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A message from all the staff at Bryncethin Primary School

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Information regarding activities that can be completed at home.

We are looking at ways of providing work for children who may not be at school at this time. In our most recent letter we informed you that we were working on providing distant learning and staff are continuing to work hard to provide this facility if the school is directed to close.

Here are links to suggested resources that may be of use at this time:


Reading –

Maths –

Welsh –


If your child logs into their Hwb account ( they are able to access Just2Easy resources such as j2Blast.

Friday 17th July 

Bore da Class 6.

It is the last day of term, the Summer holidays have almost arrived! 

We never expected to have such a different end to our first  year in juniors. You have all worked so hard. Mrs Ralph and I are so incredibly proud of you. 

Your families have been amazing in helping you with your school work. Diolch yn fawr to you all. We really appreciate your hard work and support. 


Hopefully the Sun will shine for the holidays and we can spend some time at the beach!



Here's a Summer Challenge. There are thirty fun activities in this booklet to keep you entertained over the holidays, such as Den building, read a book challenge, designing book marks, movie nights and many more.

Here are two examples;

Here is the link for the whole booklet. It can also be accessed from the ELSA support web page. 

Have a fantastic Summer holiday. Make sure you relax and have lots of fun! 

Take care and stay safe. We cannot wait to see you all back at school in September! smiley

Lots of love from Mrs Andrews and Mrs Ralph. 

Thursday 16th July

Good morning.

We have only two days left of term! Your activity for today is to remember the time that we shared together in Class 6 and to look forward to next years new adventure in your new class. With these thoughts in mind fill in the Transition sheet, or you can make your own. We have been very proud all the hard work that you have done this year, in school and at home.

Da iawn diolch! 

Have a go at this slalom challenge. Tweet us with what medal you achieve @bryncethincl6 

Have fun!

Wednesday 15th July 

Good morning. Sut wyt ti? 

Fill in this A-Z all about you. Can you link the letters to school? We will look forward to reading these, tweet us @bryncethincl6 or show us in our Google Classroom. 


Here is a game of connect 4 with a difference! This game will be better played with a partner. Choose a circle on the bottom row, follow the instructions to complete the activity, then move onto the row above and so on. The first player to get 4 in a row wins! The full instructions are on the game board. 

Have fun and good luck!

Tuesday 14th July

Bore da 

Today's physical challenge sounds easy but it's definitely a tricky one. Let us know which medal you earn. yes

Good luck. 

You have all been absolutely amazing during the time that we have had at home carrying out distance learning and coping with a new way of doing day to day activities. Here's a "Lockdown Reflections" activity. You can keep it safe and use it to remember the time that we have all gone through together, when you are all grown up!!


Monday 13th July

Bore da.

Welcome back for the last week of activities before the Summer holidays! 

This week we will continue with our Sports/Keep fit theme. Daily exercise makes us stronger, physically and mentally.  Try this physical bingo challenge, the whole family can join in! Will you be able to complete all 12 activities to earn a Gold Medal?

Tweet us @bryncethincl6 to tell us if you are Bronze, Silver or Gold.


Relaxation time is as important as exercise.

Listening to music, reading, watching the clouds float overhead and meditating are some of the many ways to relax.  What do you love to do to relax? 

Doodling is a great way for your brain to switch off! Have a go at doing a Doodle a day.


Friday 10th July

Bore da pawb. 

Hopefully the weather will start to improve today ready for the weekend. If the rain goes away you can do today's physical activities outside, possibly in the sunshine. 

This 60 second Speed Bounce Challenge looks tough! Guess how many you THINK you will do before you start! Were you close to your estimation? 



Your muscles are really going to be worked today!!

 Can you build an obstacle/assault course? Use whatever equipment you have and add lots of exercises e.g. star jumps, running on the spot, push ups, catching or rolling a ball... Can you add equipment to crawl under or around, to climb over or on?

Time yourself going around the course, who will be the fastest?

Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Tweet us your course and time @bryncethincl6

As its Friday, here are your Learn Its for the week. Remember its a timed 90 second challenge.

Good luck on beating your score from last week. 

Thank you all for your amazing work this week. You have been super! 

Have a lovely weekend,there will be more activities on Monday -  our last week of school before the Summer holiday!!

Thursday 9th July

Bore da pawb

It looks like its going to be another wet, wet, wet day again. 

Here's a challenge card for you to try out. 

You will need a partner and your trainers! 

This week we have been doing lots of exercise and playing games.

Exercise is important to keep us healthy. Playing games teaches us about rules, taking turns, perseverance, encouraging each other and teamwork. 

Design a Sports Medal.

You can decide what the medal is being awarded for and who you are going to give it to.  You can colour in this one or make your own using playdough, junk materials, foil, anything at all.

Surprise us with your creativity! Tweet us @bryncethincl6 




Wednesday 8th July

Bore da. It looks like we have another wet day ahead of us. 

How about starting the day with a PE With Joe session there's a live workout at 9 am on You Tube. There are lots of fun 5 minute workouts on PE with Joes You Tube channel or redo a Fancy Dress Friday workout, to add cheer to this dreary day. 

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 2 | The Body Coach TV

After a good workout our bodies and brains should feel energised and ready for anything!!


You've worked your body, now lets work our brains!!

Try this sports day word scramble. Can you solve them all? 


Da iawn Pawb! 

Tuesday 7th July 

Bore da 

You will need your trainers, again, for today's activity! 

Physical Bingo!

Have a look at the activity card and choose some of the  activities to try out. You won't be able to do them ALL today. 

Phew you would be super fit and super exhausted by the end! 

Some of the activities are timed - let us know your score. The important message on the activity card is to remember to be honest participating and whilst counting up your scores. 


Winning is great, being first is great, BUT being a good sportsperson is the BEST achievement! 


