you have already downloaded Minecraft Education edition, then great. If not, go to google, type in 'Minecraft education edition, open the page and select 'get started'. Select the best download option for your operating system (windows, apple mac, ipad etc).


You will need to sign in with your HWB log in details. 


Once it's downloaded, can you build me a house with a garden. I've attached some examples, but you can be as creative as you wish. When it's complete, take a screen shot and upload it on google classroom stream for us all to see. 

Have fun, can't wait to see your amazing creations. 


Bore da dosbarth 9.

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend.

Only one more week online learning left before the summer holidays start.







Bore da dosbarth 9. It's Friday. I bet you are all ready for the weekend, I think it's going to be sunny, at last. 


Art and Craft

Have a go at making an Emoji Paper Magic Face Changer. How many different emoji's can you create?

Emoji DIY Paper Magic Card - Face Changer Tutorial For Kids

Emoji Diy Paper Magic Card - Face Changer Tutorial For Kids SUBSCRIBE: Do you like this magic card?

Maths/Problem Solving

Have a go at the following brain teasers. Can you solve them?

Send me your answers via google classroom. 


Good Luck!


Bore da dosbarth 9. Sut mae pawb?

Yet another wet day, but I'm sure tomorrow is going to be dry.


Maths - problem solving



Health and Wellbeing

Seeing as it's so miserable outside, let's try and relax our minds and bodies with some Yoga.


Hope you enjoy smiley

Yoga for Kids!

Follow along as Sophia Khan leads a fun and family-friendly introduction to yoga. You'll get to warm up, practice breathing and poses, and relax into a power...


Bore da dosbarth 9. What a wet and miserable day again! Fingers crossed that it clears up soon. 


Summer Art

Let's try and brighten things up with some bright, bold art. Have a look at the pictures below and follow the instructions to create some Andy Warhol style Pop Art.


If you have access to a printer, print out the sunglasses sheet, if not copy and  draw the sunglasses on a piece of paper.



Sunrise/Sunset Times



Bore da pawb. I hope you enjoyed yesterday's activities. I'm still waiting to see your self portraits laugh


Health and Wellbeing


Magic Maths

Try this trick out on your family members? Does it work every time?




Bore da dosbarth 9, I hope you have all had a good weekend. There's only two weeks left of this term, so there's lots of nice, fun activities to look forward to. 


Sports Day Data

Following on from our Mini Olympics in school last week, have a go at  answering these Sports Day data questions. 



Have a go at drawing and painting a self portrait. Use a mirror and draw your reflection paying particular attention to your features. You can choose to use water colours, paint, colouring pencils or felt pens to colour. 


Have a look at the examples below. 

I would love to see these self portraits, so why no take a photo of them and upload them to twitter @bryncethincl9 or google classroom stream. 



Bore da pawb. It's Friday again, yay! If you've been in school this week, I hope you have enjoyed. If you haven't been in yet, there's lots to look forward to. 


Sports Challenge


Remember to fill in your activity trackers after these two challenges. 

Summer Writing 


Have a look at the grid and choose a writing activity for today. 




Bore da dosbarth 9.



The 24 game. 

This is a very simple game that will help you practice your arithmetic skills, and it is a game that you can play with your family.

What you need to play:

  • A pack of playing cards (The number cards only)

How to play:

Step 1: Each player picks 4 number cards at random from the pile. 

Step 2: They then need to find a way to manipulate the 4 digits using any of the 4 operations (+, -, x, ÷) so the end result is 24 For example, if they chose 4, 7, 8, 8, they could do (7 – (8÷8) x 4 = 24)

Step 3: If nobody is able to reach 24, you can make it closest wins! 

Maths card game - 24

This is a game played with a pack of playing cards, with picture cards removed. Ace is worth 1 and each other card is worth the digit on the front. Players s...

Sports Challenge


Two more sports challenges for you to complete. Remember to record your results on your activity tracker. 


Bore da dosbarth 9. What a wet and miserable day. 

Look at the date, I can't believe it's July already.



How many Olympic/Hero themed words can you make from the letter tiles? Once you've made your word, work out the value of the word and the total score. What the highest value word you can make?




Test out your drawing skills. Learn how to draw a cartoon superhero starting with Captain America. There are others to choose from if you want to draw a set of superheroes. 


How To Draw Captain America

Learn how to draw Captain America! 🎨 ART SUPPLIES we love 📺 SUBSCRIBE to our channel here


Bore da pawb. 






Here's a nice, fun game you can play with your family. 


Enjoy and good luck


Bore da dosbarth 9.

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend and you are ready for another week of exciting activities. 



Following the Disney Hour of Code link below  to play some really fun coding games based around a number of great Disney films. Have fun. 


As there's plenty of space left on your activity trackers let's add a few more sports challenges. Try these out and get your family involved. Who can score the most?


