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Here are some ideas to help keep children active during the Easter holiday. We hope you enjoy them!

REAL PE - Fun exercises for everyone

Welcome to Class 7


Information regarding activities that can be completed at home.

We are looking at ways of providing work for children who may not be at school at this time. In our most recent letter we informed you that we were working on providing distant learning and staff are continuing to work hard to provide this facility if the school is directed to close.

Here are links to suggested resources that may be of use at this time:


Reading –

Maths –

Welsh –


If your child logs into their Hwb account ( they are able to access Just2Easy resources such as j2Blast.

Friday 3rd April 


Happy Friday pawb!

I would like to thank you all once again for all the hard work you've put in to online learning. We have all really enjoyed seeing your fantastic work!


Monday marks the beginning of the Easter holidays, so we won't be posting any work for two weeks! We will be back online on Monday 20th April. As always, make sure you all stay safe and have fun. I hope you all get lots of Easter eggs!


Here are your activities for today and the holidays. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1

As an extension, could you make your own scavenger hunt or activity bingo for your friends or family to try? 


If possible, please share your work or any activities you've been doing to our class Twitter @Bryncethincl7 or to our page on Google Classrooms. We really enjoy seeing what you've been getting up to! 


Finally, I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter, from all staff in Bryncethin Primary! Looking forward to seeing you all online after the holidays! 

Picture 1

Thursday 2nd April


Please read below for information about a competition which 7-11 year olds can enter! Good luck! 

As part of this year’s International Dylan Thomas Day, which is celebrated on 14 May each year, DylanED is inviting 8-11 year olds across Wales to take part in a very special competition.

The competition, which is entitled ‘My Favourite Dream’ is based around Dylan Thomas' story A Visit to Grandpa's.

Following in the footsteps of Swansea’s foremost writer and storyteller, the competition will look for children aged 8-11 to submit a short story (100 words), poem or picture of their own favourite dream.


Competition winners will receive a number of goodies including a trophy, framed copy of their work and goody bag. Selected entries will also feature in an online exhibition.

Entries should be submitted electronically by Friday 1st May to with the title 'DylanED - my favourite dream.'
NOTE - if you struggle to submit your entry electronically, please ask Miss Parr, Miss Ataou or Mrs Rogers on Google Classroom and we will be happy to help! 

Thursday 2nd April


I would like you to create an image using only triangles​​​​​​! Your image can be anything you want, a person, animal, building, vehicle. 


You could draw your image on paper, cut and stick the triangles, or even use j2e! 


Try using different types of triangle -


Here is an example of a beaver! 
Picture 1

Have fun!


If possible, please share your work to our twitter page @Bryncethincl7

Wednesday 1st April


Now that Easter is nearly here, could you write an acrostic poem using the word Easter?


An extra challenge could be to make it rhyme!


If possible, please share your finished poem onto twitter @Bryncethincl7

Picture 1

Wednesday 1st April


Bore da, bonjour, guten tag, buongiorno, Buenos dias!


This morning I would like you to explore a city! If you go onto YouTube (the app on a phone or tablet works best for this) with adult supervision and type in City Tour 360, there are lots of city tours you can choose from. The 360 allows you to swipe the screen and look around the place.

If the 360 does not work well on your device, try typing in guided city tour for kids and use one of those.


I enjoyed looking at Rome in Italy, and have attached the link below.

Can you write about the place you visited and draw a picture of your favourite landmark? 

If possible, could you share your finished work onto Twitter @Bryncethincl7

Tuesday 31st March


How many different words can you make using these letters? 

Words must be 3 or more letters long.

You may only use each letter once for each word. 

Picture 1

Tuesday 31st March


Bore da!

This morning I would like you to use the chart below to make up and complete a work out using the letters of your name. Enjoy!


Can you make a workout for other members of your family to complete too? 

Picture 1

Monday 30th March - English


​​​​​​Bore da, 

Once you have designed your rollercoaster (see below) your next task is to write an advert to persuade people to come and try your rollercoaster! 

You could either write this as a poster OR you could write a script for a video or radio advert! 


Some things to include:

  • At least ONE simile (as ___ as a ____) 
  • At least ONE rhetorical question (a question that you do not expect an answer for, e.g. Do you crave speed?) 
  • Alliteration (the same sound repeated more than three times in a sentence, e.g. The rocky, rumbling rollercoaster) 
  • Adjectives (describing words) 


If possible, tweet your work to @Bryncethincl7

Monday 30th March

Bore da pawb! 


I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend! Thanks again for all of your hard work last week. 


This morning's task is to design your own rollercoaster! You can choose either to draw this on paper, junk model it, or use Minecraft Education if you have access to that. 

When you design your coaster, please think about a name, a theme (superheroes, Disney, animals etc.), it's top speed and also does it have any loops. 


​​​​​​If you need any inspiration for your rollercoaster, with adult supervision you can go onto YouTube and type in 360 Rollercoaster. This has many different coaster videos to check out. My favourites are the Superman rollercoaster and the Frozen rollercoaster!


If possible, could you tweet a photo or video of your finished rollercoaster design to @Bryncethincl7

Friday, 27th March - Science


Bore da! It is a lovely, sunny day. For this investigation, you will need a camera.


1. Place an object somewhere you can see its shadow. For example, a glass on a window sill.

2. Take a photo of it at these times of day: 9am,  12pm, 3pm, 6pm. (You might need to wait for the sun to come out)

3. Compare the photos. What has happened to the shadows?


If possible, can you tweet them on @Bryncethincl7 ?



Friday, 27th March - Maths


Regular and Irregular 2d shapes


A regular shape has sides that are all the same length.

An irregular shape has sides that are different lengths.


Look at these objects. Which are regular shapes and which are irregular shapes?



Can you see how the shadow is moving?

Can you see how the shadow is moving? 1
Can you see how the shadow is moving? 2
Picture 1

Friday, 27th March - English


Alliteration is when a group of words begin with the same sound, for example, crunchy carrot, cuddly kitten.


Bore da! Yesterday I posted a game for you to play, in which you had to think of boys' names, girls' names, names of animals, food and countries.


Today, can you choose an adjective beginning with the same sound for five animals, five types of food and five countries?


If you like you can tweet them on @Bryncethincl7

Try this out as a fun way to stay active

Try this out as a fun way to stay active 1

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Thursday, 26th March - English


Bore da pawb! This is a well known game that helps you think of the sounds at the beginning of words. Copy out the sheet, or print it out. Click on the link below. It will open in Microsoft Word. Click "Enable Editing" to print it out.

Thursday, 26th March - Maths


2d shapes have 'properties'. This simply means asking these questions:

1. How many sides?

2. How many corners?

3. Are the sides straight or curved?

4. Are the side all the same length?


Draw a square, a rectangle, a triangle and a circle. Next to each shape, write its properties.

Wednesday, 25th March


Hello everyone!


Today, could you make up a riddle about an animal. Here is an example:

I run on all four legs, but I'm not a horse.

I live on the African plains, but you can see me in a zoo.

I am black and white all over, but lions can't see me very well.

What am I?


Try your riddle out on someone. Could they guess what the animal is?



Look around the house for these 2d shapes: square, rectangle, triangle, circle, pentagon (5 sided shape). Draw a chart to show how many of each shape you can find. Which shape is the most common?

Hello everyone!


Read the story, "Jason and the Golden Fleece". Can you find the three mythical creatures?

  1. centaur
  2. harpies
  3. dragon


Can you find out what they look like?

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