Tweet us @bryncethincl6 to let us know which ones you complete this week.

Ready, Steady, GO.........


After all that exercise its time to sit down and rest your body!

Try this Sports Day themed word search.

Da iawn pawb. 

Have a lovely day. 

Monday 6th July 

Bore da pawb. 

Hope you all had a lovely, relaxing weekend.  This week lots of our activities will be physical, so you will need your trainers and sweat bands!smiley

Have a go at these 10 activities, there are lots to choose from - balancing, throwing and a family favourite, an egg and spoon race! 

Well done if you have tried out all ten activities. Which was your favourite? Let us know on Twitter @bryncethincl6 


You deserve a rest. Try out this A-Z of Sports.

See how many you can fill in now, you can add to it through the week if there are any letters that you find tricky today. 


Friday 3rd July

Bore da. 

Here is another ball skills challenge for you to try out. These challenges should really be helping to improve your hand and eye co-ordination. Maybe you will be a champion of Wimbledon in the future!


Have you ever seen the Men's trophy at Wimbledon? Do you like it or do you feel that it is need of a make-over? Well here's your chance to design a trophy. If you want to, have a look at the Women's trophy and make a new one for that too. Maybe you could recreate a brand new trophy for both the men and the women. 

Finally here's this weeks Learn Its.

Good luck in beating your score! 

Well Class 6 that's Game, Set and Match on our Wimbledon topic!

Thank you for all your hard work this week.  

Diolch yn fawr.

Have a lovely weekend. 

Thursday 2nd July

Another skill challenge for you, don't worry if you haven't a balloon handy, use a scrunched up tissue, a sock or a lightweight ball. 


Have a game of Roll, Add and Colour to pass the time on this wet morning. You will need dice. The instructions are on the sheet. 

Tweet us who wins @bryncethincl6 


Wednesday 1st July

Bore da pawb

We are continuing with our tennis themed related activities! 

Today you can print out and make (or copy and draw) this tennis court for a game of Finger Tennis!!

Tweet us a picture of your match @bryncethincl6




Have a go at this wordsearch.

Remember to share any strawberry recipes or ideas with us!

Have a lovely day. 

The Sun IS shining and June is feeling Joyful. How many of these lovely ideas can you complete throughout June? 

Tuesday 30th June 

It is the last day of June today! June has gone by so quickly. 

How many of The Joyful June challenges did you complete? 

Also a quick reminder that today is the last day of The Minecraft your Museum competition. 


Today you have a Tap up Tennis challenge. 

Tweet us your score @bryncethincl6


Have a go at these Tennis themed Maths challenge cards!

Tweet us your answers or pop a message into our Google Classroom to find out if you are right!
Have a lovely day !

Monday 29th June 

Bore da pawb.

Today should have been the start of Wimbledon - the oldest Tennis tournament in the world!

It has been cancelled until next year but we will still celebrate Wimbledon, this week, by carrying out lots of activities that relate to Tennis. 


Try this game of catch and clap!

Its a challenge so let us know how you do on twitter @bryncethincl6 

Are you bronze, silver or gold? 




Wimbledon is not only famous for some of the greatest tennis matches of all time. It is also famous for Strawberries!!


Can you make a strawberry? The easy option is to draw one! The challenge is make a 3-d strawberry. Try following this video or have a go yourself at creating a 3-d Strawberry. 

Tweet us @bryncethincl6 

Have fun!

strawberry paper craft

Phew! After all that strawberry craft you deserve a treat. During the week why not have some strawberries? Mmmmm Yummy!!

How will you eat them? With cream? Ice-cream? What can you make from strawberries? 

What about this as a naughty treat?  

Friday 26th June 

Bore da class 6!

As its Friday here are this weeks Learn Its. They are a 90 second timed challenge. Hopefully your scores are improving. Let us know either on Twitter @bryncethincl6 or in our Google Classroom. Good Luck!  

Have you ever wondered what a tree would say if it could speak? Well here's your chance to tell us what you think a tree from a rainforest would say!!!!

The Size Of Wales would like you to create a poster for a talking tree!

Here is an example and full instructions are in the link.

Tweet your finished poster to  #GoGreenDay and @bryncethincl6


We hope you have enjoyed these activities, there are more on the Size of Wales web site.

Be a hero to your grown ups!

Make a set of "Hero Helpers"

You will need some pieces of paper and pens. Then ask your grown ups for ideas of how you could help them. Some ideas could be to put your toys away, help fold the laundry, make your bed, helping to put the shopping away, read a story to a sibling or maybe hoover!!

Write down the ideas from your grown ups on your paper and pop them in a jar or an envelope. Every day ask your grown up to pull one out and you have to do what is on that piece of paper, with a BIG smile on your face smiley

You will then be a Hero Helper!

Have a fabulous weekend! 


Thursday 25th June

Good morning class 6.

It's going to be a hot, hot, hot day today. Remember how to stay safe in the Sun!

Slip, Slap.,Slop!!


As part of #GoGreenDay The Size of Wales are asking us to get creative!

Can you make a jungle mask? You can use these templates that have been created for you or just use your own imagination.

Tweet us @bryncethincl6 and add the hashtag  #GoGreenDay

We would love to see your work!

As part of our Superhero topic, this week we have been looking at real life heroes. 

In this beautiful weather our Coast Guard works so hard keeping us safe at the Seaside, they are quite often a forgotten hero of our wonderful emergency services.

Colin the Coastguard promotes safety at the beach and cliffs.

Today we are going to make a yacht for Colin the Coastguard.


 Maybe you could try the yacht on water? Does it float? How long for? As a challenge could you try making a yacht out of a different material?

Tweet us @bryncethincl6 to show us your yacht on water - hopefully it floats!!yes


Have fun and stay safe in the Sun! 