Bore da pawb. We've made it to the end of the week smiley


Sports Challenge

There's three challenges for you today as they are only 60 second challenges. Get your family to join in and compete against each other. Remember to fill in your activity tracker. 

Rainforest/Go Green Week


We've reached Go Green Day. Why not wear something green today to help raise awareness.


Now with your deforestation free cake  ready to devour and a week of connecting to tropical forests under your belt, why not end the week by curling up on the sofa with one of our recommended Go Green Films?!

  1. Fern Gully (PG)

A family friendly animation about forest fairies protecting the forest from humans who are cutting the trees down for their timber.

  1. Wall-E (U)

What would a world without trees look like? Well Wall-E answers that question. Follow the journey of a little robot as it tries to protect the first tree to grow in centuries.


Click on the link below to learn the top 10 tips to help reduce the impact on tropical rainforests.

Have a wonderful weekend.

We are really looking forward to seeing you from next week on your allocated 'catch up' days. 


Bore da dosbarth 9. Pawb yn iawn? What another beautiful day we have ahead of us. 


Sports Challenge

Here's another challenge to get your families involved with. Have fun and remember to fill in your activity tracker. 

Rainforest/Go Green Week

Fancy some baking today? Then try out this delicious sounding recipe. The recipe for the Deforestation Cake uses  eco friendly ingredients that haven't contributed to deforestation. 


Let me know what it tastes like wink

And for a bit of fun, have a go at this rainforest game called 'Jewels of the Earth'.


Bore da pawb. 


Sports Challenge

Try out today's challenge and remember to fill out your activity tracker. Why not compete against your family members and see who can do the most tucks in and out.


I've also included AYPD Workout 9. It's probably best to do the challenge and workout early before the sun gets too hot. Remember to drink plenty throughout the day and if you are outside, plenty of sun cream. 

Rainforest/Go Green Week


I hope you enjoyed researching rainforests yesterday, don't forget to upload your presentations either on twitter or google classroom.


Today I've uploaded a game that you can play called 'The size of Wales'.


Also relax in the garden with your art paper and pencils and draw a rainforest scene. Below is an example, you can recreate this if you wish or choose your own. Can't wait to see these on twitter or google classroom. 


Have a great day


Bore da pawb. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather. 


Sports Week Challenge

Today's challenge is probably best done outside if you have the space. Why not have a few attempts to see if you can improve every time. 

Don't forget to complete your activity tracker once you have completed your challenge.


Rain forest Week/Go Green Day

As well as National Sports Week it's also Rain forest week leading into Go Green Day.

Do some research about Rain forests. Can you find out:

 - what a rain forest is?

 - where Rain forest are located around the world?

 - what animals live in rain forests?

 - why are rain forests in danger?


Present your finding in a way of your choice - google slides presentation, poster, non-chronological report etc. 

Remember to include a range of pictures in your presentations. 


Please follow this link for the latest information regarding returning to school. If you haven't already done so, please complete the survey as soon as possible. Many thanks. 


Bore da pawb, what a beautiful morning. I hope you have all had a great weekend and you are ready to work hard again this week. 




So this week is National Sports Week, and every day you will have a sporting activity to complete. This also fits well with our 'Sports/Heroes' theme. There will be a range of activities throughout the week, some will be individual challenges whilst others will be challenges that the whole family can take part it in. 

Below is an Activity Tracking Sheet that you can use to track your scores for each activity that you complete during the week. One your tracking sheet is complete, at the end of the week please take a photo of it and send it to me via Google Classroom stream or private comment.

I'm looking forward to seeing your results. 


Activity 1





Can you have a go at creating your own Circle Art. Find round objects of different sizes and draw around them on a piece of paper. Make sure the circles overlap to create different size sections. Once your paper is full and you have lots of sections, choose lots of colours to colour it in. 

See the example below. 


Remember to tweet or google classroom your work. 


Bore da dosbarth 9. Another miserable, rainy day, but at least it Friday!


Do you know what makes me happy on a miserable, rainy day? Cwtching up on the sofa watching a good film, so as it's Friday, why not sit back, put your feet up and watch a 'Superhero' or 'Sporting' film.


Next, design a poster advertising your film as if it is soon to be released in the cinema. Think carefully about the features of your poster - what will it need? 


Here are some examples:-



After sitting down watching a movie, it's time for some exercise. This will keep you busy (and help your parents at the same time laugh)


***Have a great weekend, see you all very soon ***


Bore da pawb. I hope you are all well. Such a shame the weather is so miserable today frown.


Health and Wellbeing

Today you can learn to move like the Avengers. Click on the link below to learn all of the key moves of some of the most famous superheroes. Get your family involved too, it'll be fun laugh.

When we think positively about ourselves it makes us happy. 

If you can, print out the 'I am an amazing person...' sheet and complete and colour each balloon. If you can't print it out, create your own version.


Bore da dosbarth 9.

It's important to look after ourselves as much as it is to look after others. There are many ways in which we can look after ourselves - exercise, spend time with friends and family, do the things that make us happy (shopping makes me happy, it usually cheers me up if I'm feeling a bit down) and eat healthily. 


Today we are going to look at 'Healthy Eating'. It is recommended that we eat a healthy balanced diet and making the correct food choice will help us do that. Below is a Healthy Eating guide, it's shows us the different food groups and the types of foods that belong in each group. Click on the pictures to have a closer look at each group of food. 

As you can see the food groups are different sizes. The size of each group determines how much you should eat within it. The fruit and veg group is the biggest so you can choose more items from that group than say the dairy group which is a lot smaller. e.g you could choose 5 items from the fruit and veg and 1 item from the dairy group).


Task 1

Design a healthy daily menu using the food groups the help you. You will need to think of a healthy, balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner - don't forget to include drinks with your meals. 

(You can either draw or write down your choices).

Task 2

I mentioned above the different ways in which we can look after ourselves, one of them was to spend time doing the things that make us happy.


Your task is to draw a poster outlining all of the things that make you happy. 

e.g going for a walk, going shopping, playing with friends, watching a funny film, eating your favourite food, singing, dancing etc


I would love to see these posters and menus once they are finished, so remember to take a photo and upload them to twitter @bryncethincl9 or google classroom. 


Have a great day laugh


Bore da dosbarth 9.

This week we are having a wellbeing week and concentrating on looking after ourselves. During a time like this, it is very important that we look after our bodies, physically and mentally. Thinking positively about ourselves during difficult times helps us to keep going. 


Task 1

As we know, the situation we are currently in isn't going to last forever, things aren't as we want them to be right now, but eventually they will get better. Whilst we are waiting for that time, why not make a "Things to look forward to jar". I'm sure there are many things that you would like to do once this situation improves, write them down on a piece of paper, cut them out and fold them up and place them inside a nicely decorated jar. 

Task 2.


Bore da dosbarth 9, I hope you are all well.



You should all be able to access minecraft education through using your hwb accounts. 

Today I would like you to build an Olympic stadium using Minecraft. You may want to google pictures of different Olympic stadiums first to get an idea of what they all look like and what similarities they have. 


Once you have finished building your stadium, take a screen shot and upload a picture on google classroom stream and or twitter @bryncethincl9


Health and Wellbeing

Family challenge - try and get as many household members to take part in this challenge with you, you will need paper, a pen/pencil and a stop watch. You will need to compete against each other to see how many of each exercise you can do in 1 minute. Before you complete each exercise, estimate how many you can do first. 


- star jumps

- sit ups

- press ups

- squats

- lunges

- hight knees

- bottom kicks


Have fun and good luck. Let me know your scores via twitter or google classroom. 


Bore da pawb. Happy Friday!

The sun is shining, let's hope it stays for the weekend.



Art and Design

In the week, you were asked to create your own Superhero. 

Today I'd like you to design a logo/symbol to represent your superhero. Think about a symbol that could represent the superhero's name, appearance or superpower. Have a look at the examples below of some well known existing superheroes. 


Once you've designed your logo/symbol - use a paper plate or cut out a circle from a piece of card and make your logo.


Remember to take a photo of your work and tweet it @bryncethincl9


Can you find all of the Olympic themed words in this wordsearch.


Enjoy, and have a great weekend. 


Bore da pawb. Sut ydych chi? (How are you?)


Health and Wellbeing

Try this fun obstacle challenge today, maybe you could involve other members of your house hold and have a little competition. Let me know how you get on. 


Look at the picture blow of the different superheroes. Can you use a range of straight edged and curved shapes to create your own Superhero shape picture. 


Tweet a photo of your finished picture to @bryncethincl9 or upload it to our google classroom stream.


Bore da dosbarth 9. Hope you are all well.



If you have access to a printer, print out the Top Secret Superhero form and create your own superhero. If you can't print it out, create your own profile using the original layout as a guide. 


Work out the value of your name using the Superhero chart. Do the same for each member of your family, who has the most expensive name? What's the value of all of the names of the superheroes? Which superhero has the most expensive name. 


Remember to tweet or upload your work to google classroom so I can see it too. 


Have fun



Health and Wellbeing


Bore da pawb. 

Hope you are all good. Today's activities can be done with your family members, so go and grab them and ask them to join in. 



Time for some family fun, everyone needs a piece of paper and a pen to answer the following quiz questions. No cheating, see how many questions you can answer independently. 