Wednesday 24th June 

Bore da.


In support of The size of Wales #GoGreenDay,  write a poem or short story about a tree or a forest. Use your imagination and be as creative as you can. It can be fictional or factual. Add lots of colour and remember super neat handwriting! You can upload a picture of your work on Twitter to @bryncethincl6 and add the hashtag #GoGreenDay

There is also a lovely meditation session on The Size of Wales web page. 


Did you know teachers are Superheroes? smiley

Have a go at this wordsearch!

Have a lovely day and take care in the Sun. 

Tuesday 23rd June 

Bore da. 

The weather is looking glorious for today, remember to slip,slop,slap! 

Today's #GoGreenDay activity is to play The Size of Wales game! This can be found on The web page Size of under the heading of activities. 



There are lots of lessons about tropical rainforests and their importance on the Size of Wales You Tube channel, throughout the day, why don't you pop over and have a look with a grown up! There will be lots of information that you could use to make your poster, from yesterdays task!!
Try this word scramble. All the mixed up words are jobs that people do to help others. 
Have a lovely day and stay safe in the Sun! smiley

Monday 22nd June

Bore da pawb.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

This week our activities will focus on Heroes and Going Green!!!


The Size of Wales is a unique charity with a mission to sustain an area of tropical Rainforest twice the size of Wales.  To help raise awareness of this charity and its efforts we will carry out one of their activities each day. 

 #GoGreenDay2020 starts today with World Rainforest Day. 

Your activity is to research a rainforest and make a poster (you can draw or use j2e).  Try and make it as informative and as colourful as you can. 

Some ideas that you could research to add to the poster are, to find out what is a rainforest, what is happening to rainforests, what animals live in them, where in the world they are, their climate, why they are so important and what can we do to protect them. 


Tweet us your posters @bryncethincl6  @sizeofwales and #GoGreenDay2020 


 Last week we thought about Superheroes, this week the focus will be on real heroes.

Who is your hero and why? 

Ask your family who is their hero and make some Top Trump cards! You could include age, height give them a hero rating. You can decide on the facts to add to the cards. 




Just a quick reminder that the Minecraft competition closes on the 30th June. Good luck if you have already entered!!



Here are some of the Superhero work, that has been completed using j2e.

Dioch yn fawr for these SUPER pictures. 

Here are the answers for the daily quiz,

1 Odinson

2 World War 2 

3 Natasha Romanof 

4 Iron Man 

5 Magneto

How did you do? Did you get 5/5? 



Friday 19th June

Bore da and my goodness, how quickly has this week gone? 

Are you beating your score in the Learn Its Challenge? Remember its a 90 second challenge!

Good luck. 


Over the weekend using boxes, blocks etc, construct a Gotham City sky line! Let your Superheroes have some 3D fun!

This Well BEEing diary can be started from Monday, if you want to start today you can always make your own and personalise it with things that are special too you. 


Quiz question 5. Who is the villain in the X-men series that controls metal?


Answers will be uploaded later today along with some of the Super Superhero work that you have completed this week in your j2e folders. 


Don't forget to tweet us @bryncethincl6


Da iawn pawb and thank you all for another fantastic effort this week. 

Diolch yn fawr. 

Thursday 18th June 

Bore da 

The weather forecast for today isn't looking very good. Mae'n bwrw glaw heddiw. 

Here are lots of fun activities to keep you entertained.

Tweet us @bryncethincl6 to show us how you are keeping busy today!


Today create a comic strip. Use your favourite Superhero movie for ideas, or include the Superhero you made up at the start of the week. You can even use the same comic strip from our Google Classroom task earlier in the week. BUT this time use it as a prop to record yourself reading out the comic strip. Use lots of expression where you can to make it more interesting. Try adding some background noise or a bit of music to add to the excitement and drama. 

In movies there is usually a scene where the hero has to save people from a villain or a weather related disaster, so have a go at making a Tornado in a Jar! 

There are lots of fun activities on The Left Brain website.

The Well being task for today is fun way to talk about anxiety. There are also some suggestions for relaxation techniques that can be used during times of anxiety.

The worry bubbles is one of my favourite activities ever! 

Tweet us @bryncethincl6 we love to see what you have been doing!!!

Quiz question 4 Which Superhero goes into the Hulkbuster suit? 

Wednesday 17th June

Bore da 

How about creating a Superhero using playdough? No playdough, no worry here's a simple recipe on how to make some. 


Oh no! Your Superheroes enemy has escaped! Create a Wanted poster on j2e or draw one and tweet your picture to us! Include the crime, a reward for helping to capture, an image of the villain and any other information that would be useful! 

Here's an example of what it could look like ................... 

Have a go at this Super cool Science experiment! Make sure you have a grown ups help. It may get very messysmiley
Our well being focus for today is to look for the positives.

Quiz question 3 

What is Black Widows real name? 

Answers will here on Friday!


Have a lovely day!

Tuesday 16th June

Bore da pawb.

Hope you are excited for this SUPER new topic  smiley

For today dress as a Superhero, if you don't have a costume already, make one up using whatever you have in your wardrobe (or borrow something from your family) a grown ups shirt or blouse left open could be a cape! Be creative. 

Listen to the song Let's be Super heroes by Bounce Patrol. Make up a dance, ask someone to film you and send it to us. Either on  Twitter @bryncethincl6 or via our Google Classroom. 



Kids Superhero Song - Let's Be Superheroes | Action Songs for Kids - Bounce Patrol

Find a Superhero figure or a small toy that you have at home, Ask your grown up to help you freeze this into a big block of ice.  Maybe put the figure in a bag or tupperware pot and add water. Pop in the freezer and leave until frozen.  Remove the ice block with trapped figure inside from the container and be a Superhero........Can you rescue the figure? Just how will you free the captured figure? Dig it out? melt it out.?.... Experiment and have fun!!! 

Take some pictures or send us a message telling us how you became a hero. 


Today's Well being activity is to make a Worry Monster that will take ALL your worries away!

You can print out these sheets and design your Worry Monster and tell it about any worries that you may have. 

You could draw a worry monster and stick it to the front of a cereal box, ask a grown up to help you put a hole where the mouth is and you could feed your worry monster your worries, that you have drawn or written down. A Worry Monsters favourite snack is worries smiley

Question 2 of our mini trivia quiz!

Which war did Captain America fight in?


Have a fabulous day!  


Monday 15th June

Bore da and welcome back for another week of fun activities.


   POW!!! BOOM!!! KAPOW!!!  


That's right!,  this week we shall be looking at SUPERHEROES!

There will be a fun trivia quiz question every day, answers will be revealed Friday, can you get 5/5? 

Question 1   What is Thor's surname? 

Today watch a film, an episode of a programme or a cartoon about a Superhero.  Grab some popcorn, shut the curtains and pretend you are at the cinema.  Then write a movie review or design a poster to advertise the film. Name of the actors, the year of release, director, plot twists, these are just some of the things that you could include, as well as your favourite part!

Use j2e on hwb or draw/write and tweet them to us. 


Can you build an invisible aircraft for real? Use some tupperware containers and cellotape and build away! Be as creative as you can. 


Wellbeing will also be a focus this week. 


Can you make a happiness jar? You will need an empty container, pens and colourful paper.  

The jar can be about anything,  What you will do after Lockdown ends, things that make you smile, favourite holidays.  Anything at all that makes you feel good! Decorate your jar and write down your thoughts on the colourful paper.  When you need help with a smile take a peek inside!

Show us what makes you happy!



Friday 12th June

How are you doing with the multiplication pictures? Are they getting easier? Here is the last one for the week.


As its Friday, here are your Learn Its. Remember its a timed 90 second challenge against your score from last week. Can you beat it? 

On Monday you were asked to record your 5 a day. With these today make a graph to show the results. Use J2e on Hwb. You can choose the type of graph or chart. 


Today's physical challenge will really test your strength. 

Here is our final Disney themed game. If you have enjoyed these visit Change 4 Life, you will find  lots more to try out! 

You can show us all your hard work on Twitter @bryncethincl6 or on our Google Classroom page. 

Have a fabulous weekend and thank you all for another amazing week of super work.

Diolch yn fawr!

Thursday 11th June

Bore da pawb.

With all the multiplication practise we are doing this week they should be getting easier and easier! There are two more activities to help you. 


Carry out a survey to find out what your families favourite healthy snack is.  You can either, show us the results of the survey, on graph or create a poster for the winning healthy snack using your J2e folder.
Today's physical challenge is to see how many times you can tuck your legs right up into your chest. It won't be as easy as it sounds!
Finally the 10 minute Disney Shake up challenge is to run like the one and only Buzz Lightyear!  How fast can you go?  To infinity and beyond!!!!!!!!

Please let us know what activities you have chosen for today on Twitter @bryncethincl6 or via our Google Classroom. 

Have a great day!!

Wednesday 10th June

Bore da 

Sut wyt ti? 

Try today's colouring picture to help with your multiplying practise.

The weather looks a bit dull for today so how about a game of Mathopoly? If you can't print out this game choose a game that you already have! Who won and what did you play? 
How was your Smoothie yesterday? How about making a Healthy Kebab today? Here are some very colourful ideas to inspire you!
Our physical challenge for today is a tough one. Its The Plank!! Don't forget to time yourself to find out if you are Bronze, Silver or Gold. Have a competition with your family. Whose the best? 
Calling all Monsters Inc fans! Today you get to be Mike and Sulley! If you are enjoying These Disney Challenges and can't wait for tomorrows take a look at the Change 4 life website and try out some more!

Have a wonderful day.

Please tweet us @bryncethincl6 or chat with us at our Google Classroom, to let us know which activities you are trying out. 


Tuesday 9th June

Bore da smiley

Today's maths activities are to practise your multiplication using the colouring sheet and to answer the word problems.

Today's Healthy Eating activity is to make a Smoothie. Here's one method as an example, but there are so many different ways that these can be made and with any fruit that you love!  What flavour Smoothie will you choose? Show us @bryncethincl6 or via our Google Classroom!

MMmmmm  Enjoy!

Today's Physical challenge is to see how many Step Ups you can do in a minute! Will you achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold? 
Have a go at the Hippo Hop game. Its another Disney based game from the Change 4 life website. Hope you enjoy!

Again, a very busy day with lots of different activities for you to try out! Let us know which ones you do!

Have fun.


Monday 8th June 

Bore da 

Welcome back for another week of fun activities. smiley

This week is Healthy Eating Week so we shall be focusing on PE and healthy eating activities, along with multiplication. Each day this week, will have a Disney themed PE activity that are available on the Change 4 life website. Also a quick reminder that our Espresso Discovery website have fantastic videos and fun activities that support all areas of learning too!!! Log in details were sent home in the Home School packs. 


Keep a record of the 5 a day that you eat starting from today, on Friday we will ask you to record the results.  You can either record just yours or your entire households! 


Try this Squat challenge! 

Are you a Gold, Silver or Bronze? Let us know! You can Tweet us @bryncethincl6


Try this Dash ball skills challenge!

These activities can be found on the Change 4 life website. 

Finally, your multiplication tasks. 


Can you make this times table chatterbox? The example is for the 6 times table, you could make another one for a different times table!



Phew, that should keep you busy all day! 