I will post the answers at 2pm. Let me know your score via twitter or google classroom. Good luck laugh


Bore da pawb. Hope you have all had a great weekend, the weather is starting to pick up again. 


Have a go at creating your own superhero hand print. Have a look at the examples below. Also you could google 'superhero handprints' for more ideas. Don't worry if you haven't got any paint, you could always draw around your hand and colour in using felt pens or pencils. 


Magic Squares


Bore da pawb. 

It's Friday already. Hope you've all had a good week.



Find out how many Olympic games there are in the Summer games and the Winter games. Present your findings in ant way you wish:- powerpoint, poster, pictures, list, table ect


Art and Design

Design and make your own version of an Olympic Torch. Do some research to find out what Olympic torches have looked like over the years. Have they all had different designs? Are there any specific features that the torch must have? 


Use any materials that you wish to make your torch. 


Once finished, take a photo of your work and upload it to twitter @bryncethincl9 and/or google classroom stream. 




Bore da pawb. Hope you are well.



Today I would like you to have a go at making your own word shape. Use your A-Z list from yesterday along with lots more sporting and hero vocabulary, including names of heroes, to create a word shape. Click on the link below to create any word shape of your choice. There's  wide range of shapes and colours to choose from, maybe think about choosing a shape that fits the theme of your words. Below are some examples of different word shapes.  


Don't forget to upload your finished word shapes to @bryncethincl9 and/or our google classroom stream. 

Word shape examples

Art /Design

Find out the meaning of the Olympic rings and what each coloured ring represents. 

Make a set of Olympic rings using any medium you wish. 


Take a photo of your Olympic rings and upload to @bryncethincl9 and/or google classroom stream.


Bore da. I hope you are all well.


Literacy A-Z sports


List the alphabet from A-Z on a piece of paper. Try and think of a sport beginning with each letter of the alphabet. You can use the internet to help you if you get stuck. 

Expressive Arts


Following our theme of heroes/sports. Draw a portrait of your hero. Your hero doesn't have to be a superhero, it can be anyone that you believe is a hero to you, it can even be a sporting hero. You decide.


Don't forget to upload your work to twitter @bryncethincl9 or google classroom stream. 





Bore da dosbarth 9. 


Health and Wellbeing.

Make the most of today's sunshine, while it lasts, and do some exercise outside if you can. 


Have some family fun with this game. It can be played with any number of players. Once you've played, let me know your scores - don't forget you can send me messages using J2message on hwb and through GoogleClassroom. 


If you haven't got a printer to print out the target board, then have a go at drawing it.


Good luck


Croeso nôl Dosbarth 9.

Welcome back, I hope you have all had a lovely half term and have made the most of the fantastic weather that we've had, I most definitely did.


Our topic for the next few weeks will be a combination of Heroes and Sports as the results of the survey was 50/50. Don't forget to log into Google Classroom for your daily activities. I look forward to hearing from you. 



Can you find out what the difference between a sport and a game is? Your first task for today is to find the definition of both of those words. You might find that they are very similar. Next, I would like you to produce a Venn Diagram (either on paper, or on the website linked below) with Sport on one side and Games on the other side, and as many sports and games as you can think of in the circles. I have included an example below to help you - remember, the Sports section should include any sports that are not games, the Games section should include any games that are not sports, and the overlapping section should include anything that you think is a game and a sport. 

Art and Design.

Choose one of the following sports and design your own kit using the templates provided. If you can't print them out, just draw the outline shape on some paper. You may want to research some ideas first and use them as inspiration, but don't copy any designs. Your kit will need a logo/badge and a position/number if needed. 


Once you have completed your design, take a photo of your kit and upload it to our google classroom stream or on our class twitter page @bryncethincl9.


I can't wait to see your designs. 



Sports Kits



Please let us know what you've enjoyed about distance learning and what you would like for a future topic:

A message from all the staff at Bryncethin Primary School

Still image for this video


Bore da pawb.

We've reached Friday again, but it's not just the end of the week but also the end of term. Next week is half term so enjoy a well deserved week off with lots of family time. 


ESafety Day

Today is ESafety day and there will be lots of information and activities uploaded to inform you how to be safe when using your favourite online games and apps. 



Below is a list of websites that you can visit. These sites are full of useful information that you can share with your child/children:


PARENTS/ CARERS - Please click on the links below to get more information on esafety:    (Important one about apps like TikTok, informs parents how to make the apps as safe as possible.)    (Information about how to keep apps private, includes videos)    (Parent's guide to Fortnite)   (Resources for parents and children)


Have a go at these following activities with a parent or carer, you will all learn hot to keep safe whilst browsing, playing or chatting online. 


Morning Class 9.

Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful sunshine yesterday.


Lets get those brain cells working with some problem solving:

Expressive Arts.

Below is an example of a simple poster with a simple positive message.