Have a lovely day and let us know which activities you have chosen, Tweet us @bryncethincl6 or via our Google Classroom. 



Thank you to everyone for all your wonderful work this week! yes

Diolch yn fawr. 

Here's a selection from our J2e folders. 

Have a wonderful weekend see you all Monday. smiley


Friday 5th June

Bore da

Gosh how quickly has this week gone! Friday already smiley

Thank you for all your wonderful work this week. We really appreciate all your support diolch yn fawr.

BUT before we enjoy the weekend, we have a few more  Egyptian tasks for you.

Try this Alphabet Challenge, all the Egyptian themed words need to be ordered alphabetically. It may not be as easy as it sounds!wink As an extra challenge try timing yourself against a family member. Who gets the most right in the quickest time?

Recreate this picture of King Tutankhamun. Drawing, painting, chalking or using J2e are a few options. 

Friday not only means the weekend is coming, but its also means its The Learn Its Challenge Day!! Don't forget its a 90 second timed activity.  How many can you get right? Are you beating your previous score? 

Let us know!!

Good Luck!

Thursday 4th June

Bore da 

The weather for today isn't as nice as it has been recently. Why not sing and dance along to Walk like an Egyptian again?  That will get our bodies and brains all ready for the day!

Our  first Egyptian task for today is to make a Tomb. You can use the template or be as creative as you want and surprise us with your creativity. 

Think about what we have learnt so far and make your own acrostic poem about Egypt. We have had lots of fun in class doing these, also try making your own acrostic poem using a word of your choice,  it could be another Egyptian themed word or not. 

Finally use the hieroglyphics to write numbers Egyptian style!  See if you can get a family member to work out what they are. 


Don't forget to Tweet us your activities  @bryncethincl6 or let us know via our Google Classroom what you have chosen to do!


Have a lovely day! 

Wednesday 3rd June

Bore da

Take a peek at today's Joyful June challenge, its lovely!

Also just a quick reminder that the Minecraft competition is still open. Links and details can be found further down on the class page. Good luck if you have already entered!!!


Can you build a pyramid? Maybe by using paper/cardboard or build one out of Lego.. For those of you that have sand pits try using sand! As its a rainy day you could use Hwb or Minecraft to build your pyramid. Tweet us @bryncethincl6

How to make Paper Pyramid ( very easy ) | DIY Crafts

Here are two Egyptian themed tasks, a word search and a crack the codes challenge. Try this Sudoku puzzle!


Have fun. smiley

Tuesday 2nd June

Bore da, its another sunny day don't forget the sun cream and drink plenty of water! 



Do you know who this man is?



Its Mo Salah! He is part of the Egyptian football team, he also plays for Liverpool FC. Mo Salah took a late penalty against Congo and scored. Egypt then qualified for the World Cup in 2018. 


Today, have your very own penalty shoot out against your family!!!!  Let us know how many penalties you score @bryncethincl6 

Don't like football? Then how about a game of Tug of War, the Ancient Egyptians enjoyed this game. 

Otherwise have a game of tennis, rugby or basketball, the options are endless. Maybe you could make up a mini Olympics.  

Remember to stay hydrated!


Here is the Egyptian Flag, print or draw your own. Then cut it up into pieces (not too many though) and see if you can put it back together. An Egyptian flag jigsaw!



As an example, one question could be, What is the longest River in the World?

Tweet us @bryncethincl6 or let us know what you have been doing today via Google Classroom. 


Have a lovely day. 

Monday 1st June

Bore da

Welcome back!!!  We hope you have had a lovely half term break, having lots of fun together, the weather has been glorious! 

We are starting the new term with lots of fun activities about Egypt. Today we would like you watch the song Walk like an Egyptian and sing and dance along.  Make a video or take pictures and tweet us @bryncethincl6 or show us Via our Google Classroom page.


Bangles - Walk like an Egyptian

Could you make an Egyptian style necklace and wear it whilst singing and dancing along? These are just a few ideas, you can be as creative as you like.
Finally try these tricky Sudoku puzzles!

Tweet us your finished Sudoku puzzles. Were they easy or hard? 


Have lovely day.

Calling all Minecraft fans!  The National Museum of Wales has launched an exciting Minecraft competition.  The prize is a VIP trip for our class to visit a museum of your choice!! 

All the details you need are in this link.  Good Luck. 

Minecraft Your Museum

Details on our Minecraft your Museum competition

Friday 22nd May

Today is the last day of term (YAY) so will there not be any new activities next week. Term starts back Monday 1st June. Have a lovely week off and thank you, for your continued support. We really appreciate the participation within the Google Classroom and web tasks.

Diolch yn fawr. 


BUT before school ends we have a few tasks for you!!!smiley

Today we are thinking about e-safety so have a try at this comprehension and there's a family agreement for you to look at. 

Have a go at your Learn Its, remember its a timed 90 seconds challenge. Did you beat your score from last week? Let us know via Google Classroom or on our Twitter page @bryncethincl6 

Good luck!!


Did you guess all the African animals from yesterday Who am I? quiz? 

The answers are hyena, cheetah, flamingo, lion, giraffe, warthog, rhino, meerkat, buffalo.Well done if you guessed them all! 


Have a lovely, happy, healthy and safe half-term break! 

Thursday 21st May

Here's a little quiz. Each sentence gives clues to a different African animal, some are easy some not so easy! Can you guess them all? Answers will be revealed tomorrow! As an extra challenge try and make up your own and pop them on our Google Classroom page.

It's World Turtle Day on  Saturday 23rd May. To celebrate these beautiful creatures can you create a poster using J2e on Hwb? You can decide what information to add and maybe research some facts about African Sea Turtles. Be as creative as you can with your IT skills.  

If you'd rather draw a poster on paper that's okay too! 

Show us your work on our Google classroom or Tweet us at @bryncethincl6 


Wednesday 20th May

What a lovely sunny day yes  Perfect for today's activity - African Sunset Shadow Art!

You will need a sheet of orange, yellow and red paper, glue, black paint/felts and some African animals.   Oh, and the Sun!!!

Firstly tear the orange and yellow paper into strips and glue onto the red sheet of paper. Find a nice sunny spot and position your animals so that their shadow is on the paper. Draw around the outline and colour in black.  Voila!!!  - a beautiful African Animal Sunset!

Tweet us @bryncethincl6 

Can you find your way through Africa? Starting at the top and finishing at the bottom. Can you name the country where you start and end? Can you name more countries as you find your way through this beautiful continent?

Good Luck. 

Tuesday 19th May

Oh No! 

The colours on the Kenyan flag have disappeared.  Could you find out what the flag is supposed to look like and colour it in? As an extra challenge could you research some Kenyan flag facts? Did you know a person who studies flags is called a vexillologist? 

Use this script with your family to have some fun role playing. Maybe add some props and film yourselves. Tweet us @bryncethincl6 or upload photos or videos to our Google Classroom. Enjoy.

​​​​​​Monday 18th May

Bore da pawb.

Thank you for all your wonderful work on Space last week, we have added some to the gallery on this page for you to see. Diolch yn fawr!


This week we shall be learning about Africa. smiley

In this African themed word search there are some unfamiliar words, maybe you could find out what they mean? 

Here are some yoga poses for you to try out, these ones have been given an African animal name. Can you find any others? 

Tweet us at @bryncethincl6

Class work gallery from this week

Friday 15th May

Bore da.

Final day of our Star jump Challenge. 95 is the record so far. Can anyone beat this? 


Friday means its your Learn Its Challenge!! Can you beat your score from last week? Remember its a timed challenge for 90 seconds. Try this Space code breaker first.


Its our final day exploring Space.  After all your hard work and amazing research its time for a treat.  Our friends at NASA have made a recipe where you bake and decorate cookies that look like Sunspot Cookies.  Did you know that The Sun isn't just yellow  it has black spots on it? Your mission today is to make Sunspot cookies. You can either bake the cookies and decorate them or, cheat a little bit, and decorate cookies (or biscuits) that you may already have.  Enjoy these tasty treats Space Cadets.  Tweet us @bryncethincl6.

Thank you all so much for all the wonderful work produced this week. 

Diolch yn fawr. 


Thursday 14th May

Remember its day four of your Star Jump Challenge! 


Imagine you've been to outer Space and whilst zooming around you spotted something!! A brand new planet.  Can you draw or describe what it looks like? Think about its colour, size, shape, moons, rings, where it is in the Solar System? What will you name it? Could this new planet have aliens? Tweet us your pictures or descriptions @bryncethincl6


Some aliens have scrambled up my research, could you help me? You will need to rearrange the letters so the words are unscrambled and will be connected to something to do with Space. As an extra challenge, can you think up some other Space related words and scramble them for your family to solve?

Wednesday 13th May

Bore da!

Day three of our Star jump challenge. How are you doing? Tweet us your scores so far @bryncethincl6


Can you draw/paint/build/design something associated with Space? A rocket, a Planet, the Sun, an alien, the Milky Way, a moon buggy, a shooting star...... Anything at all, using anything you want, paint, chalk, crayon, junk modelling, playdough......

Tweet us your finished project or add a picture to Google Classroom. 

Have fun and be as creative as you can!


Can you fill in the answers to this puzzle?

Tuesday 12th May

Bore da.

Remember to do your Star Jump Challenge again today! The aim is to see if you can improve your score by Friday! Can you be as fit as an astronaut?? 


Thinking about an astronauts fitness, today you have a fun physical challenge. Can you build an obstacle course to test your agility? The sun is shining why not build one in the garden? Use what ever you have, a scooter, space hopper, skipping rope, trampoline, balls........... Make sure you go over, under, through and around. Include running, crawling, hopping, dancing, skipping...........anything you want!! Be as creative as you can. Tweet us some pictures @bryncethincl6.  Enjoy future astronauts!!!!!


Enjoy this word wheel challenge after that workout.

The aim is to find a nine-letter word, then as many other words as you can, of two letters or more. You must use the middle letter in each word, and each letter can only be used once!

Good is 15+  Excellent 20+  Outstanding 25+  Tweet us your score or tell us in our Google Classroom.





Monday 11th May

Bore da.  What a lovely, sunny, bank holiday weekend, hopefully, we are all rested and looking forward to our new topic all about SPACE!!

There is a fantastic song and dance routine to get us all in the Space Mood on BBC Teach, Ks2 science called "The Solar System From The Tardis".  Its out of the world...... 


The first of today's activities is a daily challenge for you and maybe the rest of your household. 

Astronauts have to be super fit to fly into Space, so we are going to test our fitness each day and by Friday we may have become fitter and stronger!  You will need a timer and a pen and paper to record your results. 

Your challenge is to count how many STAR jumps you can do in a minute.  Do this everyday and tweet us with your results @bryncethinCL6,  Ready, Steady, GO......... 


Test your Space knowledge and attempt an A-Z of Space. You can send us your A-Z via our Google Classroom or tweet us. See how much of the A-Z you can fill in today, don't worry if you get stuck, add to your A-Z as we learn more about Space this week! As an extra challenge try to think of as many Space themed words as you can for each letter of the alphabet. 

Class Work Gallery from this week.

Thursday 7th May

Bore da 

Today we have a Big Maths challenge for you! You will need a timer (set for 80 seconds)to do your Learn Its Challenge.  When you are ready get your grown up to start the timer, at the end of the 80 seconds STOP! Ask your grown up to mark your answers and score you.  Let us know your results on twitter or in our Google Classroom. 