Have a go at creating your own 'hopes and dreams' poster?


Bore Da! The sun is back again. It's a perfect day for some outdoor exercise. Have a go at workout 5.


Health and Wellbeing.




Sticking with our river theme this week. Have a go at making a model river by following the instructions. Let me know what happened to your river on Google Classroom. 

Remember to tweet a photo on twitter @bryncethincl9.


Have a great day smiley


Good Morning Dosbarth 9.


Sticking with our river theme, can you solve this puzzle. Once you have a solution let me know via twitter or google classroom. 


This week is Mental Health awareness week and the theme this year is 'Kindness'. During this difficult time, what better way to make people happy than to spread some kindness, it's easy and doesn't cost a penny. Below is an example of a 'Kindness Calendar' of different ways in which you can be kind to others and equally important, yourselves.  


Can you create your own 'Kindness Calendar', you can use any of the ideas in the example as well as your own ideas. 


Draw out a calendar using  the template as a guide and fill it with your kindness ideas. 

Take a photo of your calendar and tweet it on twitter @Bryncethincl9 or on our Google Classroom stream. I can't wait to see them. 

Kindness Calendar


Bore Da pawb.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. 

This week we are going to be learning about rivers. 


Choose one of the 'River' pictures and recreate the art work. Once finished, take a photo and upload it to our class twitter page or class 9's google classroom stream. 


Have a look at the word grid.

How many 3letter or more words can you make using the letters in the grid, you can only use the letter the amount of times that it appears. Can you find the 9 letter word?


Good luck. 


Bore da pawb. It's Friday already, this week has gone so quickly. 


Maths/Problem Solving.


Can you solve this puzzle? Once you have an answer, tweet it on the class page or Google Classroom stream.


Pass the story
In this game, work together as a family to write a silly short story. The first player writes down one line of a story, and just two or three words on the second line. The player folds the first line back so the next person can only see those two or three words that spilled onto the next line. Then, players take turns adding to the story line by line until the paper is full, all without knowing what everyone else has written. When you unfold the paper, the final result will be a funny, goofy story.


Good Morning Dosbarth 9. Hope you are all well.


Are you brains working this morning? Let's see with these maths puzzles

Family Fun.


What's the object?

This is a simple game which requires good describing skills.

One at a time, choose a card/word then try to describe what is on the card, but you are not allowed to use the words which are written on the card.

For example, person A has given a card with a picture of a pig and the words 'pig', 'farm', 'oink' and 'snout', person A has to try to get the other players to say the word 'pig'. They cannot say the words on the card, so they must think of other ways of describing a pig. The player which says "pig" first gets one point.

At the end, add up the points to see who the winner is. 

If you have a printer, print out the game cards, if not, use the on the screen or copy them out on scrap paper. 


Bore da.

It's Wednesday already, halfway through the week, I can't believe how quickly the week is going. 

I hope you are all doing ok and are keeping well. 


If you haven't already done so, please can you complete the survey at the top this page or on Google Classroom. Thank You. 




I've found a nice game for you today - time to work on your 'Nouns and Adjectives'. Have fun and good luck. 

If you encounter a problem with 'flash player' follow these instructions:
- select the padlock in the address bar
- select site settings
- scroll down to 'flash' and select 'allow'
- return to videos and select 'reload'.
The page should then allow the video to play.


Art and Design


Learn how to make an origami Emoji Face changer. You will need some A4 paper, a scissors and some felt pens or colouring pencils. Don't worry if you haven't got yellow paper, you can always colour it in. 


Take some photos of your finished products and post on twitter or Google classroom. Enjoy laugh

DIY toys for kids : emoji face changer | Easy origami games

DIY toys for kids : emoji face changer | Easy origami games In this video I will show you how to make a emoji face changer / DIY toy for children . You can m...


Bore da pawb, the sun is shining again, it's going to be a beautiful day. If you have the space, how about completing work out 4 in the garden. It's very important, at this time, to keep moving.


Health and Wellbeing



Time to get your brains working hard - see if you can solve these following maths puzzles. I'll start you off with an easy one, then you can challenge yourselves with the more difficult one. Once you have your answers, send them to me on our Google Classroom stream, or you can send me a Google Classroom private comment if you don't want your friends to see the correct answers laugh (if you are having trouble with Google Classroom then tweet your answers to @BryncethinCl9


Have a great day everyone.


Bore da pawb. I hope you've enjoyed your long weekend in the sunshine, safely at home. 



Follow the link to play some spelling games.

Have a look at spelling rule 37 -  cious or –tious words. You can select 'spelling tiles', 'test/practice' or 'snowball smash'. 


Health and Wellbeing


Have a game of alphabet bingo with your family. 

Make a list of the alphabet and write down the names of items around your house or garden that begin with each letter of the alphabet.  

e.g A - archway, B - bench, C - chair

To make it more fun, give yourselves 30 seconds for each letter of the alphabet. Once completed, go through your answers and score 10 points for a unique item (that only one person has), 5 points if two people have the same item and 0 points if 3 or more people have the same item. Finally total up your scores to see who the winner is.

Good luck


Bore da pawb.

It's last day of school work for this week as tomorrow is a bank holiday. You are all doing a great job, keep it up. 


Art and Design

Have a go at designing your own VE day bunting. You can print out the template if you have a printer, or simply draw the shape needed. I have added some examples of bunting that you can copy or you can be creative and use your own ideas. You can decorate your house with your bunting ready for tomorrow's celebrations. 


Remember to show us your bunting by posting a photo on twitter @Bryncethincl9 or on our class stream. 


Have a go at this WW2 quiz on CBBC. How many questions can you get right? 

Let me know your results on our GoogleClassroom stream. 


Bore da pawb.

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's activities. I have some more fun tasks for you to do today.



Follow the link below and play some maths games. You can choose which games you want to play. Why not play with someone from your family and see who can get the most points? It's good to have some friendly competition laugh



Art and design

After their service during the war, soldiers received many different medals.

Have a go at designing your own war medal. You can draw your design (remembering to follow the instructions and adhering to the criteria) or you can make your medal using whatever materials you have available in the house. 

Enjoy and remember to show me your work via twitter or class9 stream. I'd like to create a display board to show off all of your wonderful work. 




Good morning Class 9. Hope you are all well. 

Just to say that you are all doing such a fantastic job with your home learning, keep up the good work but also remember to relax and have fun with your families. 


Health and Wellbeing

Here's work out 3 for you to do with your family members. Enjoy. 

Language/Creative arts


Design an invitation for a 75th Anniversary VE Day party. Your invitation needs to include:

  • Date: Friday 8th May
  • Time: Your choice
  • Location: House/Driveway/Garden/Pavement (adhering to social distancing). 
  • Colour scheme: Red, White and Blue. 

Remember to upload some pictures to twitter or google classroom 9 so we can see your fantastic work. 


Have a wonderful day. 


Bore Da dosbarth 9.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend. We only have 4 days of learning this week as Friday 8th May is a Bank Holiday, celebrating 75years of VE Day. We will be doing some activities based on the anniversary during the week. 


Something fun to start the week off.



Write a recipe for 'Springtime' What will you include? Flowers, sunshine? What else? 

Think carefully before writing your recipe - what does a recipe look like? What does a recipe include?



During WW2 food was rationed and not all items were available to buy as and when they were needed. When cooking, sometimes people would need to substitute some items for others to make the recipes that they wanted to. 

Have a look at the following recipes, choose one and have a go at making it.

Post a picture on twitter or our google classroom stream, I would love to see what you make. 

Enjoy smiley


smileyWelcome to Class 9smiley

Summer Term


Bore Da.


So today is Pyjamarama day, it has finally arrived! I hope you are all as excited as I am? laugh

There's a great line up of activities on just click on the link below to access the fun. 


All you need is your favourite pair of pyjamas, a cosy den and your device. 


Remember to tweet lots of pictures on twitter @bryncethincl9 and tag #booktrust


Bore Da dosbarth 9.


Only one more day to go until our whole school Pyjamarama festival. Have a look at today's fun activities that you base on your favourite books and stories.



Get your creative Pyjamarama hat on and design your own bedtime story book cover. Don't forget to write a blurb about your story and give your book a name! (You can print the sheet out if you want to or create your own template on some paper).

Why not create your own comic strip about a Pyjama wearing Superhero. What is your superhero's power? What is so special about his/her pyjamas?


Here's an example of a layout that you could use: 


And finally, make your own bookmark using the skill of Origami. All you need is paper and pens/pencils to decorate and create a design. Have a look at the example on the you tube video, this is for the basic shape but you can then decorate as you wish. 

Easy Origami Bookmark Corner - How to make a Corner Bookmark DIY

Easy Origami Bookmark Corner. Learn how to make a basic corner bookmark diy. Red Ted Art Craft Basics. CLICK FOR MORE INFO! See ALL our amazing Corner Bookma...



Bore da pawb.


As today is so miserable outside, why not snuggle down somewhere cozy, maybe make yourself a den, and listen to some stories. Click on the link below and choose a story to listen to:-


Have another go at drawing like an illustrator. This time I've chosen the illustrator Rob Biddulph. Watch his youtube video on how to draw Kevin. You are more than welcome to try some of the other videos too. Remember to take a photo of your work and upload it on twitter @BryncethinCl9.


Have a good day smiley

Draw with Rob Biddulph: Kevin!