Your Learn Its were included in your Home Pack. You can print these off if you have the ability to do so, otherwise copy out the sums first onto a piece of paper, then when you are ready you can be timed filling in the answers. 

GOOD LUCK and NO CHEATING!!!!!!!smiley 

Today we have our final task to celebrate VE Day. As there will be lots of VE Day parties tomorrow, why don't you get yourself into a 1940's party mood!!!!!  Listen to some music, this one is by The Andrews Sisters called Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from 1941. Teach yourself some dance moves from the 1940's, swing dance was popular then.  There are lots of step by step dance tutorials on You Tube. Maybe you could have a go with a grown up. Film yourselves and tweet us!  Finally have a

look at the clothes that were worn in the 1940's.  The men dressed very smartly, the women wore knee length dresses.  Maybe you could get all dressed up in your pretty dresses and smart clothes to dance in.

Andrews Sisters Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Finally, as tomorrow is a Bank Holiday there will not be any new activities added until Monday 11th May. Have a lovely weekend.

Have lots of fun and tweet us @Bryncethincl6 your VE Day celebrations!


Please could class 6 take a moment to fill in this survey about the work they are doing on google classroom. Thank you.



Wednesday 6th May

Bore da.

As you know this Friday 8th May, people across Britain will be celebrating VE Day. Lots of people will be decorating their houses and gardens with bunting. 

Today's task is for you to make some VE Day bunting that you could put up at home.  You could cut out, paint and decorate some cardboard boxes that were going to be recycled, print out some templates, like the one below. Maybe you could be super creative and make your own. Why not add some glitter for some extra sparkle?


Another Spy task for you today. Try Morse Code. Use the Chart below to write your name. Too easy?  Try writing some sentences using Morse Code for your family to crack.  Maybe they could write some for you! Still too easy?? Try the Morse Code quiz on the Blue Peter website. See if you can be a top Spy and tweet us the answer! @BryncethinCL6 add @Cbbc #Blue Peter.  Otherwise let us know the answer via Google Classroom! 


Have fun Spies!!!!!

Tuesday 5th May

Bore da

Continuing with our VE Day topic today, have a go at making a medal.  You could recreate one from WW2 or design your own.  You could present someone in your household with this medal for being a hero to you!  Most of the ribbons used are colourful and similar to a rainbow theme.  I wonder why this is?  Have fun getting creative.  Tweet us @BryncethinCL6 with your medal and hero. 


A fun Maths activity for you to try, based on code breakers from WW2. This will help you practise your times tables.  Tweet us your answers @BryncethinCL6 or submit them to Google classroom.  Can you make up some more?

Monday 4th May

Bore da pawb.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend despite the weather. It's great to see the sun shining again!


This week our activities will all be linked to VE Day.  On Friday it is the 75th anniversary of VE Day and it is a bank holiday, lots of people across the country will be celebrating this day. 


Today's activity is to make a paper aeroplane.  You can use this picture of a Spitfire to help you as the fold lines are there to guide you.  It can be found on Twinkl if you have the ability to print at home. Or you can just make your own and decorate it too look like a Spitfire.  


Then you can challenge your family too see whose aeroplane flies the furthest.  Remember to measure fairly and accurately.  You can use JIT5 in Hwb to create a graph of your results!  Good Luck!!!


Tweet us your aeroplane at @BryncethinCL6  and maybe add @royalairforce!!





Friday 1st May

Woohoo! It's pyjamarama day!!!!


We cannot wait to see pictures of you in your pjs doing lots of reading and book related activities.


Below you will see a reading activity about dragon claws, an activity where you can create your own comic strip and a crossword. 


Please click on the "Pyjamarama" icon to follow the link to the Book Trust webpage in order to take part in the activities today. 


I hope you have lots of fun.  


Finally here is one last song to get you in the mood for reading.  Enjoy your day and have a lovely weekend.


Reading (Happy Song)

Thursday 30th April

All About Those Books Lyrics

Bore da


Here's some lovely activities for today.


Carry out some activities about Dragonflies.

Why not try becoming an illustrator like Matt Carr?

Here is a line up of events from tomorrow's fun-filled day so that you don't miss out on anything.


Enjoy today's reading song.


Have a lovely day


Wednesday 29th April

A Cover Is Not the Book (Sing-Along Edition From "Mary Poppins Returns")

Here's another lovely song for you to enjoy.


Today, have fun learning about Gargoyles and completing this wordsearch.


Remember to tweet pictures to our class page and to use @booktrust 


Have a look at our work this week. We've been very creative making invitations and designing dragons using j2e.

Tuesday 28th April

Bore da pawb,


I hope this song gets you in the mood for some reading.


This week, the HWB activities are all related to Dragon stories. So here are some facts and tasks for you about "Dragons"  that you see in the world today.


Design a book cover for a story about Dragons. make it as colourful as you can. Don't forget to post pictures of your creations and activities on our Twitter Class Page.


Also, today is Superhero Day. Why not dress up as a Superhero and read a book in a strange place. Don't forget to tweet!!

Monday 27th April


Bore da pawb, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.


This week we will be celebrating stories and reading together and then on Friday we will be having a whole school celebration day when families can all join in a Festival of Story - fun filled at home!!


Literacy - Read some of your favourite books together. Talk about why you like these stories so much.


Art - Design an invitation for someone at home to come and join you for the celebration day on Friday. Make sure you tell them that it is a whole day event, with fun activities to do and they must wear pyjamas!!

Friday 24th April

Bore da


It's Friday, Yey!!!! 


Carrying on with the drawing and story theme, try drawing these jungle animals today. Write a story about each character.