Fancy doing a bit of drawing? Well, super illustrator Rob Biddulph is here to teach us how to draw imaginary friend Kevin from his brilliant book of the same...



Bore Da dosbarth 9. 

As you know this week we are  celebrating stories and reading together, it's as part of the Booktrust Pyjamarama Day celebrated on May 1st. On Friday we will be taking part in a whole school celebration day where families can all join in a festival of story, and the best part is you can wear you pyjamas all day laugh



Today's activity is to design an invitation for someone at home to come and join you for the celebration day on Friday. You can draw one by hand or use your computer,  here's an example for you to follow:

Health and Wellbeing


Time for workout two. Make sure you get your family involved. Have fun smiley



Bore da Pawb. I hope you have all had a nice weekend.


This week we are going to be celebrating stories and reading together. Then on Friday, we will be taking part in a whole school celebration day when families can all join in a festival of story - fun filled at home!




Read your favourite story or a a few chapters from your favourite book to the rest of your family. Ask your family members what their favourite stories/books are and tell you why.


Find out who the author of your favourite story/book is and create a fact file about them - you will need to do some research for this task. Here's an example of a fact file to guide you:-   


Become an illustrator like Ed Vere. Follow the link below to watch Ed Vere give a tutorial on how to illustrate in his style. Make sure you have your paper and pens at the ready!! Have a go and post your fantastic illustrations on the school twitter page @bryncethincl9

Draw with Ed Vere: Joe Bananas!

It's time to go bananas - we've got a fantastic drawing lesson from our Illustrator in Residence Ed Vere for you! This time, he's teaching us how to draw Joe...


Bore Da.

It's Friday already, hasn't the week flown?



Based on our Literacy theme this week, 'Firebird' why not have a go at drawing your own bird. Follow the instructions and see if you can draw a detailed bird. I would love to see your drawings, take a photo and tweet them on our class twitter page.  



Follow the link to 'hourofcode' and choose an activity. Enjoy smiley





Bore da.


Here's some nice activities that you can do with members of your household. Maybe have a competition to see who can get closest to their estimate. Have fun and enjoy. 

Health and Wellbeing


You are all aware of the importance of washing your hands regularly, especially during this current pandemic. 

Why not carry out the following experiment to see what happens to germs when you use soap. 


Think about the following before and during the experiment, discuss them with a family member.

Why soap works experiment

Test 1

  • What will happen when I put my finger in the bowl?
  • What actually happened?

Test 2

  • What will happen when I put soap on my finger and put it in the bowl?
  • What actually happened?


  • Why was there a difference in how the pepper behaved when the soap was added?
  • Why is it important to wash your hands regularly?



Bore da pawb.

Are you ready to get active? Maybe do some exercise outside today and enjoy our beautiful weather. 


Have a go at some problem solving. You can do this with other members of your household, maybe you can have a race to see who can find the solution the fastest. 


Good Luck !



Bore Da. Day two of the Summer term already. Have a go at today's activities all about celebrating Spring



Can you solve the  Spring riddles? Maybe you could have a go at writing some of your own too. 



Choose a spring flower to draw- if you have any in your garden, carry out an observational drawing of a flower/s. If not use the internet to help with images of spring flowers or use your imagination to draw your own.


You can show your drawings on our twitter class page. 


Bore Da Dosbarth 9.

Welcome back, I hope that you have all had a fun and relaxing Easter break. 

There will be lots of fun and exciting activities available for you over the next few weeks to keep your brains busy and active. 


Let's start with a little brain teaser.


Once you have worked out your answer, tweet it on Class 9's page and I will let you know if you are correct or not. Have fun. This one took me a while to get laugh

Design a birthday card.


Many of you may be aware of an old Gentleman called Captain Tom Moore who will soon be turning 100 years old. Last week he did an amazing act of kindness for the NHS and raised £26million by walking 100 laps around his garden. 


I thought it would be nice if you could all partake in your own act of kindness and make Captain Tom Moore a birthday card to celebrate his 100th birthday.  Once you have made your card you can send it to him by using the following address:


Captain Tom Moore

C/O Marston Post Office

67 Bedford Road

Marston Mortaine


MK43 0LA


Also take a photograph of your cards and tweet them on our class twitter page.  

Welcome to Class 9!


Information regarding activities that can be completed at home.

We are looking at ways of providing work for children who may not be at school at this time. In our most recent letter we informed you that we were working on providing distant learning and staff are continuing to work hard to provide this facility if the school is directed to close.

Here are links to suggested resources that may be of use at this time:


Reading –

Maths –

Welsh –


If your child logs into their Hwb account ( they are able to access all of the Hwb tools on offer. 




Bore da! Here's a few activities for you to have a go at. Keep checking throughout the day for any updates. Don't forget you can sign in to HWB and Google Classroom for more activities. 