Here is a link to some ICT games for literacy and numeracy activities. Enjoy


Have a lovely weekend everyone. laugh

Thursday 23rd April

Exercise moves

Bore da,


Take some time to do some fancy yoga moves today and some exercise challenges with your family.


Have a go at drawing some faces. Give them different features like glasses, funny hair. Be creative and maybe write a character profile to go with them.


Don't forget to share your creations and pictures of yourselves doing activities on Twitter

Wednesday 22nd April

Bore da.


It's another warm day.


Today, think of a way to stop your ice lolly or ice cube from melting in this hot weather. (Ice lolly mission)


Have a family quiz time. There are lots of quizzes on the bbc bitesize site. Try the tricky emoji movie quiz. That's really fun.

Bore da


Why not challenge your family to make the tallest ice block tower today. (You will need lots of ice)


Enjoy some quiet time and read a magazine article. Follow the internet link and choose Grades 3 to 5 to read articles suited to you.

Monday 20th April


Bore da.


Welcome back after a well deserved break. We have been thinking of you and hope you have all had a lovely Easter.


Literacy challenge: Write about what you did over the Easter holidays in EXACTLY 100 words. No more and no less. 


Mindfulness: Find a quiet, comfortable spot outside. Look up at the clouds and see what shapes they create. Maybe you'll see a dinosaur, a rabbit or a bowl of ice-cream. 



Friday 3rd April



A huge thank you to everyone for taking part in our activities, both on the website and on HWB, over the last 2 weeks. We appreciate it hasn't always been easy. T


Today is the last day for activities before the Easter holidays, so today (and for the 2 week holiday) the focus is on FUN!!!!!!


Please take time to relax, sing songs, dance in the garden and house, play cards, play board games, be calm, be silly but most of all, BE SAFE!!


Here are some links to online games that can be played on rainy days as well as lovely stories and activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Enjoy trying the Easter Anagram today too!!


New activities will be set on the first day back, Monday 20th April. 


           Have a wonderful Easter break everyone!!!!

Here are some code breaker questions. Answer the sums and work out the answers to the Easter Jokes.


Why not learn how to boil an egg? (You need to do this with an adult). You can then either decorate it to make a lovely Easter egg or perhaps you could set up an assault course and have an "egg"celent egg and spoon race!!


Don't forget to join in with Joe Wickes every morning too! It's completely "eggs"hausting!! cheekywinklaugh

As a small group, or just with an adult, have fun reading the Easter story together and answer the questions at the bottom of the pages. At the end, design a picture or collage of your favourite part of the story. 


Let's get messy - Make some salt dough creations


Salt Dough Easter Eggs



250g plain flour

125g - salt

125ml - warm water



Put the salt and flour into a bowl

Add small amounts of water at a time and mix together with a wooden spoon.

Once it starts coming together you will need to use your hands.

Knead the dough for at least 5 minutes

Once your dough is ready, roll out to no more than 1cm thick

Create your egg shapes in the dough

Leave on a windowsill to harden. This could take a few days. Remember to turn them over so both sides harden.


Once completely hard, decorate with pretty patterns and bright colours.




Bore da pawb.


Here are some lovely Spring and Easter activities for you.


Firstly, use the internet to find out different facts about Spring. Use the information to create an information text. This could be a leaflet, poster, non-chronological report or you could use ICT and film yourself doing a presentation or present it using an App such as Puppet pals. Be creative! You could post your finished piece on Twitter.


Have some fun and play an Easter/ Maths related board game. If you are unable to print this out, make your own board. Choose Easter related pictures to go on your board and enjoy colouring them in. yes





Let's see your acting skills - With your family, play a miming game. Act out different roles or TV characters, but remember,  NO TALKING!!


It's been a little bit windy, what a great time to fly a kite. Follow the instructions to make your own kite.


Remember to take photos or videos to post on our Twitter page. laugh

I hope you have enjoyed your first week of learning at home. It would be so nice to see what lovely activities everyone has been doing. You can post your pictures on our class Twitter page @bryncethinCl6


Have a lovely weekend everyone and I look forward to setting you some more activities on here and HWB next week. 

Write today's date on a sheet of paper from your Home Learning pack. Put the title "Punctuation Hunt" Count up the punctuation marks that you find.



Nature's calling!!


If you can, go into the garden, sit outside your house or just look out of the window. Make a tally chart of the different wildlife that you see, e.g types of birds, insects, animals, plants etc. If you want to, you can then create a graph on HWB J2Easy, chart and save it in your file in Class 6 2019- 2020.

Read through the Chocolate Factory information. On your sheets of paper in your pack, write today's date and answer the questions.


It's Thursday, you know what that means!!!!! Enjoy a vigorous PE work out. This is day one of Joe Wicks' fitness videos, but there are more available online from his lessons this week. Enjoy smiley

Wednesday 25th March

Numeracy - Shape hunt. Follow the instructions on the sheet. Record the information in your maths books. Don't forget to write the date.


Welsh - Draw a plan of your house using the squared paper in your maths book and label the rooms in Welsh. Don't forget to write the date. Use the website to help you. Plus, the games are really good!!!!!

Tuesday 24th March


Literacy - Read a book with an adult. Using the question sheet from the Reading Workshop pack, answer different types of questions about the book.


Be Creative - You were hired by a theme park to create a new roller coaster. Use different types of material, lego or ICT to make a fun ride for the park. 

Monday 23rd March.


Bore da.


Here are some activities that  you could complete today:


Mathematics - Practice your Learn Its for at least 20 mins throughout the day. Play games such as BUZZ, or use a Precision teaching method to help you. 


Literacy - Write a short diary entry of what you and your family did today. Keep adding to this diary a few times a week. It will be lovely to read  them when we return to school.


Expressive Arts - Complete one of the colouring activities from your Home Learning Pack.