Literacy - Find as many words as you can! List them on your paper and add up your points.

Health and Wellbeing


It's important to keep moving and exercising during your time at home. Make up a dance routine to your favourite song. Maybe record it and show me when we are back in school smiley


Bore da. I hope you enjoyed yesterday's activities. Here are today's - have fun .


Can you solve the following number puzzles? Copy and complete into your maths books. (Remember to write the date).


Draw a view - Look out of your window and sketch what you see.


Bore da dosbarth 9. The sun is shining, it's going to be another beautiful day. 



How many spelling mistakes can you find in the following paragraph?

Rewrite the paragraph using the correct spellings. (Remember to date your work.)


Many years ago, befor modern educashun in the new millenium, one problem in skools was baseic speeling and grammer. To conbat this and rays acheivement, teechers were adviced to start at the very begining, at the yungest age. Once they had managed to breath new life into leessons, progres came quickly - sucess was then garanteed. How many speeling errors would modern skolars identify in this paragraph?

Design and Technology

Design and make a homemade board game and play it with your family.


Bore Da! Hope you are all keeping safe. You are all doing so well with your home learning. Keep it up but remember to have fun too!



Have a go at the following brain teasers - answers in your Maths books (with today's date).


Health and Wellbeing

It's important to keep active during your time at home. Have a go at the following activity. Encourage your household to take part with you, use your full name. 



Bore Da. 

We would really like to see what you've been getting up to and the learning that you have been doing. It's also a nice way to stay connected with your friends at this very difficult time. Why not take some photos/short videos and tweet them on our Twitter class page @BryncethinCl9 (sensible pictures or videos only please).

Mrs Lansdown and Mrs Evans


**Don't forget Joe Wicks is live on Youtube at 9am. It's important to keep fitlaugh**



On a piece of paper, write out the alphabet down the left-hand side of the paper. Then search around your house and garden to find things beginning with each letter. See how many you can find cool


Get Building

Build a Lego model, a tower of playing cards or anything else of your choice. Maybe you could take a photo and post it on Twitter. Enjoy yes


Bore da Dosbarth 9. I hope you've had a lovely weekend. As it's getting closer to the Easter holidays, I thought I would post some nice Easter activities this week. 



Solve the Easter Crossword.  You will need to put your answers on paper, or solve them verbally with your family. Or maybe have a competition with a family member and see who can solve the clues the quickest laugh.

Expressive Arts

Create an Easter wreath to decorate your house.

You will need:

  • card or paper plates
  • colouring pens or pencils
  • glue or sticky tape
  • scissors
  • ribbon or string

Follow the pictures to make your wreath., create your own designs on your egg cutouts. 


I would love to see your completed wreaths, why not post a picture on Twitter @bryncethincl9 . 



Easter Egg Hunt game - Print out a copy of the game and play it with a family member. Take some photos of you playing and post them on Twitter @bryncethincl9 - Enjoyyes


Draw your very own Easter Bunny. Watch the youtube video and follow the instructions to draw an Easter Bunny. Take a photo and post your finished drawing on Twitter @bryncethincl9.



How to Draw an Easter Bunny - Easy Drawings Step by Step




Click on the image below - this will take you to a Wordcloud generator. Using a range of Easter/Spring vocabulary including vocabulary based on the Easter Story, create a word cloud of any shape and colour. Ask a member of your family to help navigate you around the site. I would love to see your finished products, please post a picture on Twitter @bryncethincl9

Easter Baking

Have a look for a nice recipe and bake some Easter treats. This is a lovely activity that you can do as a family. Make me jealous by posting some pictures of your delicious bakes on twitter!


Bore da pawb. Some nice  Easter activities for you today. Upload your pictures on twitter or google classroom for me to see. 



Have a go at these Easter Challenge Cards. Show your workings out and write your answers in your maths books. (Don't forget the date).  

Art and Craft

Have a go at creating an Easter image like these. 


Bore Da. So today is the last day of term. Here's some nice activities for you before having some fun, relaxing time with your family. 



Read the text 'Easter Around the World'to a family member and get them to ask you the questions. Answer in as much detail as you can.  

Health and Wellbeing


Make a gratitude jar.


Decorate a jar or container using paper, pom poms, stickers and jewels. each day of the Easter holidays think of one thing that you appreciate or something that makes you happy. Then write it down and put it in your jar. 

You can then read the contents and see how many things you appreciate. 


Easter Holidays


I would like to thank you all for your hard work and efforts both with these activities and on Hwb too.


There will be no work posted on this website or Hwb until Monday 20th April.

Take this opportunity to relax and have fun with your family members.

I would like to wish you and your families a very Happy Easter.

Take care, each and everyone and keep smiling.


See you soon,

Mrs Lansdown